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Written by AHQ

3 February 2014

G’day all.
A couple quick items of business.  

We have two SEWING DAYS coming up.   
The first one is at my home on Wednesday.  The next is at Penrith Patchwork on Sunday the 16th of February.   There will probably be one at my home during the week of the 24th of Feb but I need to wait and see what is happening with some renovation work that is happening inside my home first.  For all sewing days, we commence at 10am and finish around 3pm at my home and 2pm at Penrith Patchwork.  BYO lunch and sewing machine and I will provide all the materials needed.  Hopefully I will provide some snacks as well.

Also we have TWO DINNERS coming up.  On the 1stof March we are having a Pot Luck Dinner at Julie Ann’s home in Adelaide.  I will be there and hopefully we will have some recipients as well.  Quite a number of quilters have indicated they would like to come as well.   If you would like to come along please contact Julie Ann on ju************@ad**.auto let her know and also to receive the details.  The second Pot Luck Dinner will be at my home in the week of the 10th of March.  Debbie from QLD will be staying with me for the week and it is a good chance for us to get together for a chat and a meal. Hopefully I will be able to get one or more of the chaplains that I have dealt with to come along and maybe a couple of recipients.  The exact date is to be confirmed but it will either be the Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of that week.

Now to the requests.

NOTE!  Please don’t skip over the following paragraphs and go straight to the list.   These paragraphs include amplifying information that is worth reading.

As promised here is the request list which includes those from HMAS Darwin and newbies on the ground in the Middle East.  I know I promised you around a 100 but some have been snapped up by those who I know have had specific fabrics on hand or a particular interest.   Have no fear though, I have also been warned that there are more to come.  And please don’t worry that this is an insurmountable number of requests that we will not be able to fill.  Rest assured this is not the biggest list we have ever had and it is well within our means to cover it.
Please don’t be shocked or put off by the specific nature of some of the requests.  They have been ASKED to provide a wish list to give us somewhere to start but they have also been advised that THE QUILT THEY RECEIVE MAY BEAR NO RESEMBLANCE TO THE QUILT THEY HAVE REQUESTED.   Also it is not necessary to try to include ALL their interests unless you want to.  As I said before, the recipients have been asked to tell us what they are interested in and that is what they have done.
I have some of the badges and logos that have been requested on file so will include some pics for you so that you can see what is being asked for in cases where you might not have come across these before. 
As always – the requests are written in priority order and pink requests are for GIRLS!

To save me having to cut and past the address multiple times here is the postal address for HMAS Darwin.  All you need to do is to add the member’s Rank, Name and PM keys at the top.

HMAS Darwin
Operation Slipper
AFPO 10          
Sydney NSW 2890
If you take on one of these requests I would like the quilt to be in the mail by March 17th at the latest but sooner is better.  I keep thinking about that thank you message we received last week that moved many of us to tears.  I think it brought home just how important our quilts are to the troops.  Here is a refresher.
“I was deployed last year for 8 months. I can tell you it’s not easy being over there and some days you just feel like giving up. However coming back to my bunk at whatever time of the day I got back to sleep I saw my quilt and every time it would make me smile and feel that little bit better. It was the one thing that made my day, every single day. I couldn’t explain how much it helps mentally to have something there each day to remind you that someone else is out there thinking about you and made this quilt for you. Now I’m back home on Australian soil, I had a rough couple of weeks transitioning back into this lifestyle where yet again my quilt came in handy the same as it did overseas. Now it’s my couch quilt that I cuddle up with watching TV and it brings back so many memories. It’s hard to explain what it means to us soldiers, but if my house was to get robbed.. I hope they take anything but my quilt!”

The reason I am sharing this again is to emphasize that I think it is important that we get the quilts there sooner rather than later. It may be the one thing that puts a smile on someone’s face at the end of their long days.  Of course I know that many of you are extremely busy and work hard to fit some AHQ time in.  A deadline of March 17th is about as realistic for you as possible, however, what I would like to avoid is people thinking they have plenty of time to get started and then having to rush at the last minute.  That puts too much stress on everyone so if we can avoid that, AND get the quilts off earlier than forecast that would be great.
Please do not feel that you need to respond if you are not interested in taking on any of the requests for whatever reason.  

Also, if you do respond and are new to AHQ I ask that you provide me with your full name and address (and a phone number would be wonderful) as I don’t feel comfortable handing you the personal details of one of our serving members if the only information I have is your first name and email.   Noone else has access to any of the details that I collect.  I use them to contact you if I need to follow anything up with you.

If there is a request that you would like then please copy the whole line- the description and the number.  Without that number I may not be able to find the details of the person you want to sew for. 

If you want to make one quilt it still might be useful (and more time efficient) to give me a couple of options, assuming there are more than one that you are happy to do.   It always seems that there are a few requests that everyone wants to do.  If you have a second choice and it is unallocated I can come straight back to you with those details.

Well I think that is about all.  Enjoy the list.  I wish I had time to take on more than a few of these!
Cheers for now and many thanks!

