Grati-Tuesday 5th January 2021

Written by AHQ

5 January 2021

Happy Tuesday Friends. 

Well we are well and truly into 2021 now and I am gearing up to return to work (Crying at the thought)! 

       Hope you have had a wonderful break or at least some time with friends or family, and                                                                   you are safe and happy. 

This week brings some lovely notes from all over the world, including some close to home, and such variations in designs. I love reading them and finding a little more about why someone might request the theme they do, or pick out their laundry bags when offered. Enough from me for now, enjoy the read. Don’t forget to like, comment and share to help spread the word. Alex


Good Afternoon Ladies,
I trust you are well and want to thank you so very much for the laundry bags I was able to hand out today. We had 120 Army, Navy and Air Force personnel and their delight in receiving a bag has to be seen to be believed.
It is such an enormous privilege to hand these bags out and reinforce the message you see them as they are ‘Aussie Heroes’ and they deserve a huge pat on the back for all the ADF have been doing for 12 months now. They are appreciated and watching the delight in expression at receiving a bag in the same as I see in all our young men and women. 
Thank you so much for allowing me the privilege of handing out what you have so lovingly made. I love the artwork which accompanies the bags as their way of reinforcing grandma’s gratitude. It really touches me and those who receive them. After what I received in the mail today, I now have about 35 bags on hand, with 10 expected to go to more of our heroes on Friday. That should be it until mid-January.
May God continue to bless and keep you and I pray you have a happy, safe, holy and blessed Christmas. With grandchildren around it probably won’t be ‘quiet’ but God made them active and he made them loud. I learned years ago when I was nursing a quiet child is either sick or up to no good – while we can hear them everything is OK with the world.
God bless you.


Hello Catherine and Ellen,
I was thrilled to receive my quilt today. Australia Post didn’t take long at all in delivering.
The quilt is perfect and I will be very proud to (tears as I type this) show this to my grandson when he is old enough to understand the importance of my journey through this quilt and the support of you lovely ladies providing this.
It certainly brought on the tears remembering my posting and deployment and 37 years of PAF and 4 years of reserve service I completed.
I thank you from the depths of my heart of this. No words can describe how happy I am.
Wishing you a very Merry and Safe Christmas.

Dear Sue,

Thank you for your kind and thoughtful gift. I have a family history of military service. I had one grandfather serve in WWII and another in Vietnam.
Covid has certainly made life interesting both here and back home. Whilst it has been difficult being away from my wife and 3 children, there are still challenges being faced at home. My wife recently started work after an extended break to raise our children and I honestly believe it is harder for her than I.
I wish you and your family the best for Christmas and a Happy New Year,

Warmest Regards.

Dear Janet,
Safe to say morale was very high yesterday when I received my quilt, it is so beautiful, so much more than I could have expected. Thank you so much for the time and effort that would have gone into making it.
Being away from home, especially over the Christmas period can be tough some days, but also very rewarding. This is my first deployment so it’s all a new experience for sure. 
It’s nice to hear you’ve got family and hobbies to keep you distracted during these different times. Covid really has shown us all a different side of life.
I love AFL, I go for Collingwood and yes, I grew up in QLD till I joined the Army at 18 and went to the Norther Territory. I’ve been in the Army for just under 10 years now but recently changed from catering to supply, so I feel like I’ve joined again learning a new job. I was lucky enough to get married last year before Covid, which was a lovely day, however with both of us being military we’ve barley seen each other this year, just makes the thought of coming home even sweeter.
I wish the best to you, your friends and family. Stay safe and have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Dear Shirley,
I want to extend a warm Thank you for my Laundry Bag I received recently. It was amazing. I love the theme of the native plants and the Galah’s. I love watching everyone’s face light up when they receive their mail from Aussie Hero Quilts. It’s a small token of appreciation that goes a long way here while members are deployed, it’s a small reminder from Australia that our time here is not forgotten by those back home. I love walking into laundry to see the amazing bags that have been created by the lovely volunteers. It certainly does not go unnoticed.
I hope COVID restrictions ease up, so we are able to go back to enjoying the things we all want to do again.
I am originally from South Australia however when this deployment is over it is off to Queensland for me. I hope COVID reduces enough throughout Australia so that everyone is able to enjoy their Christmas and New Year’s with the ones they love.
My husband is Army and is uplifting our home and 3 children to Queensland. It is a busy time for him doing it all on his own. Unfortunately, due to COVID they have to fly now, we usually use this time to take the long road and make a road trip to our new location trying to see as many sights as possible. I have been here since October and won’t be leaving for a few months yet. It has been hard being away from my family and my fur babies. We have 2 dogs and 3 cats who are also the highlight of my life. 
I want to thank you again for my laundry bag, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and please stay safe during these times.

