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Written by AHQ

9 August 2015

Hi all
For those who have been waiting to post their parcels to HMAS Melbourne here is the address

Obviously you have to add the Rank, name and PM Keys number (the 7 digit number starting with 8) that you were all given when you were given the details of whatever request you took on.  You need to write the following below.

HMAS Melbourne 
Operation Manitou
Sydney NSW 2890

Recently, as there have been a lot of new people following us I have had some questions about the address so this is what I know.

The parcels are ALL sent to Sydney. Every address for Defence Mail that you will have will have   Australian Defence Force (or ADF) as the second last line and then Sydney NSW 2890 as the last line.  This does not mean that whoever you are posting to is in Sydney.  

All parcels go to Sydney first and from there are sent on.  I don’t know anything else about the process in detail but I can tell you that they are sorted again when they get to their respective AFPOs and are then forwarded on to wherever the recipient has to be.  

If you making something now and will be posting a parcel to HMAS Melbourne in the coming weeks I would appreciate it if you could note this address now OR note where to find it instead of coming back to me and asking me for it.  There are over 100 requests from HMAS Melbourne and some of those will receive two parcels as their quilt and laundry bag will be made by different people. I would rather not have to send 200 emails with the same address on it.  Please.

Till next time……………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!
Jan-Maree xx

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