Sewing Day in Penrith

Written by AHQ

8 September 2013

It seems there might have been a technical glitch with the post tonight, particularly with the photos so here’s hoping this works.  I am publishing it again.  Fingers crossed.

G’day from Aussie Hero-Land. I hope you have all had a good day today.  Those of us who were in Penrith today certainly had a busy one, but also a really productive one.
I am always delighted by the lovely friendly atmosphere that we have at the sewing days, whether they be at my home or, like today, at Penrith Patchwork.  Everyone works so hard, we barely stop for lunch and there is lots of friendly chatter over the sound of the sewing machines.  We are so lucky that the owner of the shop, Jeff, generously lets us use one of his sewing rooms for free every month and would let us go more often if  I could manage to drag all the stuff there more often.

Today we had a number of new ladies.   Please excuse me if I don’t try and name everyone who was there.  I had organised quilt kits to keep everyone busy – lots of Blocks of the Month arranged into kits and two quilt tops that I had cut out ready to be sewn.  I also had three quilts that needed binding plus a few things for me to do.

First up Katherine came along for the first time.  She emailed me a while ago and said 

“Hi I dropped into Penrith Patchwork this morning and saw the notice for Aussie Heroes quilts,and I would love to a part of this great idea,you are doing for our troops.  My father served in Korea and I think he would have been pleased at what you are doing for our troops.  I hope I can help in some way,thank you.”

Last time we met at Penrith Katherine came along and asked lots of questions so that she knew what we needed and what we were doing.  She went home and started sorting fabric and has already made and sent off her first quilt.  Today she brought along several laundry bags she has made so I could see them.  

Katherine was one of the first to finish one of the quilt tops – how gorgeous is this one.  Just love those bright colours!

This is Katherine peeking over the top of the quilt top.  
Do you know how hard it is to get pictures of the quilters?

The ever gorgeous Chelly and Lisa came along too.  Both these girls are hooked on quilting and sewing now!  😀    Today they had a lesson in laundry bag making and both passed with flying colours.  We need a suitable truck driving recipient for this one of Chelly’s  – anyone know someone perfect for it either email me or PM me.

And how about this girly one by Lisa!

This is Chelly’s first official Aussie Hero Quilt.  She chose the fabric and pieced this top at the last sewing day and then Carolyn offered to quilt it for her.  Chelly got a surprise today when Carolyn dropped in especially to return the quilt to her so that it could have the binding sewn on it today.  

That was Chelly’s first lesson in binding and she did a great job!!

I have to add that Lisa brought with her a quilt top that she had put together and managed to get it pinned and ready to quilt as well.  These girls, although just fledgling quilters, are really doing us proud.  

Oh, and Chelly’s gorgeous, recently-returned-from-deployment husband dropped in today.  He is such a good sport for doing so.  He brought his quilt along and was kind enough to pose with it for a photo so that I could send it to his quilter, Liz.  

While we were looking at it a few other ladies who were with another group came up to have a look and when I told them he was one of our returned Heroes they gave him a hug – and then embarrassed the living daylights out of him by commenting on what a lovely strong muscly hug it was!  LOL!    Like I said, he is a good sport!

Lots of the blocks of the month were put into quilt tops today and I have to say I love the results but then you must know by now that I love scrap quilts!

Evelyn worked on a quilt top for me.  I can’t show it to you because if the fellow who requested it is reading the blog he will know it is for him.  All I can tell you is that it incorporates photos taken by a past recipient of ours since he has come home.  They fitted perfectly with the requested theme and the result so far is fabulous!  The great thing about Evelyn is that I could give the makings to her, explain my idea and let her run with it AND she has taken it home to complete the quilt!  Now that was a bonus!  Happy Dance!!!

Jenny M also came along today for the first time and I was also able to give her a quilt top to put together.  I had drawn up a plan, cut out some strips and away she went.  She will also be completing the quilt!  My second happy dance.  

The big treat for today was having Lucy join us.  Lucy is the creator of the wonderful Soldier On Quilt!  I know many of us have admired this piece and some saw it at the Quilt Show.  I can’t get in to the Quilt Shows so Lucy offered to bring it along today so that I could see it “in the flesh” so to speak!  Thank you Lucy!  I did my best to get some good pics for you but the pictures just do not do it justice.

Each one of those poppies is sewn and beaded by hand!  Underneath the poppies is a layer of tuille holding down more fragments of red.

These big poppies are amazing.  These are maybe a generous dinner plate size and the poppies closer to the archway at the other end are down to less than a centimeter in size!  The perspective on this quilt is just perfect!!!

If you want to check out a bit more of Lucy’s work then you can check out her blog here and if you want to see better photos of the quilt and read a little more about it look here.   You really should!

Lucy didn’t just come for show and tell though.  She brought her mother with her and they worked hard as well.  They each bound a quilt and then got to sewing quilt tops. Lucy worked on one of her own design and Lucy’s Mum, Terina, started putting together one from some BOM blocks and scraps that we were given.  

The next sewing day in Penrith will be on Sunday the 13th of October.  The next day at my home is on September the 18th.  Mark those dates in your calendar ladies.  
Let me know if you need more info.

Now I need to go and unload my car – two suitcases, my sewing machine bag, a bag of donated bits and pieces and a big bundle of laundry bags!  That will keep me busy for while plus I am hoping to get some sewing done tonight after I answer the days’ worth of emails – oh and I supposed I better feed the family………..

Till next time………………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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