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29 December 2014

Hi all,

I wanted to put out a reminder that the blocks we have been working on since November and will continue to work on through January is the Poppy Block.

These blocks will be used in fallen warrior quilts.

Here is the tutorial

These blocks turn out 8 1/2 ” square.

We found this free pattern on Craftsy here is the link to the free patterns just scroll down to find the “Simple Pansy Block” if you want to download it…Craftsy Free Patterns

To make these blocks you will need the following fabric:

4 X 4 1/2 ” Red Squares (Can be plain or patterned) (flower)

8 x 2 ” Green squares (Can be plain or patterned) (background)

1 x 2″ black circle (please use plain black) (centre)

iron on visoflex / fusiweb for the back of the 2″ circle

( I have enough for 3 blocks cut here)

After you have cut your fabric… mark a diagonal sewing line along the back on the green squares

Next pin two green squares to each red square and sew along both diagonal lines.

Once you have sewn all eight lines, you can then trim off the excess fabric leaving a 1/4″ seam.  After trimming press the green back over so you once again have 4 x 4 1/2″ blocks

Arrange the 4 blocks in the order they will be sewn and then sew the top two together (Row1), then the bottom two together (Row 2).  Once sewn press the seam on the top row (1) to the right and the bottom row (2) to the left.  Nest the two seams together in the centre and sew the two rows together to complete the block.

Using visoflex / fusiweb press onto black fabric and cut out a 2″ inch circle for the centre.  Iron on and sew the circle to the block with a small zigzag stitch.
  Now you’re done… Easy right.

Don’t forget to send your completed blocks to me at:
Caroline Gunn
PO BOX 3079
Happy Sewing

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  1. Unknown

    How very easy and Clever…thanks so much. I am a senior starting to discover all of the new ideas. You are so kind to SHARE….I am going to try this one tomorrow !! Can"t wait.


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