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3 November 2020


From first deployments and laundry bags, to a quilt that has taken nearly twelve months (and a trip around the globe) to reach our recipents, this week’s note brings many smiles and a lot of warmth. 

Enjoy the read. Alex x


G’day Lisa,
I have recently received my Aussie Hero Quilt from Deni. I was very pleased with the result and amazed with all the work that went into making the quilt. The letter written by Deni was also special.


Another very happy sailor, who now has a quilt as he travels a tough course.
Top made by Lynn and Philomena as Quilter

Hey Anne,
I just wanted to drop you a quick message to say thank you for the laundry bag and quilt you sewed up for me. They arrived recently, they look great and I appreciate the time and effort that you have volunteered in support, while we are deployed. Mine was the one with Filbert fox on it from the Leicester City football and nailed it.
Myself and my partner recently travelled to Tasmania and he did a bit of a whirlwind tour over 10 days. Such a beautiful part of Australia. I was amazed at the contrast I saw in such small distances, and definitely see why people visit and end up staying forever. Myself and I own a farm on 200 acres where we agist cattle at the moment until we will move down there in a couple of years and we will run our own herd. We have a little girl who was 6 weeks when I left for the Middle East, so I am looking forward to getting home and spending time with her soon. 
Thanks again for the quilt and laundry bag, they will come in handy over here as it is really starting to cool down a little bit of late.
Kind Regards.


Dear Ruth,
Good Morning from Queensland! I was so proud to have received your laundry bag that has done it’s laps of the globe from your dated letter late last year to arrive to me today!! 
It is a very beautiful bag and I am both proud and humbled to have received such a gift from you.
Please only have humour that is has taken so long – I recall my time in the Africa and Middle East fondly and this is a very welcome addition to the memories I hold of my experiences. And with all humour that I can convey – the postal service remains a nightmare there. While items would leave in a timely fashion from Australia the route to some parts of the Middle East and Africa (we explored routes for speed and efficiency) would often find parcels incredibly late, if they arrived at all.
Thank you for your time and patience in supporting the troops. I find often that the reliance and support of the people back home allows us to do what we do so far from home and family.
I hope you and your family are safe and healthy through such trying times.
Kindest regards and all the very best for this year’s Christmas!


Good Afternoon Aussie Hero Quilts,
I received today my laundry bag sent to me by one of your volunteers, Clarissa. This was an amazing piece and I couldn’t be more grateful in that the support given by yourselves and these volunteers is incredible.
Being my first deployment, it can be a bit rough but when I heard that there is the group that makes personalised items to show support to the soldiers in deployed locations, it gave me a sense of more pride and inner strength to know that there are more and more people and groups  that actually support troops on deployment.
I cannot thank you and Clarissa enough for making such a unique and memorable piece to my time and career in the Air Force.
I still have a quilt to come and I am so excited to see the outcome.
From myself and I’m sure others here in the Middle East, thank you, a million times over.
Kind Regards.


Good Afternoon Ellen,
Wow! I received your quilt today, I truly am lost for words except to say a massive thank you! The quilt is awesome, and yes, Star Trek is one of my favourite shows.
A bit about myself, I am from New South Wales, and have just ticked over 31 years in the RAAF as an old MTFITTER (now GSETECH – a fancy name for a heavy diesel mechanic). Throughout my career, I have moved all over Australia. I have also deployed to various locations in the Middle East. My last tour was in 2009; while I was there the first of my three daughters was born. I didn’t get to meet her until she was 5 months old. My daughters are 12, 10 and 8; but all growing up fast. I had both grandfathers serve in WW2 and an Uncle in Vietnam.
My family and I love to caravan about. My previous posting was a site manager in Western Australia. We loved travelling up and down the west coast of our great nation. 
Thanks again for the quilt. I love it and it will be cherished. My kids think it is great too.
Kind Regards.


Good evening Bev,
I received my quilt today and I wanted to say a big thank you. The quilt is just perfect. Thank you very much for your hard work, myself and all my colleagues here really appreciate the effort and time you all put into this.
I hope you’re doing well.
Thank you again, and kind regards.


From the Facebook Page;
My wonderful new 30+ years of Service quilt made by the fantastic, talented ‘artist’ Janis.
Our cat was feeling a bit put out that he didn’t appear on the quilt 


We do have another with only cats on it, but as King of the house, he wants it all about him. 
Thank you very much Janis and Aussie Hero Quilts for another treasured ‘heart work’. 


Good Morning Joy,
From the other side of the globe, what an extraordinary way to start my day. I cannot thank you enough for such an amazing quilt and appreciate the effort of adding Rottweilers. I could have only imagined how hard it was to find their silhouettes.
I wouldn’t have expected my first reaction to the quilt to have been so uplifting. It just reflects on how extraordinary your work is, and what you volunteer your time to do for all us men and women serving overseas.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you


Dear Joy,
Thank you so much for the quilt you made for me. I absolutely love it!
I was hoping to hand write the letter but time was getting away from me so please accept my apology for my slow reply and typed letter.

