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28 December 2015

Just a short post today as I am in holiday mode….. and I need to get to the shops to re-stock the fridge as my twin 19 year olds’ stomachs are NOT in holiday mode and all the Christmas leftovers are gone!

I hope you have all had a great Christmas.   We have had some lovely messages over the last week or so – if you have not checked out the blog can I encourage you to go back over the last few posts so that you don’t miss out on them.   

HMAS Melbourne surprised me on Christmas morning by posting a Merry Christmas Aussie Hero Quilts video on their Facebook page which I have shared in the posts for example and quite a number of the Air Task Group sent us a shout as part of their video messages home.   

If you are not on Facebook see if you can get someone to show you the page as there are some lovely messages and videos there as well but I just can’t keep up with sharing them via email.   

On Christmas Day I received a lovely phone call from a Captain with the deployment in Butterworth, Malaysia who we have sent 120 laundry bags to (one for every member) and 30 quilts.  He wanted to wish us all a Merry Christmas and to say thank you for what we have done for his men.   

Our lovely chaplain, Mark, who is the first chaplain I dealt with in Dubai is deployed again. He sent us a message which I shared on the blog and also told me to tell me that the Master of Ceremonies for the Air Task Group Christmas celebrations made a special mention of Aussie Heroes and all the support we are giving the deployments.

Please check out the posts over the last few days and see what you have missed.

If you are not on Facebook you won’t know that I did a very brief interview with 2GB last night.  You can listen to it here if you wish…

I also received this email in the last few days…from Fran T one of our quilters and Rick her husband. Lynn made Rick’s quilt while he was deployed last year. Here is what they wrote…

We are having a family day out in Canberra today so we had to go to the War Memorial to see the Centenary Quilt.

Rick saw the quilt when it was touring Afghanistan and saw them signing it for Op Highroad.

and finally I just received this email from Evelyn …..

Hi Jan-Maree 
this lovely young man payed me a visit today.  I made him a quilt back in September 2013 called Urban Life and he was visiting his girlfriend nearby and wanted to say Thankyou.   He was absolutely overwhelmed with the gift.  
Cheers Evelyn

Till next time………………………keep spreading the word and happy stitching.
Jan-Maree  xx

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