Oh What a Night!

Written by AHQ

1 December 2013

There were only two things that I was worried about with regard to the dinner last night – would there be enough food and would everyone have a good time.  Well, judging  by the feedback I have received I needn’t have worried, so either everyone was being very polite or Angela and I got it right.

Where to start to tell you all about it!  I think if I try to tell you all about it from start to finish this wold be an inordinately long post and I know you want to know who won what in the Raffle and the Laundry Bag Challenge so here goes.  

The Raffle first.  

In reverse order, the Crafter’s Clock which will be made by Sue N to the winners colour preferences was won by  Leanne.

The custom cushion by Hilary was won by Judy H.

The Voucher for $200 towards a QANTAS domestic air ticket was won by Janine. 

The beautiful Ruby Pendant, donated by our generous Money Honey, was won by Kim M.

And last but absolutely not least, the Aussie Hero Quilt was won by Melissa T from WA.

All winners will be notified how to collect their prizes or how they will be delivered as appropriate. 

Congratulations everyone!  

Next came the Laundry Bag Challenge.  Let me tell you Angela and I were SOOOO GRATEFUL that we did not have to do the choosing and that the Money Honey and SuperDad won that job.   They did not find it easy.  I think the laundry bags need a post on their own.  We received some absolutely AWESOME ones!   It really was not easy for Money Honey and SuperDad to decide but in the end I think they were happy with their decision.  The fellows decided on First, Second and Third place and because the competition was sooooo stiff I allowed them to choose two special mention prizes as well.  I have sent emails to the winners and to those that earned a special mention

Standby for a post featuring all the wonderful laundry bags and announcing the winners later in the week.  If you have not heard from me you did not win.

Now where to start describing our night last night.  Angela, and I collected Caroline from the airport around 1030ish and headed off to visit the first quilt shop, Make It Hobby N Craft.  We did a little bit of damage there and then headed over to East Coast Fabrics where we spent a bit more money before heading off to the venue for last night’s dinner, the United Service Club.  We checked out the room for the function and then retired to our respective rooms for a brief break before returning to the function room to set up for the night.  Back to the rooms to dress for the evening and then before we knew it SuperDad and Money Honey were waiting in the bar to say hello.  How lovely to greet them and give them a hello hug in person!  And I have to tell you they are both just as lovely in person as they come across in their emails.

After a bit of a chat and a quick drink it was time to for the two unsuspecting fellows to judge the laundry bag winners.  As I said before, thank goodness that was not my job!

At 630 our guests started to arrive.  It was great putting faces to names after months of exchanging emails.  

Angela welcomed everyone, explained where everything was and reminded everyone that they could still buy raffle tickets if they desired.

Then it was my turn to say a quick word or two.  First up I wanted to thank Angela and Simon.  They had donated the room hire fee for the night and I presented each of them a token of my appreciation.  For Angela I had some heart shaped decorations (she collects love hearts) and for Simon I had had a stroke of luck.  I managed to procure an authentic afghan hat worn by the men and one of their pashminas (thanks Bec!).  It had been sent from Kandahar and arrived in the mail just in time.

At last year’s dinner, in time honoured military tradition, the quilters present “volunteered” to take up a challenge.  That challenge was to take a piece of ugly fabric and make a block from it.  Of course that has now become a tradition, well after last night it has at least as I announced another challenge but this time with a gorgeous gumnut fabric.  The challenge is to make a block (or two) with an Australian theme using the feature fabric. If you would like to join in the challenge just let me know and I will send you the fabric and instructions.  If you are observant you will notice the fabric on the lectern we used for our speeches

My goal for the challenge is create not two, but three, equally special quilts.   Once completed these three quilts will be sent to Al Minhad Air Base to brighten the rooms of our patients admitted there. 

Next came a few words from SuperDad.  He said later that he felt it was important to come along and say thank you having seen and experienced the impact of our quilts and laundry bags as they arrived in Tarin Kot.  His presence was very much appreciated.

As you know SuperDad was a little creative with his requests when he submitted them to me and his boss ended up with a very pretty pink laundry bag and quilt in a ballerina theme.  Let’s just say that I used that as an inspiration when looking for a small gift for him.

Inside that luscious pink cellophane is a cute PINK box with cupcakes inside and out which we filled with Smarties (for the Smartie Pants).  The whole parcel is topped off with gorgeous pink bows and the piece de resistance a gorgeous sparkly pink ballet slipper ornament.   He also received two Christmas baubles, one that said SuperDad, bearing the Superman logo, and a green one with a red kangaroo on it. These were made by Leesa.

Next it was the Money Honey’s turn to say a few words.  He brought along his issued laundry bag so that we could see how the size compares with the ones that we make. I didn’t get a good picture of him with it last night but his wife sent me a photo of the two bags side by side that gives you a good idea why the guys like ours so much, aside from the colour and variety ours bring.

Of course I also had a special gift for Money Honey.  When I was set to send the Money Honey’s quilt off to him I asked him what sort of treats I could include and what he suggested was M&Ms.   Debbie sent me a six and a half inch strip of M&M fabric and I made a special flat bottomed bag and filled it with about ten packets of the various kinds of M&Ms plus he received a set of Leesa’s Christmas baubles as well.  His collection included the red kangaroo on green, one that said Money Honey and one that said Mr January.

No ballet slipper ornament on the Money Honeys gift though.

Stay tuned for the second part of the blog -I think it might be too long with photos to tell the whole story in one post.  Don’t worry – the next installment is coming tonight as well…..

Standby to receive……

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  1. Beeshebags

    How fantastic….wish I could've been there. LOL @ Super Dad's smartie pants request…bet he'll be careful with requests in future now.


  2. Sue Niven

    Loved reading it all, what a super post!


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