Invictus Presentation… all the photos!!!

Written by AHQ

17 August 2018

Hi all
so many photos and not much time to write captions. I am pretty tired so I am sure you will understand. I will add a few so that you know what you are looking at but mostly you can pick out your own recipient if they are there. We took as many pics as we could but I can’t guarantee everyone is covered. Not all the athletes could be there as some had commitments elsewhere but we had a good turn out so I hope you spot yours. 
 Andy and Jenny laying the quilts out…
waiting to be presented….
We checked out the archery centre before the presentation….
Vice Chief of the Defence Force was visiting the athletes and made time to drop in a say hello and thank you to us…
Vice Chief of the Defence Force and BRIG Phil Winter, who is basically the “boss” of the team…. 

VCDF spoke to the quilters and thanked everyone for their commitment to Invictus but also to all our troops. 
VCDF spoke to the athletes and told them how much support they have, indicating that we, AHQ, are an example of that support. 
And the presentations begin….
Lots of quilters ran out to meet their recipient as their quilt was presented. It was lovely…. 
Mark is a favourite as I have been quietly cheering him on since he lost a leg in a motor bike accident.. what he has achieved since then has been amazing.. a very inspiring young man…. 
Loved seeing this inspiring young lady again
Our old favourites, Garry and Katrina

Sorry if there are any duplicates…. hope you spotted your quilt or laundry bag….

Till next time… keep spreading the word and happy stitching.

Jan-Maree xx 

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  1. Jo

    That's an amazing group of photos


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