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Written by AHQ

23 August 2018

Hi all,
super short post tonight. I have about ten minutes to write this before I have to go and get changed to head into Garden Island to have a chat with some sailors.  

The last couple of weeks, as I am sure you understand, have been huge. First our massive presentation of Invictus Quilts and then the 500 laundry bags for HMAS Canberra…… not 400 as originally advertised as we discovered that they needed extras for the embarked force. I could not let the ship sail with the embarked force being the only ones without laundry bags so we scrambled to pack another 100 and our awesome Chief Cath drove out to collect them on Monday night… the last night before she sailed… whilst she still had to pack AND finish three laundry bags to put in the mail the next day!!!   Yes, she rocks!

So not much spare time for anything, especially blog posts but I think I have managed to keep up more or less.

Tonight’s post is about Laundry Bags, names and nylon flags.  So here goes…. 

We have collected hundreds of random laundry bags so far this year and they have all been great.   There are a few that have not followed our tutorial, leading to designs that will not stand the test of time and the wear and tear that these bags face but not many thankfully. Please though, if you intend to make us LBs,  please follow our tutorial and let me know if you can’t find it. 

Most importantly… PLEASE ensure that no TWO laundry bag are identical. If you have a lot of fabric the same think about adding different cord channels to each bag. That way no two bags are likely to be mixed up. 

Also, please, do not forget to add patches or a pale strip etc to each bag so that the recipients can easily write their name etc so that they can identify their bag.

These are simple things but they make a difference!

Thank you all for understanding.

Next names…. 

Please, if you donate a quilt or laundry bag to us, please please please include your contact details.  That could be your postal address or your email, whatever you like, but that makes it possible for me to pass feedback back to you once your quilt or bag has been received by us, and then received by a recipient. Please understand that we do not always hear back but where possible I will pass on any feedback I receive… if I know how to contact you.

Please also, while I am at it, feel free to include a letter in each laundry bag you send me so that the troops know who made something for them. 

And finally……. please do not use those thin nylon flags on the quilts and bags… I am not convinced that they will survive prolonged use when washed in industrial dryers and washing machines and what a shame for a recipient to have his bag or quilt ruined by a shrunken and frayed Aussie flag. Awesome flag panels, like the one above, come from Spotlight… they last just fine. 

Thanks so much.  Your cooperation really is appreciated.

Now I am off to speak…  Till next time….. keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree xx

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