Last Chance to sail the seas……

Written by AHQ

21 September 2013

Just a reminder that the time is running out to bid on our silent auction.  

You have the opportunity to experience this and raise funds for Aussie Hero Quilts (and Laundry Bags).

You can win a voucher for two people (valid for twelve months) for a Square Rig Sailing Adventure and raise funds for AHQ by bidding in our SILENT AUCTION which closes at 1700 hours on Monday 23rd September 2013.

Place your bid at jo*********@ou*****.com 
To find out all about the Adventure, check it out here on the Sydney Heritage Fleet Website. 

No Reserve, Get your bids in now and that will be one present you can mark off your Christmas list. Use it for yourself and it can be one thing to mark off your bucket list.

I would love you to spread the word if you can.

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  1. Sue Niven

    All the best, I hope it does well.


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