Our Amazing Aussie Iron Women….. read and cheer them on….

Written by ahq_admin

7 October 2016

We have some absolutely amazing people in our defence force. We know that and I don’t think we are biased.  Every now and then I get to share about one of them and today I want to tell you about one of our recipients, Emma. 

She is competing in the IRONMAN Triathlon World Championships.  The event is held in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii.  

You can watch a short promotional video about it here  

Emma is racing in the Military Division and qualified at IRONMAN Cairns this year.  She is one of 2300 athletes competing.  The event consists of Swim 3.8km, Ride 180.2km and Run 42.2km.  

This is arguably the hardest single day endurance event in the World. 
Nearly 250,000 people attempt to qualify for the World Championships annually.  

Just read that again…. 250000 try and and only 2300 are successful.

180km through the lava fields and with the strong winds is an epic ride, and then there is a marathon through those same lava fields.     

Emma is one of 3 ADF Females racing.  Emma is navy and the other two, Megan and Courtney, are Army.   

EDIT… just discovered that Megan is also a recipient of ours as well!  Another very awesome lady!
Just to qualify to be one of the 2300 out of 250 000 is absolutely a huge achievement. 

Emma has pulled off a pretty incredible feat and to quote her extremely proud husband  

“Em is amazing and just getting here while working full time in a high tempo ADF job, playing single mum and with her husband deployed is a mammoth effort.  She is a pretty amazing lady.”

Her husband has not long returned from deployment in Kabul.  Whilst there he was sent a quilt made for him by Suzannah R.  

Again to quote Emma’s husband

“From Kabul to Kona, the quilt is here to give us extra support!”

The race starts for Emma at 0410am on Sunday morning Australia time. I will post updates on the AHQ FB page as I can.   Let’s all get behind Emma and send her, and the other two Aussie defence girls competing, our very best wishes. 

Leave a comment on the blog, on Facebook or send me an email and I will pass your good wishes to Emma’s husband to share with her. 

Till next time…….. Good luck Emma!  We are all behind you!!!


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  1. Sue Niven

    You Go Girl! You have already done us proud. I wish you all the best.

  2. Suzannah

    I'm so honored to be a small part of their big journey. My husband is also an ironman and i know it takes so much to even get to Kona. We are both cheering her on from back home!


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