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25 June 2013

Hi all,
HMAS Newcastle has received her first shipment of mail, including some of our quilts, and already I have received a couple of thank you messages.  

First up though I want to talk about laundry bags.   I have on my list of requests people who are going to be deployed till as late as February.  As I allocate quilts based on how soon people are coming home that means that someone due to return home in October will receive their quilt before someone who is there till February.  If  I wait to send laundry bags with the quilts it will mean that some people are there for months before they get one.  That does not seem to be in anyone’s best interest.  We know that having their own distinct laundry bag makes like easier so I think we should aim to get laundry bags to any one the list as soon as we can and not necessarily wait till a quilt is sent.  I hope you agree with me.  I know lots of you like to automatically make a laundry bag with a quilt and that will still work for those that are getting quilts in the near future but I wanted to let you know that I will start allocating laundry bags to those who are going to be there for longer so that they can spend the next few months not searching for the laundry.  I hope that makes sense.
And now from Newcastle!

Hi Rita , 
Thank you so much for your kindness , receiving your quilt today is the best and most exciting gift I received , I expected to receive boxes from my family but your quilt is first one I got, I am so lucky that someone out there are thinking and cared about us .

I observed a lot of my team and saw their  expression when they open their box , all of them are so happy and showing off everything while I was quietly opening mine in the corner , and I was surprise that I got more gift plus letter than others .
I will keep this quilt forever and someday I will see and meet you and finally shake your hand 

The following is for a quilt and laundry bag that Sue F made and left with me to send off.

Dear Jan, 
Upon sending this we are alongside in XXXXX.  I have just received my quilt and dhobi bag, along with a much appreciated pack of smarties! Thanks you so much you really put a smile on our faces with that (I shared them around the mess) Please thank Sue for me, the quilt is amazing quality and perfect! I really appreciate the support everyone in the mess was super wrapped with their quilts so thanks a bunch.
I hope all is well and keep up the phenomenal work you guys are doing!

Laurel and Rita C attended to the sewing day today and as Laurel said, “What a great day, lots of sewing, hot soup, and dogs!  Perfect!”

You will be pleased to know that the ladies got two quilt tops together from all the star blocks that have been sent in.  What some of the BOM star blocks I had and all the ones that were sent in for the Blue Sport and Food quilt there were enough to make two quilts.

So Rita worked on one – I made an executive decision and decided just to make it food themed as there were too many good food themed blocks – they just had to all be included.  I think it turned out so well and will look even better when we get some royal blue or red binding on it.

Laurel worked on the other half of my executive decision and that was a cool sports themed quilt – so many cool blocks in this one too.  I have several fellows who have asked for Sports themed quilts so they should be pretty happy with this one.

I would show you photos of what I did but the first part of the day was spent sewing pieces of fabric together to make pieces long enough for backings – not exactly exciting fodder for a camera – and then I worked on three laundry bags but if i show you any of those before the recipient has received them they would be a dead give away.

That is it for today.  It is just after 4pm and I need to head to the Post Office and check the mail and then I need to come home and answer all the emails that have piled up during the day.

Till next time………………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

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  1. Janine C

    Love the star quilts, you girls did a good job today. I agree that laundry bags need to arrive as early as possible, not much point sending it a week before they come home as the idea is to use it during their deployment.


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