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6 August 2022

As you know by now, we recently announced that we have a special project.   You can check out the details here.   At the end of June we presented laundry bags as a surprise, to 23 Army personnel who were heading off to France and Belgium on a very special mission to honour 18 World War I soldiers. 

They were amazed to receive their laundry bags so can you imagine how surprised they were to receive their quilts on their return. 

Under each pictured quilt is the name of the volunteer who made it but in addition to these wonderful people we have some unsung heroes who contribution can not be overstated. Inge and Keryn whipped their embroidery machines in to action and created the badges for these quilts. Keryn did the Rising Suns with each recipient’s rank, name and service number included. Inge created the patches with the names of the WWI veteran on it as well as the patch with the silhouette of the soldier and the name of the Tour on it. 

Have a look at these awesome quilts. Everyone really outdid themselves creating these ones. It was such a pleasure to present them to the recipients last week in Canberra. 

Ann S



Anne H





Belinda P

Bev C 
Cath Hpr
Christine C
Deb K
Ellen N 
Fran T
Jacqui D
Janet L
Janis K 
Jenny W
Kate E
Lyn R
Pennie T
Wendy B
Lynn F
Photos of some of the recipients with their quilts coming soon. 
Thanks everyone, till next time.. keep spreading the word and happy stitching. 
Jan-Maree xx



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