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6 August 2015

Just a few admin bits that I could use your help with…

Return addresses.

For the sake of personal security I have suggested that you use the Aussie Heroes PO Box as your return address on the OUTSIDE of your parcels.  Can you please, however, include a letter with your parcel and on that letter provide your own postal address and email address.  That is perfectly acceptable to do.  If you don’t provide your address inside the parcel them any gifts that your recipient may want to send to you will be sent to me.  I can’t really afford the administration or cost of re-packaging these parcels and sending them on to you so your assistance in this matter would really be appreciated.

Text Messages

I have a number of you who need to text me photos as you are not able to send them via email.  That is absolutely fine.  However, if you can, please make sure you follow up with an email regarding the posting details etc I would appreciate it.  

Email is the preferred way to tell me you have posted off a quilt or laundry bag as I can easily refer to it in the future which I cannot do with texts and Facebook PMs. It is the preferred method, not the only method so if you need to use the phone or Facebook  PM then please do so. If you do have email please please could you use that.  

Sending me a text message when I am out means that I have to remember to respond to it when I get back home to my laptop.  Sometimes I can get several texts and phone calls when out and need to take some sort of action in response to them when I get home. It can be hard to remember them all. 

Long Arm Quilting

Finally, I could really use some more long arm quilters in Sydney.  You do not need to commit to doing lots of quilts and I try very hard to not have urgent ones.  Most of the time a turn around of two to four weeks would be absolutely fine, but I can also work with a longer time frame if need be as long as I know when to expect the quilts back. 

If you are happy to quilt for us I ask that you let me know what your expectations are and what time frame you like to work with and I will make sure I work within those. 

I appreciate that usually long armers are running a business and are fitting us in around their paying customers. I respect that and try to make sure that the product I give you to work with is the best I can, pressed, flat, the right size, with the right size (generously sized) batting and backing.  The one thing that I ask is reliability as these quilts are for serving members on deployment and I need to be able to get them to them before they come home.

If you are able to assist with some quilting please email me of fr**********@gm***.com or PM me via the Aussie Heroes Facebook page.

Till next time…………………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!
Jan-Maree xx

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