Grati-Tuesday – how to make a request.

Written by AHQ

26 August 2014

Before I share the thank you messages we have received this week I thought I make a quick mention on how to make a request and who can request.  Firstly, we send to anyone on Operation Slipper, Manitou, Accordion, Mazurka and Aslan.  Bascially that means anyone in Afghanistan, AMAB, on the latest ship to deploy to the Middle East and the two peace keeping missions in South Sudan and the Sinai.  I would dearly love to expand this reach but we do not have the resources to do so.  Hopefully in the future. 

You may request a quilt or a laundry bag for yourself, for your mate, husband, wife, etc etc.  As long as the person you care about is covered by one of the above operations you may request for them.  Serving members can request and family and friends back here can request.  

You can send me an email, or you can PM me.  If you request by PM I appreciate you giving me an email address that you will respond to as I like to confirm that all the quilts have arrived.  It is too time consuming to do so for laundry bags but wherever possible I will chase up quilts.

The information that I need is as follows

RANK/Fiirst and last name/ PM keys

If the rank is not an indicator please advise service.
Full deployed postal address
Last full month you expect to be deployed
Favourite colour
Hobbies/interests/football team.
Email address

If your name is a gender neutral name like Jamie please specify gender. 

I always warn people that there is no guarentee that you will receive what you ask for.  The materials to make the quilts and laundry bags are donated by volunteers at their own expense.  If someone has the right fabric in their cupboard you could be lucky and get what you have asked for.  We do try.  

Finally, if you are sending me a list of names can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can you send me the details in the following format. I would prefer this to be in a Word Table but for some reason Blogger is not letting me do that today.   I would prefer not to receive the list in a Spreadsheet as it takes me too long to add it to my list.    I am sure there are faster ways to do things than the way I do it, and changes are planned, but at this stage this is it and until someone volunteers to take over the request list you are stuck with me. 

Favourite colour/Hobbies—Last month Dep—Name and address—Gender/Service—-email

Finally, there is no charge for these quilts and laundry bags.  They are a gift to say thank you to our serving members for their service and the sacrifice that service asks of them. We are happy to send one per person.  

Hopefully that answers a bunch of the questions I have received lately.  🙂

Now on to some thank you messages.  

Dear Hilary,
I have just received the blanket and dhoby bag you made for me through the great organisation ‘Aussie Heros’. I was so happy to receive them, they look absolutely fantastic. You’ve done a great job.
I wanted to send this email to say thank you so very much for making them for me, and to thank you for the time you offer the organisation, although I think it came at the right time for you as it’s sounds like you would be living in a quilted house had you not started making the quilts for Aussie Heros 🙂
Everyone in our mess (sleeping quarters) has commented on my dhoby bag as it has my name on it…”your bag looks awesome XXXXX”…is what I’m hearing. 
Our deployment is travelling along well, with everyone in high spirits. I have done a few deployments, but this one can’t pass quick enough for me – you see I too became a grandmother only 6 weeks before we left Australia (my first grandchild) and I do miss him dearly. Having said that tho…I do thoroughly enjoy being on the high seas.
Well, thank you so much once again for sending me such a beautiful blanket and dhoby…you are very good at the craft.


Hello Jan-Maree,
I recieved my quilt and it’s wonderful!! 
Please pass on my thanks to Hilary as she did an amazing job! I’m very thankful! 
I loved recieving her letter along with my quilt, and we all really appreciate the hard work and time that has gone in to sending us such beautiful quilts and laundry bags! 
Thank you all very much! 


Hi Hilary. Well I finally got my quilt, and it is absolutely beautiful!! I love it! ! Thank you so so much for your hard work. And thank you for the letter too. And being ex – military yourself, thank you for your service. And your husband too, it was Vietnam Vets day last week, so a big thank you from me and all the guys here on board go to your husband. I’ve sent a pic

             Dear Julie Ann,

             I am writing you this letter to say thank you for my laundry bag I received in the mail.
             I would like to say that I am very grateful for the package and of course the gifts inside. I
             think the laundry bag is even more special gift in the fact it was made with pride and passion noting that your
             family are Collingwood supporters.

             I do know a little about the SANFL due to the fact I use to work for a few South Australians and since then I have followed Norwood (the mightlyRed Legs, I do pay attention).

             It is ironic that when I got your letter you said it was starting to get cold in SA and winter is settling in. Well  I have been looking at the weather reports and it appears that Australia was hit by a very large cold snap for this winter.

            There is no chance of winter here with the average temperature hovering around 44C 
Thank you

Dear Debbie

I received the laundry bag you made in the mail today and am very impressed and grateful for the time and effort you have devoted to create this awesome gift.
The effect that packages like the one you sent can not be understated.  We are very lucky in the Australian Defence Force to get the amount of support from people like you regardless of whether they agree with our reason for being here or not 
After I posted a photo of the bag on Facebook I found out from a mate of mine who was over here 2 rotations ago (mid 2013) that he received an item from you as well – very small world isn’t it.
This current tour is my third in the middle east since 2009. It is a lot harder on my family than me , especially my kids, but they are tough and understand why dad has to be away for so long. We got here in late June right in the middle of the northern hemisphere summer and are getting temps over 50 deg on a regular basis. It should cool down a bit around October and be pleasant here over the winter months.
In closing I would like to again thank you for the fantastic present and can assure you that I will get plenty of use out of it both on this deployment and any possible future ones. 


Hello there,
I received my laundry bag in the mail today, and without any attached post office stamps I’m unsure when exactly you sent it to me. Regardless, I wanted to say thank you for your time and efforts in sending us these gifts. While we may not be suffering the hardships of the true heroes of the past, we’re still away from our families and friends and the lives we’re used to, and that we admittedly take for granted at times. Any form of contact or communication with home is always a welcome gift, whether it be simple email, letters, conversation or physical gifts. Despite the differing perspectives of why we’re here or how we do our job, it is always good to know that our efforts are recognised and appreciated at home too, so thank you again for that. The folks here also appreciate the personal touch added to our gifts.  
I hope life at home is well, and the Australian winter has been kind.
Thanks again Joan and Robin

For a quilt sent by the MUC Pilgrim Patchworkeres.

Hi Jenny,  Thankyou very much for the quilt and laundry bag. It has come in handy. I’ve slept better already, it makes my bed feel more like home. My quilt was the NSW one with the birds on it and I love it. Wish you the very best and couldnt thankyou enough im wrapped.


For Louise T and the Dolphin Quilters

I cannot thank you enough for an absolute amazing quilt sent to me. Honestly, I could not even pay some one to done what you have done for me.

                                             I asked for Koala’s on my quilt because my wife loves Koala’s, it is honestly amazing and I can not thank you enough, honestly, I think my wife will hang it on the wall of our house and cherish it forever and I mean that honestly.
                                              Thank you very much for kindness. You have made my whole deployment.

Till next time……………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!
Jan-Maree  xx

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  1. liniecat

    How wonderful to hear back form the guys and girls!
    When you make things like this, you dont ask for or need thanks, but its lovely to know things have reached individuals and to know they are being used.
    We have Help the Heroes over here in UK and they also do remarkable work towards helping forces folks, overseas and at home too.
    Im ex RAF Air Load Master ( VC 10s) and have missed the service ever since leaving, its a hard 'family' to leave behind lol
    Whilst I was fortuneate enough to never have been placed in front line combat situations, I have brought servicemen and women home from them.
    Wishing you all well and if I lived over there, Id be helping you out too : )


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