Happy Mail 22nd July

Written by AHQ

22 July 2015

Hi all.

Before Caroline’s happy mail a quick request from me.  If you are making a quilt or a laundry bag and are putting the recipients full first name, last name or both on it, can you please take two photos of the finished item. One photo with the name covered up with a piece of paper or a piece of fabric for the blog and one with the name visible for my records.  This would be really helpful to me.

Now over to Caroline.

Lots of lovely mail again this week.  Some of the lovely Wounded Warrior Quilt Stars.

Cheryl DP

Julie Ann

Sophie H

Dorothy C

June A

Marie W

Norma A

These are some patches that Mimi has made for HMAS Melbourne. When the time comes to start on quilts for HMAS Melbourne, if you send Jan-Maree a SSAE Yellow business envelope she will send you  one to include in your laundry bag or quilt.

Hope you all have a greet week, and get lots of time for sewing.

Happy Stitching.


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