Weekly Dispatches 3 Jan 2014

Written by ahq_admin


3 January 2014


Hello Friday!!!

Another week of Amazing Quilts and Laundry Bags sent off to our ADF pers!!

I think we can all agree, a great display of quilts and laundry bags, yet again from our amazing volunteers….

Please enjoy!!!


This week we dispatched 19 Quilts which takes our yearly total to 647 and our grand total to 15,826!!

We also dispatched 23 Laundry Bags which takes our yearly total to 1,147 and our grand total is 33,883!!


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  1. Sue Niven

    Great stuff as usual! I am glad you are fitting in some fun time too! Love those pictures. What a great start to the year.

  2. Annette

    Thankyou for bringing up the 'not all are home' subject. When I tell people that my son is going to Afghanistan they say 'but aren't they all home?' Quite frankly it is wearing very thin.. I've stopped telling people due to it.. poor buggers over there working their bums off while the media here tells lies in their headlines…. grgggrrrr..
    Glad to see you have are having a lovely trip away..


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