Helen’s Story

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20 September 2017

Helen is one of the Aussie Hero Volunteers who was able to accompany me to visit the Australian Invictus Team on Monday.  Keeping this project a secret was one of the stipulations when I committed to it.  Lots of the ladies who made the bags have commented on how hard it was to keep it to themselves. Imagine how hard it was for the Helen and Keryn who were able to come along with me. 

This is Helen story….

I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to be asked to make a laundry bag (along with my buddy Rachel) for the Australian Team.   We were to sew for Scott McLean, an Archer.   Rachel hit the ground running and found two different fabrics with arrows on them within days.   Being a top secret project we had to keep it under wraps.  
Then when Jan-Maree asked if I would accompany her to the event to present the bags I was just overwhelmed and found it hard to contain my excitement and keep it secret. 
So Monday 18th saw me on the road early to meet up with Jan-Maree to drive to The Narrabeen Sports and Recreation Centre.  The team were all present in their new uniforms along with their support team.  The excitement and buzz in the room was infectious as we waited for the arrival of the Minister of Defence, Marisa Payne and other VIP’s.  
The athletes received their team bags from the Minister and photos were taken.  The Minister, Marisa Payne, made a great speech, as well as Vice Admiral Ray Griggs,  who laced his speech with comedy remarks.  
Then outside to have our photo taken with the team.  It was such a beautiful sunny Spring day.  
Lunch was ready and we made our way to the dining hall to sit and talk with the athletes and their support team over lunch.   
Then the excitement grew as athletes found their laundry bags in their kit bag. They were really overwhelmed that we would make these beautiful gifts, some declaring they were too good to use.  Also gob smacked that “we” knew so much about them and incorporated this into the designs.  That’s due to our our great “intell” AKA Jan-Maree.   
We took some photos of recipients with their bags but sorry too hard to get them all.  I must add to the lady  ( Ally I think )  who made the bag for JJ.   He thought his bag was so great,  so much detail, even to the fact you sewed a blue archery bow.   
I met up with Scott McLean (my and Rachel’s recipient) and got photos.  He said he had goose bumps when he opened it and I had goose bumps just listening to him.
So to all out there, who sew and support Aussie Heroes, know that we do make a difference to someone’s day and life.  The wide smiles, sparkling eyes and enthusiasm of the team athletes, bodes well for a wonderful games.  
And yes it was a “difficult mission and I did have to take “one for the team” and accept all the thanks, handshakes, hugs and kisses on your behalf.  
A fabulous day, thank you Jan-Maree for including me.  I am very grateful.

Sincerely Helen W

Helen and Keryn also enjoyed saying hi to Garry and Katrina again both of whom they have met before. 

Till next time…. Go TEAM AUSTRALIA

Jan-Maree  xx

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