Written by AHQ

2 February 2022

Hi folks, 
I just thought I would remind everyone that we find it really hard to reply to comments on the blog (as opposed to comments on Facebook) as often, there is no email attached to the comment. We pride ourselves on responding to all encouragements and enquiries but sometimes we can’t respond as we have no way of contacting the reader involved. 
For example, I just received this comment to our blog:
“My craft group would like to jointly make a quilt and perhaps some laundry bags. Do we just nominate one of the list and let you know we are going to make that one.”
We would really like to reply but the person who left the comment has no email attached to their comment so we have no way of contacting them.


So, if you want to get it touch with us it is always best to use email fr**********@gm***.com or even send a Facebook message. 
Hope to hear from you soon.


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