Weekly Dispatches and Joan’s Massive Milestone

Written by AHQ

7 August 2015

In 2012 the cluey Navy Chaplain in AMAB put the chaplain on HMAS ANZAC in touch with me. HMAS ANZAC had just deployed for the Middle East and they were about to become the first ship we looked after.  At the time the chaplain, I am sure, did not know what he was getting himself into.  🙂

Two things came out of that deployment…. a very successful ongoing relationship with each subsequent ship to deploy and a new lady making laundry bags! 

Joan’s son was on that first ship and when he came home with his quilt and laundry bag she was struck by how much they meant to him.  Did he take his quilt with him on subsequent deployments?
“No way Mum, something might happen to them!” Joan was told.

Joan decided that she could do similar for other sailors, soldiers and airmen and so began her mission to make laundry bags.  Well I am really pleased to say that Joan has made, as of this week, over 1000 laundry bags!  That means she has cut up and sewn approximately 1760 meters of fabric and her equally diligent husband, Robin, has threaded approximately 1400 meters of cord into them!

Massive effort guys!!  Big BZ!!

I don’t keep stats on how many bags or quilts or tops people have sewn but if you know how many you have done how about letting me know so that we can celebrate you too!

And now for this week’s awesomeness!  Here is this week’s show and tell of quilts and laundry bags!

970 quilts and 1401 laundry bags for 2015. 

4552 quilts and  6818 laundry bags in total.


Kate K 


Special mention to 13 year old Lauren who made this quilt top and Lisa N quilted it.
Absolutely AWESOME work Lauren!


This is one of our Mystery Quilts…. our green and gold one, blocks made by Fiona, Robyn B and Elise. The top was pieced by Lynn and it was quilted by Carol!   Great job ladies.


Michelle T 

Robyn W

Stephanie N

Anne B

Blackhead Beach Quilters – Jenny

Blackhead Beach Quilters by Louise

Clermont Patchwork and Quilting Group

Gwenda’s Gaggle

Jean B
Jo H

Till next time……………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!
Jan-Maree xx

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  1. Sue Niven

    Awesome stuff, Congrats to Joan!

  2. kiwikid

    Congratulations to Joan, what an amazing lady!!
    Wonderful collection once again.

  3. Sandy

    Fantastic !!

  4. Jacqui D

    Yes indeed, well done Joan or as ex navy girl JM put it BZ!!


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