Operation Deliver Laundry Bags…..

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15 March 2017

News just in…..

“Operation: ‘Deliver Laundry Bags’ was a great success. Our Aussie Heroes deployed on RCB ROTO117 from 7RAR so appreciated the love from home. Thank you for partnering with this very privileged Chaplain in looking after our troops abroad!”

EDIT – first thank you email just arrived, see below.

To explain, our intrepid RAAF chaplain is currently posted to No. 19 Squadron (19 SQN)  which is a Royal Australian Air Force ground support squadron based at Royal Malaysian Air Force Base Butterworth in Penang

19SQN is responsible for providing support to Australian Defence Force exercises and deployments in South-East Asia. 19SQN’s day-to-day responsibilities focus on supporting the ADF units and personnel at RMAF Base Butterworth, including a detachment of AP-3C Orion aircraft from No. 92 Wing RAAF and the Australian Army’s Rifle Company Butterworth.

The Army’s 2nd/30th Training Group (2/30 Trg Gp) is a Direct Command Unit (DCU) of Headquarters 1st Division (HQ 1 DIV). It is a permanent unit establishment located on the Royal Malaysian Air Force Base – Butterworth (RMAF Base Butterworth), Malaysia.

The Commanding Officer of 2/30 Trg Gp has tactical control of the Rifle Company Butterworth (RCB) which is comprised of around 120 riflemen who are deployed to Malaysia for a three month deployment, so four deployments each year.  These soldiers carry out training in Foundation Warfare Fighting (FWF) in South East Asia as well as contributing to the Australian Defence Force (ADF) International Engagement plan in the region.
(Sources Wikipedia and Australian Army website)

So, if you have been making random laundry bags and sending them to me, this is where some of them have ended up.  We will be supplying approximately 120 laundry bags to our Rifle Company’s in Butterworth every three months.  If you wish to be part of the next 120 all you have to do is make your bags and get them to me in Sydney.  You can post direct if you wish but you will have to pay the cost of postage to Sydney as there is no free postage to Malaysia. 

Huge thanks to our lovely Chaplain for the photos and for enabling us to share the Aussie Hero love. He is already a recipient from a previous deployment and has been a great friend to Aussie Heroes since.

EDIT… and I just received the first thank you email…

To whom this may concern,
Ma’am I am taking the time of day to thank you so much for the gift you have given me, just as you have taken more then a little bit of your time to make such a thoughtful gift. I appreciate it alot, and I appreciate the time, craftsmanship, thought and effort you have put into the laundry bag. It’s beautifully made and I will be using it every time I do my laundry. 
I really can not express how greatful I am for the laundry bag you have given me. It means more then you think it does.
Once again thank you for the gift, it means alot.

Kind regards,

Till next time….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree  xx

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  1. Jacqui D

    Love those photo's. Don't the 'boys' look thrilled….so worthwhile what we do, love it!!!

  2. cindy

    They look like kids at Christmas! So excited to see the booty.. Brilliant!

  3. Unknown

    Great photos and great to see their reactions and their enthusiasm for these gifts.


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