Dear Ruth,
Thank you so much for a wonderful laundry bag. It has been a tough year for a lot of men and women in Defence. We have been engaged on Op Covid-19 Assist since the beginning of the year, and your laundry bag is a wonderful and thoughtful gift.
I will always take it with me on future deployments.
Thank you again for your support and I wish you all the best.
Kind Regards.


From the Facebook Page;
Hello, we are sending you a huge thank you from South Sudan.

Dear Bridget,

This letter is to say a great big “Thank you” for the absolutely beautiful quilt you made for me. 

I’m writing to you from the headquarters here in the Middle East, on a Saturday night. I’m inside a large, concrete bunker full of men and women of many countries working behind a suite of highly sophisticated electronic systems. We work 24/7 here, in long shifts, everyday without any days off. We wear masks, clean all our facilities every day and get less than 7 hours sleep a night. In the quiet moments, we talk, joke and reflect about our home countries.

Your stunning quilt gives me one of those precious moments to reflect on how lucky I am to come from a country that has such wonderful people as you.

It was lovely to hear about your family. My wife is a nurse and we have four kids, 20, 19, 16 and 13 and everyone is back home in New South Wales. Our eldest is working and studying. Our youngest are still in school.

When I get home later this year, I will be transitioning from the Army after 32 years’ service. I have spent way too much time away from my family, so we all decided it’s time to be together. I can’t wait.

Bridget, I will always treasure this wonderful quilt. This has been really special. Thank you.



Hi Gayle,

I have the pleasure of being the recipient of the Spiderman quilt you made. 

A little about me; I have been in the Navy for over 9 years now and am an Electronics Technician. Although, I have my ups and downs with the job, on the whole it is rather enjoyable. I am originally from South Australia.

Although away quite a lot with minimal time to volunteer, I do support a charity who are based out of Queensland and support Defence and Emergency Services with PTSD. I could only imagine how much help the dogs would be to the recipients as my 2 dogs (and the missus) are a great comfort when I get home after being away for a few weeks.

In my spare time (the little that I have) I have been rebuilding an old car from the 1980’s and build the occasional piece of furniture (forever using tools to do something) when I get back I have to finish a work table that warped from last time I was out… but the work is soothing and the end result is what I work towards (even if it isn’t show room quality).

Hope you are well, all the best..


Hi Ellen, Heather and Sylvia,

I loved, loved the quilt and laundry bag that you made.

What a fantastic job. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out with the theme, baseball, but it was fantastic. It was on target, girlie, but yet, not. The colour choice was great. You ladies that put in your own time to give us a little gift we can pass on through our families down to younger generations for years to come.

We thank you all. Thank you so much.

P.S. I’m off home very soon after seven months here. I am so very excited.


Good Afternoon Toni,
I just want to start by saying thank you for the time, thought and effort that you put into my laundry bag. I really love it and cannot express how sweet the gesture is and how much I appreciate it. I actually find it too nice to use. I have had many compliments on how well it’s been done. 
I am a Medic and have been for almost 5 years now and very much enjoy what I do and I am really enjoying my time over here. It has been overwhelming to see all the volunteers that give their time to create such wonderful things for us over here. 
It’s starting to cool off weather wise over here, which is a relief as the heat over here is brutal. I am looking forward to it cooling down even more. 
We entertain ourselves with endless games of volleyball and an American game called Corn Hole. It is quite addictive and challenging. Tonight at Corn Hole, we are having a Halloween game – I will be wrapping myself up in caution tape and getting around looking a little silly but should be a fun evening. I also have the 42 for 42 charity walk coming up. We have to complete 42km in 42 hours. Whether it is walking or running we get to choose but am looking forward to the challenge. It’s going to be intense as we have to work during the days but I have faith in the medical team we will get it done.
I grew up all over the place. My family is from Oceania, so I split between there and Queensland growing up. It was an amazing place to be raised as there was so much freedom, especially for a young kid. We moved to the Middle East for two years when I was 15 and then I discovered how much I enjoyed culture, history, food and travel. I spent most of my 20’s travelling the world and experiencing all the world had to offer. It was a different kind of education and one that I value highly. I think what drew tme to defence was combining my job and travel into one. Although I must admit I don’t travel as much as I’d like, it still has given me some incredible experiences. The training aspect in my job is amazing and I love being able to put these skills into use.
Once again, I thank you for the gift. It is simply and such a kind gesture. I hope you are well and COVID isn’t affecting you too badly. I hear there have been some crazy storms down the East Coast as well.
I look forward to hearing from you.


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