Grati Tuesday 7th June 2022

Written by AHQ

7 June 2022

Happy Tuesday Friends!

Hope you are having a great week so far! June already!!
I love this time of the week. The gratitude letters show us all how what we do makes so much difference. 
Please remember to if you receive a letter or email from a grateful recipient we would like to see a copy so that we can share it here on the blog (after removing the personal information first of course). It is truly wonderful to be able to share these special gifts…..  it is great encouragement for all those that sew for us as well as for the recipients and their families. 
Grab a cuppa, sit back, relax and enjoy the gratitude letters below. 
Dear Wendy B,
I am writing to thank you very much for the thoughtful gesture of sending me an Aussie Hero laundry bag. I was very excited when the parcel finally found me across country post Christmas leave. Needless to say, I love it.
I have spent the last 18 months away from my home and family. Last year  I was posted to the warship, HMAS Anzac, where we spend most of the year patrolling waters outside Australia with a lot of time in South East Asia. Covid wasn’t helpful with the closure of borders making it more difficult to see family. It is so nice to finally be able to come home. 
I am employed in the Royal Australian Navy as an Avionics Technician on the MH-60R “Romeo” Seahawk helicopter, a submarine hinter killer. I hold the rank of Chief Petty Officer and over the past 2 years have been in the position of Flight Senior Maintenance sailor, which basically means I am responsible for the maintenance of the helicopter and accountable for the engineering aspect whilst at sea.  I am the first female to have carried out this role on the Romeo anti-submarine warfare helicopter 😁.
I live on the beautiful south coast of NSW with my husband and our dog. I have a daughter that has also joined the Navy and is currently away assisting the communities in QLD post the flooding disaster. Although retired from the Army, my husband still works and is employed with the federal recovery agency. 
I sincerely appreciate the workmanship and time that went into making my bag. So much so as that now I have hung up my seagoing attire for now, my daughter has happily taken the bag to sea with her. We both believe it is the best looking bag. It certainly is a real treat when you have been at sea for a long time and along comes a parcel just for you. 
Kind Regards…. 
Hello Beverly F,
Thank you so much for the beautiful quilt you prepared. It must have taken a very long time and I am very grateful. The other member of my deployment are very envious. 
I have been in defence for a number of years, firstly as an NCO before I took a commission a few years ago. I have deployed a few times but this is the first time I have taken an opportunity to ask for a quilt. You guys do a wonderful job. 
We have recently moved to the ACT and I can see the quilt getting put to use by my wife and the kids on colder winter evenings!
The best regards…
Dear Beverly F,
Firstly, I want to send a huge thank you for my wonderful Aussie Hero Quilt to you, Jill, Philomena and Kerry B. I was absolutely thrilled to receive it and truly appreciate the hours of work that went into it. Such talented ladies! Thank you also for telling me how many quilts and laundry bags you have presented since 2012- that is amazing and would mean so much to so many people who serve their country. 
I am married with 2 children. One daughter is a public servant and lives in the ACT with her 2 children and the other daughter is an Airforce Officer (like her mum) and is currently living in QLD.  We  lie with our very spoilt dog who he is extremely intelligent, but also very stubborn. Now that our daughters have grown and left home, he really does complete our little family here. 
Thank you again for the wonderful work you and all the sewing ladies do. It was a wonderful surprise and received with heartfelt thanks.
Kind Regards…
(The following letter has been written to several of our wonderful volunteers to thank them for the task of making a lot of laundry bags for the troops on this deployment….)

Good afternoon, 


 Thank you so much for your wonderful work providing our personnel with laundry bags. It means a lot to the troops here to know that someone back home is thinking of them while they’re away. (And the colours of the bags were fantastic!)


I’m truly blessed to be able to work with our folks over here, to see the amazing job they do connecting with our neighbours in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, and to support them in their work even when they’d prefer to be back home, with family, with friends. Your work makes that job a bit easier!


Thanks again,





Good morning Bridget 🙂

I received my laundry bag and was so happy with how good it was that I couldn’t resist to get the quilt as well.

Thank you so much for your work on these and how quick they got to me!!

What you guys do is beyond admirable and appreciative.


Thank you again



Dear Bridget,


I have just received the Quilt that you quilted and it is absolutely amazing. I think the work that you and everyone else that helps with Aussie Hero Quilts does,  helps to boost the morale of Troops whilst deployed overseas and definitely brightens our days.  I know everyone that I have deployed with really appreciates the time, effort and love that is put into it. Not every nation is as lucky as we are to have volunteers such as yourself that seek to do such great things for so many of us.


The Quilt definitely brightens up the accommodation and adds a little bit of home. Once again thank you very much for your hard work and if you can please pass on my thanks to Bobbie S also, I would appreciate it.


Kindest Regards, 


Good morning Diana.

I just received the Invictus quilt and letter that you made and wrote for me.
Very much appreciate the time you have taken to do this for me. Thank you so much.
From a veteran, Thank you.
I’ve attached a picture of the quilt on my bed and another one of me with some medals I received at the Invictus Games for Swimming. 
Kind regards
Well, that’s it for another week.
Hope you enjoyed reading them as much as we did!!
Please remember to let us know if you receive a letter from a grateful recipient. It is truly wonderful to be able to share these special gifts…..
Till next week…..




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