Hi Ellen,

Again thank you for the time and effort you took in making the quilt.

Our youngest daughter is the only one out of our four who joined the ADF,
She joined RAAF Gap Year at 17, which was the same age when I joined the RAAF. 4.5 years later she was accepted into Royal Military College Duntroon and only graduated last week. Unfortunately, we were unable to attend due to the Covid restrictions.
As I said earlier, I joined the RAAF at 17. I thought I’d only complete a few years however I found myself completing 37.5 years permanently and then reserves for 5 years.
I deployed to the Middle East in 2003 on the second rotation. This was certainly the highlight of my career. In the middle of my deployment my husband was advised he would be leaving on deployment before I returned so that put a spanner in the works with young girls at home. My boss came to my rescue with the powers that be in giving us as what I call a handover of 6 days at home to see each other before he left. 
My husband has deployed 4 times, in an average of every 3 years from when he started.

I am fully retired and my husband is retired in between the reserve days.

We have ordered an off road caravan, delivery in May. I love fishing but I don’t tend to be lucky to reel them in.

Next year we are crossing the Simpson desert with a group so that will be an experience. Roof top camping, mm not sure if my knees will like it or the late-night toilet visit.

We are off to Victoria for Christmas where all of us are getting together so it’s going to be great. It’s been a bit of a hectic year, to say the least, so I hope and pray next year is a better year for all.

I wish you and your family a very Merry and safe Christmas.


Hello Joy,
Thank you very much for the quilt and laundry bag you have made for me, I love it and use it every day.
I have been in the RAAF since 1994, started out as a cook, then went into movements, now I am Logistics, for me defence life is a lifestyle more than just a job, and with any lifestyle/job there are highs and lows but always find the positive wherever possible.
Thank you for taking the time and effort in making my quilt and for all the others you have made and yet to make.
I hope you have a great Christmas and New Year

Dear Joy,
Today I write to you to thank you for the beautiful quilt and laundry bag that you made for me. It is wonderful and has already taken pride of place in my room. I certainly understand how fabric can pile up as my Mother In-law makes dresses for girls and her ever growing stores of fabrics are everywhere (including my house), but I do not mind it as it makes her happy and keeps her busy.  It has been a long deployment so far and my accommodation is very beige and lacks any real colour, which your quilt has certainly fixed. Without the support of my wife, I would never be able to do the work I do. I am forever in her debt and in my opinion, the loved ones left behind are those that bear the true burden whist we are away. I will say that although the quilt is not made to be an heirloom, it will still be handed down in all it’s used glory and I hope that someday my Grandchildren will use it to make cubby houses out of it too.
Thank you again for your time and support and I wish you and yours a very merry Christmas and a safe and happy New year.

From the Facebook Page:
Thank you so much for making my very special quilt, and Merry Christmas to you all there! Thanks to my friend Kate for organising this for me, while I am away on deployment. This is amazing!