“Navy” and “Op Slipper 2014” or something along those lines. Love blue colours as I surf every day at home and I’m missing the ocean.
Golf and pink
Black and white for Collingwood
OR pink, Shopping and shoe shopping
Two cats “Jett” and “Mia”, Border Collie “Daisy”, goal keeper for hockey
Adelaide Crows, Moose, AMP or DPCU background, Rising Sun
Harley Davidson logo, Ford performance racing logo, boxing kangaroo DPCU
Broncos, Maroons, Aust Rugby League Logo/colours
Aussie flag, Afghan Flag colours, Rising Sun, ISAF colour back ground
Melbourne Storm, Essendon Bombers,  Aussie Flag, RACT badge, Rising Sun,  Kangaroos and koalas
RAEME corps flag
ISAF, Aussie Flag, map of Afghanistan
ISAF, Aussie Flag, rising sun
NZ flag, Aussie Flag, Silver fern, Rugby ball, coffee cup
VW and Audi logo
Nurburgring logo
Racing flag and barcode with made in China
Her true love is her Aussie Bulldog who is brindle and white.  Also likes Music.  No favourite colour – loves them all at different times.
Tennis, food, shopping, French black and white pictures.  Favourite colours are coral, purple, royal blue, silver, black and gold
Naval, Ships, Family, Navy White Ensign
Beach, travelling, painting.  Favourite colours: greens, blues, purples (all shades)
Australia, Navy, Blue, Queensland, Ships
Cricket, Geelong Cats.   Favourite colour is blue
Weight lifting, physical training
Military Helicopters and Ships.  If possible ‘OP Slipper Rotation 57’ written on it.  Favourite colours are blue, red and purple
Motor bikes, scuba diving, mountain bikes.   Favourite colour: Purple
Jet skiing, cars, driving, fishing.  Favourite colour: red
Science Fiction, novels and spacecraft. Favourite colour is green and white ( I can get more info)
Broncos, Queensland (NRL), Golf, Scuba Diving, Commodores
Dancing, books, teapots.  Favourite colour: green
Royal Australian Navy, Turtles, Medicine, Parramatta Eels Rugby team.  Favourite colours – blue/grey
Enjoys going to concerts, listening to music and travelling.  Favourite colour is: Red
Favourite Colour is Midnight Blue
Travelling, Fast cars.  Favourite colour is Red
Likes bright colours, Australian Flag, anything military
Cars, Aircrafts, Games.  Favourite colour: Green and white
Australian White Ensign, loves Collingwood AFL team
Australian White Ensign, loves Brisbane Broncos Rugby team
Favourite colours: Hot pink, deep bright purple, green, loves Newcastle Knights rugby team (royal blue and red)
Cars, Favourite Colour: Blue and White
Essendon AFL Club, Manly Sea eagles Rugby team, Liverpool (soccer)
Cycling, Arsenal Football Team (soccer), dogs.  Favourite colour: navy Blue
Interest: Parkour.  Favourite colour is Red
Wakeboarding, BMX, Soccer.  Favourite colours are red, white and blue
NRL, Cricket.  Loves the Adelaide Crows AFL team.  Favourite colour is blue
Ice hockey and movies.  Favourite colour is Orange
Anything Navy, if possible “HMAS Darwin 04” on it.  Favourite colour is blue
Space, motorcycles, computers, if possible ‘OP Slipper’.  Favourite colours are orange or Royal blue
All things tropical (e.g. Palm trees, sand, beach, sun, parrots). Favourite colours are bright colours: yellow, aqua, orange, pinks
Holden Panel vans, Surfing, Carlton Football Club (AFL)
Beach theme: waves, palm trees etc.
Likes Flowers.  Favourite colours: Pink and purple
Rabbitos Rugby team
Scuba Diving
Dogs, Music.  Favourite colours are blue and green
Life long Newcastle Knight Rugby League supporter and takes his daughter to every game, so anything with Newcastle Knights and its colours (Royal blue and red) would be wonderful
Golf.  Loves West Tigers Rugby team.  Favourite colours: Purple
Possible theme: anchor with ‘Rotation 57’ on it
Manly Sea Eagles fan, Moto GP fan, naval aviation.  Possible ‘Rotation 57’ on it
Helicopters, Ocean, ‘HMAS Darwin Rotation 57’ if possible, would like his daughters name ‘Eve Young’ on it if possible to remind him of his daughter,
Rugby League.  Favourite colours: Blue and Red
Nautical theme: if possible anchors.  Favourite colours: Navy Blue, light blue, white
Nautical theme.  Favourite colours: Purple, Red and Black
Loves going to the movies.  Favourite colour is purple
Australian White Ensign, the boxing Kangaroo, ships number 04.  If possible the words “Op Slipper Rotation 57’ Favourite colours are: Green and Yellow. 
Philippines Flag design, or the colours of the Philippines Flag.
Beach Theme, palm trees etc.  Her favourite colours are greens
surfing, riding motorbike.  Favourite football team is South Sydney Rabbitos (NRL).  Favourite colours are blues
Sydney Swans AFL team, or a quilt that is red and white
Hobbies: Buzz Light-year (toy story), drums, cricket.  Favourite colours: Blue and Green
Loves taking photos, favourite colours: green and purple
Wakeboarding, BMX, Soccer.  Favourite colours are red, white and blue
Loves playing poker.  Favourite colours are green, yellow and red
Favourite Team: LA Clippers Favourite colours: Blue and Green
Interests: Ancient history, reading, scuba diving, adventurous activities, travelling.  Favour colour: Red
Superheroes, especially Spiderman.  Favourite Colours: Light blues and greens
Loves the outdoors and books.  Favourite colours: Autumn colours
Theme: Royal Australian Navy
Fiancée lives in Finland so would like a Finland Flag theme or using the Finland Flag colours of blue and white
Liverpool Soccer Club (Red)
North Melbourne AFL Club (Blue and White)
Sydney Roosters NRL Club.  Enjoys fishing.  Favourite colours are Red, White and Blue
Anything with the Australian White Ensign on it
NSW Blues
Cronulla Sharks, Cartoons – the superhero type and the Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story, Spongebob type.  Any cartoons.

AMP or Australian Multi-Cam Pattern

DPCU – Disruptive Pattern Combat Uniform

ISAF – International  Security Assistance Force

RAEME – Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

Nurburgring Logo

RACT – Royal Australian Corps of Transport

Til next time…………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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