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31 January 2018

I hope you’re all feeling rested after the Christmas and January holiday time.  
I love the change of pace this time offers but I’m also ready to get back into the normal routine and get back into creative activities.  
So many happy memories of the Christmas celebrations and family time linger on for me, reminding me that many of our Aussie Heroes have had to sacrifice this wonderful time with their families.  I’m sure they did what they could, where ever they were serving, and still had celebrations 
but family time is just the best time.  

For me, it is a privilege to be able to make Quilts for our Aussie Heroes, in a small way saying “THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE” 
and reminding them that many Aussies at 
home know they are serving our Country and sacrificing much for us.

At the beginning of the year, let’s also thank Jan-Maree for the amazing work she does in 
heading up this great movement.  Her energy is boundless.  Her commitment is unfailing.  
Within this framework, so many of us can each do what we love doing eg. making a few BOM or a huge number of BOM, making Quilts alone or within small groups or making Laundry Bags.  Everyone can do something rewarding. 
Her organisational skills connect us with our Heroes so that we can personalise 
Quilts and Laundry Bags for them and meet their requests.  Their thank you letters 
constantly tell us just how much this means to them as they serve.

What a unique and special group we are all a part of…
Thank you Jan-Maree.

Our first Block of the Month Tutorial for 2018 will be available next week
if you would like to make a block or two…or more.

Enjoy the following Blocks of the Month, Aussie Diamonds, sent in by our wonderful volunteers.
Thank you to everyone who found gorgeous prints of Australiana for these blocks.

Tracy F

Tamsin O

Susan P

Sharon P

Ann W

Bobbie S

Cathie J

D. Prime

Linda L

Sally R

Lee W

So many other beautiful blocks have arrived during December and January…more next week.
Until then, happy creating.


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