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Written by AHQ

13 July 2015

Once a month, since early 2012, some of us have been meeting at Penrith Patchwork to sew for Aussie Heroes. I really have to give a big shout out to Jeff and Mae from Penrith Patchwork as they have been supporting us almost since the very beginning of Aussie Heroes, certainly ever since Jeff was told about what we are doing.

We start at 10am and go til about 3pm.  Everyone brings their own sewing machine and lunch and I provide the materials.  Usually we sew a batch of laundry bags for one of the special forces regiments.  I have to have those sewn in Sydney as I pass them to the chaplain or one of my contacts as I do not have full names so cannot send them off. 

Sometimes, as last week, we work on a mixture of project.

I thought it was time that I introduce some of the ladies that come along every month.

This is Helen who drives all the way from Liverpool each month to join in the fun.

Rachel is a local.  Last week she helped put two quilt tops together and cut out fabric for a third.

Kiwi Karen is one of our longest serving Penrith ladies.  There have been days when it has just been the two of us there but on those days we have achieved a lot.  She hates having photos taken and I am surprised that she let me take this one.

This is Matt. This was his third time with us.  Matt and his wife Kay have been travelling around with the circus. Matt is a volunteer teacher and he has been schooling the circus children.  Unfortunately Kay could not join us this week as she was in Westmead Hospital with the flu – hope you are feeling much better Kay!!  Matt and Kay are just about finished their current stint traveling around with the circus so we don’t see them again….. maybe til the next time….   Matt is going to stay in touch though and is about to start working on a quilt.

Last month we cut out these stars and the ladies, including Kay, took them home to be put together. This week the quilt top was assembled.  Meet Pam, on the left. Pam first mentioned Aussie Heroes to Jeff, owner of Penrith Patchwork, and that lead to us being given a room to sew in, free of charge every month.  Many a time, when we started, it was just Pam and I sewing too.

Here is the other quilt top we completed 

 We change the week we meet every month depending on who can make it when.  Next month we will be meeting on Saturday the 22nd of August. We would love to have some new people join us if there is anyone who is free.  

Till next time……………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree  xx

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  1. Sue Niven

    How lovely to meet you all. Fabulous sewing too.


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