ADV Cape Inscription – a Thank You.

Written by AHQ

20 September 2017

I just found this in Draft and it should have been published weeks ago. Goes to show how busy we have been. 

A message from the Commanding Officer of Cape Inscription Starboard Crew. 

Dear Jan-Maree Ball OAM

Thank you for your condolences and message of support following the tragic loss of my predecessor, Lieutenant Commander Steve “Alfie” Noakes, RAN.  Alfie was an extremely well respected man, beloved by his crew and his family, and he will be sorely missed. 

We have now distributed the fabulous laundry (dhobey) bags made by your dedicated team of volunteers to every member of our crew.  Individuals carefully chose from the array of colourful options something that reflected their personality. These gifts are very practical on board a ship, and the cord channel made from poppy fabric in memory of LCDR Noakes is a spendid detail.

During our most recent transit from Cairns to Darwin, members of our Boarding Party and boat crews, including the embarked Transit Security Element proudly posed for a photo with a selection of the wonderful bags.  I have enclosed two photos as a small gesture of our appreciation.

The support you are providing to my crew and their colleagues around the globe goes well beyond the practical gifts that come from your charity; it is the assurance that people at home are aware of their service and sacrifice. I congratulate you on all that you have achieved so far with Aussie Hero Quilts  and wish you the utmost success in the future. 

Till next time…… keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree xxx

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