Happy 2014 and Happy Mail!!!

Written by AHQ

1 January 2014

First and foremost let me wish everyone, both those at home here in Australia and especially all of our deployed heroes and their families and loved ones back at home, 
a safe and Happy New Year.  

May 2014 be the best yet for all of us!

Lots of lovely happy mail today ……enjoy!

Dear Su,

Received your package today. Thank you so much for the quilt, t shirt and snacks. The quilt is amazing, this is something I will pass onto my kids and generations to come. Your efforts are outstanding as a quilt maker. Your detail is amazing!  I put a pic on the Facebook page too.  It’s amazing how getting a gift like this can brighten your day. For us guys who will be here for Christmas, time away from our kids; my youngest turned 5 on the 10th of December.  All the little things civies take for granted. We ask for nothing, but are delighted if we do receive something.  My package from you has made my week.  I am going to wear my Crows Footy Park T-Shirt on Christmas Day. The fruchocs will be long gone by then. Anyway, I better get some sleep, it’s getting late here. Thanks again for your kindness. Have a safe and happy Christmas. Take care for now.


XXXXXX the biggest deployed Crows fan in Adelaide:)

Keryn made this quilt and here is the response
Wow, really what can I say.  This quilt has changed my room.  🙂 I do love it. 
I doubt I can do the quilt Keryn has made justice in words. This is just fantastic.  I am throughly amazed. The quality is beyond anything I would have wished for, the colours and the thought that has gone into the quilt is really quite amazing.  Naturally I showed it off to the rest of the team.  

I did not realise at first there was also a matching laundry bag. Initialled as well. 

And then snacks, the list just went….  ( I did share the lollies) 

And what timing, it’s not cold here yet as such but it’s just starting to cool down and last night it was just great to have that extra warmth. 

I can not thank you all enough. This really is lovely. 

It has been a most pleasant surprise and I think until the end of my days I am going to always cherish this quilt and the thought and care that has gone into making it.

My most warm regards

Just a short note to thank you for the personalised laundry bag I received just prior to Christmas.
The “multi camoflage paint splash” theme has gone down a real treat, thank you ever so much. Your support is greatly appreciated.
Hope you had a great Christmas and all the best for the new year.
Good Morning Joan,
I’m very sorry that I haven’t sent an email earlier.
 I must thank you and Aussie Heroes Quilts and Laundry Bags very much for your wonderful Laundry Bag.
It was one of the best Christmas Presents I’ve received.
I have attached the picture of it as well.
If you don’t mind I will be putting it up on my Facebook account as well.
I hope you had a Wonderful Christmas and I wish you a Prosperous New Year.
I wish to truly thank you and Aussie Heroes Quilts and Laundry Bags for the wonderful work you are all doing.
It does make a big difference to a lot of us, we do look forward to receiving mail and when its something as beautiful as this, it really makes your day.
Thank you again,

Dear Pauline,

I have just had the pleasure of receiving one of your laundry bags. 

Thank you so much for the time you have taken to put this gift together, it is something I will be able to keep and use for many years to come!

I am new into theatre, and the parcels we receive from your organisation brighten our day 🙂 
Thank you again and Merry Christmas! 
Kind regards,


Dear Lisa,

I am pleased to let you know that my washing bag (AKA a dobie bag) has reached me safe and sound. I am extremely happy with the finished product furthermore it was a great surprise. Which is what I did ask for the treats were a added bonus thank you for them my mess member loved them and wished that they had got you for there quilts. I found that pretty funny.
I must say that your sewing lessons did pay off you will be pleased to know that the bag has held together very well not a problem with it. I am also very pleased with the colours you picked and initials on the back are a top idea.
I just want to thank you again Lisa for the washing bag and for the extra Christmas treats, you have really mad this long trip that little more worth while.
Hi Christine,

I recently was given a beautiful, multi-fruit coloured, fabulous laundry bag! What a wonderful, full of life gift! I just want to thank you so much for your thoughtful present and your kind words. I am an Air Force Officer serving overseas, way from my four children and dear wife whom I miss dearly, especially over this Christmas season. Your gift makes me feel at home a lot more, and I really appreciate what you are doing for us all over here.

I hope you are your amazing family have a wonderful, family fun Christmas in Mandurah, enjoying each others company.

