Laundry Bags for the dinner…..

Written by AHQ

29 September 2017

I know I mentioned it way back when I first wrote about the Dinner weekend and all the things we are doing over the weekend but now, with only a couple of weeks to go, it is clear that people are starting to make their laundry bags and have forgotten what I said. Not to worry – here goes. 

If you are attending the RMC or ADFA tour you need to bring a laundry bag – an Aussie theme will be great please. 

You do not need to bring a laundry bag to the dinner. 

One laundry bag for everyone who attends the tour of ADFA or the tour of RMC Duntroon.  Someone will be nominated to collect them at each venue. 

Also, I know I have asked people who would like to bring a quilt/laundry bag for display on the night of the dinner…. you do not have to bring one.   It is entirely optional but i do need to know in advance. 

I think that is all… 

Any questions let me know. 

Cheers and take care

Jan-Maree xxx

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  1. Robyn Hanstock

    I can't come to the dinner, but I have just sent four laundry bags with my friends to deliver to your home, Jan-Maree.

  2. Unknown

    Looking forward to the weekend!


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