Happy Mail 24rd May 2018

Written by AHQ

24 May 2018

I’ve been opening many envelopes and packages over the last few days, and all these 
bright and cheerful coloured blocks have popped out.
Many thanks to all those who have made the following Blocks of the Month.
These blocks will be part of quilts for our deployed Aussie Heroes who 
request all kinds of things for their quilts.  Sometimes, they ask for a sports team to be represented, or the Defence Force Service they are a part of.  Sometimes, they ask for an animal that they love that is waiting for them at home.  Sometimes it will be an activity or pastime that is important to 
them eg. surfing, scuba diving or outback camping.  And sometimes it will be to represent their bike or car that  they’re waiting to get back to.  
Whatever they ask for, we try to represent or include in their quilt.
Thank you to all who make these Blocks of the Month and help 
the Coffs Harbour Sewing Team to make these quilts.  Together, we’re making a difference 
in the lives of these amazing men and women in the Defence Force.
If you would like to make these blocks, please go here for the Tutorial for this month’s block.
Joan S
Alethea G
Bobbie S
Judy D
Woolgoolga Craft Group #1
Woolgoolga Craft Group #2
Anne S #1
Anne S #2
Anne S #3

Jan A

Belinda S

Margaret A #1

Margaret A #2

Liz J

Joan B #1

Joan B #2

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