Take care and God Bless,

Hi Jan-Maree,

My laundry bag has arrived safe and sound 🙂

Thank you so much for everything you guys do for us, it means a lot.

I will be sure to get in contact with the lady who made it shortly.
You all do such an amazing job and the faces of sailors that receive these packages are priceless, especially at this time of year.
Thanks again

Liz J,

I received the laundry bag that you made for me today. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the time and effort you put into it and for taking the time to sit down and write to me.
I love the bag, I’m glad it was motorcycle themed because my passion is motorcycles (I have three at home), I ride a Honda VTR1000 firestorm almost daily. 
I am on my first overseas deployment having been in my current role for six years. All I have ever wanted to do is serve our country so I am really grateful to be here. The work is long and tiring at times but we are really making a difference so it is all worth it.
It is getting very cold now. I will be missing an Aussie Christmas this year, I saw on the news that it is very hot there now. 
I think the work that you and the AHQ organisation is doing is fantastic you have no idea how much the guys appreciate it and how fun it is to see them open the package and see what style of quilt or laundry bag is inside. It really brings a lot of joy to the guys. The workmanship is incredible and the guys are always happy with the patterns or designs that they receive. Keep up the great work as it really is appreciated. My Mum sews regularly and used to teach dress making professionally for many years, I told her about AHQ and I hope she helps out.

Thanks also for the treats and Christmas decorations, they arrived just in time. It was good to get a bookmark too because I had been using a piece of cardboard up until now 🙂 .. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I will unfortunately be working however I will try to make the most of it.
Thanks again, you really brightened my day,
Dear Hilary 

I received my Aussie Hero Quilt a short while ago and put your card in a safe place so would not forget to send you an email, then although I remembered to send you the email could not remember where I put the card.  I have found it now.

My quilt currently has pride of place on my rack (bed), because although it is warm in the gulf, the air conditioning works well in my mess.

I appreciate all your efforts in making these quilts and it gives me a warm feeling knowing that families at home appreciate our efforts up here.

Hope you had a great Christmas and the New Year delivers all your hopes and dreams.
Thanks again 

Dear Pam Y,

I am writing to express my gratitude as I received the laundry bag that you had made for me. It certainly has brightened up my cabin and nice to see other colours apart from ship side grey.

Once again thank you for such a lovely thought. 

Kind regards,

Hello Liz J, Errol, MXXX and RXXX,

Thank you so much for the laundry bag that you have created for me. I am a big fan of the colour blue, combined with the Australian Flag and you have the most unique looking bag I have seen so far. The bag gets its daily work out (sometimes more than me!) due to changing so many clothes from work to gym to chill out clothes (movie watching clothes!!!). Finding by laundry bag among others is easy, I can walk into the laundry room and find it straight away, it also fits a large amount of clothes. 

I received my quilt a few weeks ago from AHQ, I am amazed at the quality of laundry bags and quilts being received by our troops here.
The quilts are coming in handy too, since the weather is dropping down low this time of year the nights are spend wrapped in the quilt.

The laundry bag will still be used on my return to Australia, the laundry basket I have back home in Australia has seen better days.

Thank you and Merry Christmas, with a enjoyable New Years.

Hi Jan-Maree,

Thank you so much for the beautiful quilt. My wife has received it and loves it. I so appreciate all the time and energy you put into doing such beautiful work. Whenever we use the quilt we will always think of you and your kindness,


Leanne made this special quilt inspired by her father’s career as a champion water skier and coach.  This is the response

I did receive the quilt on Christmas eve. It is the most fantastic thing I have received . It is more than would have ever expected 

Please relay my  appreciation to the people that have done so much work on it , specially Leanne MacDonald     

Thank you again 



I hope this email finds you well and resting after a lovely Xmas break. I have received my Quilt and absolute love it, Thank-you very much. Although I have to fight with my kids to get some one on one time with it. We had a lovely Xmas with the family and as usual the kids where spoilt rotten by Santa.  Hope you have a prosperous New Year and continue what you are doing. It really does make a difference. God Bless.

Wendy B made this lovely quilt. 

Dad gave me his Aussie Hero Quilt. I’ll cherish it. Thank you all the people at AHQ who contributed, it means a lot to both of us. 

Once again everyone, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Till next time……………………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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