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Written by AHQ

3 September 2014

Hi Guys
Just a short post tonight.  Before I share the messages with you tonight I found out today that our Soldier Om Quilt sold for $500 which I am pretty pleased with considering all the really awesome things that were available for the silent auction.  

My husband and I managed to secure the winning bid for a three day luxury cruise in January.  Can you believe that I have already be contacted by someone whose son is deployed and who has made a quilt for us who will actually be on the SAME CRUISE!!!!  LOL and you thought I would have to leave AHQ behind for three days. 

Warning!!! I will be looking for some willing babysitters to look after AHQ in my absence. I think I will be more nervous about leaving my AHQ baby than I was about leaving my real twin babies, mind you I didn’t do that overnight for many years – noone was game enough to babysit twin boys for that long!  Hope someone is brave enough to take on AHQ for three!


I received this great photo last night of one of Nancy’s quilts

Thanks guys!

Hello Joan & Robin,

Just a short note to thank you very much for the laundry bag. I’m using it almost every day, so it has come in very handy. I’m not sure if you have previously sent these to Defence members before, but thanks for the effort.
I’m working out of Afghanistan of course and it’s very dusty and hot. Eventually it will start getting cold and it will even snow.
I was wondering where the guitars come from. I’ve been having a play every now and then with them.
Keep up the great work

Dear Cassandra, 

I wanted to let you know that I received your amazing quilt the other day. I had honestly forgotten that I had even put in a request for one, so it was a very welcome surprise. And I have to say the quilt looks absolutely amazing! I will definitely want to get this home in one piece and looking as good as it does now so I can show my family. I also like the name, Red Centre. And I’m absolutely grateful for the gifts you included! I know you aren’t required to include them, however I really appreciate that you have. This may sound odd but I was especially excited about the fine tip sharpie. As my trade is a Telecommunication Technician I spend a lot of time writing on different surfaces, mostly inspection stickers, and I quite often wish I had a finer marker when I have to write smaller. So I will be putting that to good use. 
I love my job, I love the people I work with and I love the reason I do it. I consider myself really lucky to be here, to be given the opportunity to travel overseas and work in a different environment. I’m still pretty young, turned 23 only 2 weeks after I got here actually, so it’s only my mother I have to worry about back home. I’ve done some moving since I joined the Army, 2 years in Melbourne and almost 2 years in Townsville. This is actually the first time I’ve left Australia, so everything has been an awesome experience. 
So thank you again for the awesome quilt and the lovely letter. It always makes me feel appreciated to know that people out there support what we do and even give up their own free time to do something as amazing as making a quilt. 


Hello Sue,
Thank you very much for the lovely quilt you have made me. I absolutely loved the coffee squares. They are quite eye catching. I very much appreciate you taking the time to make it for me. It was great to get mail and it has been very useful, as I tend to get cold at night. It’s great to have a comfort item.
It is very nice to know we are not forgotten over here.
Have a great day and give your kitties a scratch behind the ear for me!
All the best 

Dear Sue,
We have received your recent delivery of laundry bag. Might say Bob the Builder looks amazing, It’s my favourite of the lot. Thank you very much and I will pass these on to some lucky men or women. We are all very appreciative of your work and kindness. Take care.

Dear Sue,
Today I received a very special package from you.
Thank you very much for the wonderful laundry bag. It is really appreciated to receive a package from back home. Thanks again for thinking of us.


Forty lucky AHQ Friends have spent the day at RAAF Richmond today and about half of us wrapped up the day with an early dinner in Windsor. I will share details of the day as soon as I get the photos from the official photographers.

Till next time…………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  
Jan-Maree xxx

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  1. Sue Niven

    A very cool post! Have fun on the cruise!


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