Dear Donna and Jan-Maree,
I hope this email finds you well and that the team at AHQ are gearing up for a relaxing Christmas. 
My wife and I were so touched at the thoughtful gift of an Aussie Heroes Quilt. My squadron Commanding Officer presented it to me to receive on behalf of our family on my first day of work after being the the Royal Hospital For Women Neonatal ICU everyday for 3 months with my wife and our son. 
You have no idea how powerful of a gift that was, seeing as our little boy had just come home from a very intense 3 months in hospital as a 28 week premature baby and also because I know who these quilts are for – active servicemen and women defending our country. I received one of your lovely quilts from my deployment to Middle East in 2016, and I felt very proud to be part of that legacy.
I know from the quality of the handmade quilt, it will last a lifetime and remind us of your kindness and our son’s strength to get through his ordeal.
Apologies this email is several months delayed, it was quite a hectic year after the time in hospital and getting back to work. Our little boy is now 9 months old (6 months corrected age) and is a very happy, smiley and playful boy who has just started to roll on the floor and eat solids with Mum and Dad at breakfast and lunch. The doctor say he is doing very well for his early birth and should expect for him to eat us out of house and home in no time.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this quilt and for everything you do for the men and women of the ADF. The time and effort you sacrifice to provide these quilts is more than a volunteer service and gift and it truly does mean something special to all of us and I will forever be grateful for your kindness.
Merry Christmas and all the best for 2021 guys.
With love from our family.
Hi Bridget,
Thank you so much for making my quilt and laundry bag. It is amazing… I absolutely love it! The day it arrived on the doorstep, was a rather crappy day.. so it was a fabulous pick me up!
It matches nicely with stuff my sister made me; a shoe bag, luggage tag, bowl holders and toiletries bag.
I am a Chief Petty Officer Logistics – Support Operations Sailor (MLS). I am the Senior MLS instructor at ADF School of Catering. 
I have been in the Navy for nearly 20 years. My son (who turns 27) is a Rifleman in the Army in Queensland.
I have a Siamese Fighting Fish.. I have managed to keep him alive for five weeks now. 
My mum also sews laundry bags for AHQ.. I have managed one. I spent the better part of 2020 sewing face masks being in Covid Central (Victoria).
Once again, thank you very very much. It is such a privilege to receive these.
I wish you and your family a very merry and safe Christmas and new year.
Hi Mae,
I got your hand crafted laundry bag handed out to me while I am in a brief for assisting COVID19 as I am volunteering from Navy. I thank you so much for the amazing laundry bag and I love it. 
I got the one with paw prints so cute. Thank you so much for making them.
Hi Ellen,
Thank you so much for the awesome laundry bag!
I am 23 and originally from Western Australia, but am now based in New South Wales as an Aviation Support Sailor with Navy.
I am very interested about you. I have a brother that serves in the Navy and my youngest sister wishes to enlist once finishing school.
In my spare time, I like riding my mountain bike, surfing and hanging out with mates. 
I hope you stay safe along with your family and friends this holiday season. 
Thanks again, I really appreciate your kindness and generosity.
Best wishes.
Dear Chocolyn Laughalot Ladies,
I have received my beautiful quilt and laundry bag, and I absolutely love them both!
Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to create these amazing quilts for us. I can certainly say that it is greatly an amazing day to receive these packages (always my favourite day of the week).
The detail and love is seen in your creations and your talent is very evident. I am so happy to have something to remind me of my experience over here.
It has been great hearing about your community. You making and sending these quilts and laundry bags shows there are some really special people in the world.
Life over here has been challenging amongst the corona pandemic, but luckily we have a good group of people to get us through our time here. We have been super busy which I enjoy, but nevertheless, I miss my family back home (and my collie which I love how you have included on my quilt).
I appreciate all the time that you have put aside for us. I am proud to serve our great country and great people like you.
Yours truly.
Hey Helen,
They gave these out today at our first day on Op COVID. It is expected that this will be a short stint however I won’t get to go back home until sometime early next year and will miss Christmas with my friends and family this year.
When we looked through the laundry bags of all kinds of colours, I grabbed the first one that had a Christmas theme to it, as it’s one of my favourite holidays, and something I am a little sad about missing this year. It just happened to be yours, and I am so grateful.
I am from the ACT and wasn’t able to bring Christmas decorations with me, so something small in my room to remind me of Christmas will definitely put a smile on my face.
This year has been hard for so many people, but it’s people like yourself who keep us strong. The little things that bring us together and make us better people. I am thankful for your work and effort and will gladly have this laundry bag hanging in my room till I go back home, where I imagine I will use it as a Santa sack for many years to come.
With all my thanks.
Hello Clarissa,
I am the very thankful recipient of your craft laundry bag as part of my journey supporting COVID assist!
Just wanted to reach out and say thank you for your willingness and unwavering support to not only myself but to the Australian Defence Force.
Please send my best wishes to the girls beside your working at Jan-Maree’s doing such a fantastic job.
Everyone was very jealous of me getting the Marvel Superhero / New Zealand Sheep breed laundry bag!
Best Wishes and Kindest of Regards.

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