Soft and Pretty Happy Mail.

Written by AHQ

22 January 2014

Hi all, I was going to write a couple of posts this week on how to get involved with Aussie Heroes and How to make requests but I am not going to make it I don’t think.  I still have two teens home on holidays.   One starts his internship on the 3rd of Feb and the other will be driven back to boarding school by me next week. I am just not getting done all the things that I want to get done as I am called on to be the taxi driver etc.  So, bear with me.  It will be another couple of weeks unless someone feels confident enough to draft something up for me…..hint hint…….

A heads up!

Nothing is confirmed as yet, but I am starting to plan a weekend in Adelaide which will include a Pot Luck Dinner on a Saturday night at the home of one of our Quilters. All Aussie Hero Friends (those who sew for us) would be welcome to come along and I would love it if some of you who have received or requested quilts or laundry bags would like to attend. I need to get a feel for how many would be interested. At this stage the very tentative date for the dinner would be the 1st of March.

Tonight is happy mail night and again I am pushed for time.  Yesterday I received a quilt top from Christine G in the mail but I have not had time to photograph it.  What I want to show you tonight are the Soft and Pretty Aussie blocks that are for one of our Mystery Quilts. I need you to help me out here please.  It has been so long since I saved the photos of the first blocks that I can’t find the file.  I have a Mystery Quilts folder and it is not in there so heaven only knows what I did with them but I can’t find them now and that is how I keep track of who made what.  Please, if I don’t have your name on your block can you please let me know.  Also, because I can’t identify who made what I don’t know who has yet to send in their blocks.  If you have yet to send in your block can you please let me know.  I have numbered them for easy reference.

Christine C

Cath W










Liz J

This is going to be a gorgeous quilt once it is finished.  

As far as other mail goes, Caroline has sent me two photos of poppy blocks she has received.  Robyn B sent in these 12 blocks (plus two more) 

And Sue P sent in 30 blocks!  Great effort Sue!

And last but not least, a reminder about the challenge blocks from the Brisbane dinner. If you still have some and are planning on sending them in can you please let me know as I am having to hold Lynn back from starting the quilt tops and we want to make sure they are all in before we go ahead.  

That is it for now.    Big thanks to everyone who left a thank you message for our batting supplier.  Much appreciated.  It is not too late if you still wish to do so as I will not be posting the order off to him till next week as I do not want the batting to arrive while I am away.

Till next time……………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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