Grati Tuesday 31st May 2022

Written by AHQ

31 May 2022


Happy Tuesday Friends!

Hope you are having a great week so far! 
I love this time of the week. The gratitude letters show us all how what we do makes so much difference. 
Grab a cuppa, sit back, relax and enjoy the gratitude letters below. 

Good Morning Sheena.B


To start off I want to thank you for the awesome quilt you made for me because that quilt looks great! I will differently use this all the time in the winter.

When I was at the Invictus game I was lucky enough to receive a Bronze medal from Prince Harry which was fantastic, I even got to speak to him and I got a hand shake and a HUG.

The time over there was an eye opener due to all the competitors and there medical conditions and the City was massive and hard to get around haha. 


It’s good to hear that your family is going good in these times and striving to, you have a big family and you’re lucky you could have a family Christmas. I haven’t had a Christmas with my family since 2019 due to Covid and military restrictions but I will maybe this year.


Thank you again for making me a quilt I have shown heaps of people and they all love it. 

Thank you thank you.


Good Evening Shirley.D


Let me start by introducing myself and the events leading up to me acquiring the laundry bag.
I am a Corporal in the RAAMC ( Medical Corp ) of the Australian Army. I have been in the Defence force now for approximately 8 years, beginning my life as an Artillery Gunner before getting further education and becoming a Medic.
When I acquired this bag, the Padre ( Chaplain ) had a whole heap for me to choose but I saw the old fashioned pictures of Melbourne and it reminded me of family and home so I had to pick it.
I was born in Victoria. I went to school there also. I worked a few side jobs before deciding what to do with my life and then Army seemed like the correct idea.
I would like to personally thank you for what you created for me. Because not only did you remind me of home, you bought back a little spark to me after being in and out of hospitals for the last few months with a range of different patients. What you do is  fantastic and I cant wait to have this bag many moons from now to show my children.
Thank you again.


Dear Janet, Bridget and Jan-Maree,


Firstly, I thought I’d write to you all as a group, because it seemed that each of you had a key role in putting together the beautiful quilt that I received. I trust that is ok.


So, I recently received the quilt you sent, and what a wonderful surprise it was, thank you very much indeed. The Invictus Games – The Hague 2023 was a great experience, and I was deeply honoured to coach the team of serving and former serving Australian Defence Force members. I’m currently a Senior coach with Judo Australia, so I was fortunate to be able to continue coaching with the Defence Force for the Invictus Games.


I was fascinated to read the short biographies in your letters, so I thought I’d give you a bit of background on myself. I joined the Army as an Army Apprentice in 1977, and left full-time service as a Lieutenant Colonel in 2019, so quite a long time in uniform! During that time I undertook six deployments to three Areas of Operations (Bougainville, East Timor and Solomon Islands). Each of those deployments was a fantastic experience, and I was pleased and proud to have been a part of Australia’s efforts in our region.


The quilt was lovely, and very much appreciated in chilly Canberra! The work involved in putting it together must have taken a great deal of time…the detail is superb, and I’m very thankful that you took the time to make this wonderful item for me.


Thank you so much again, and very best wishes to you all and your families.


Kindest regards.


Hi Toni.F,


Thank you for making the special laundry bag for me.

I love the design, especially the Mandalorain on the bag!

I showed this to my friends onboard the ship and everyone said that it’s a beautifully made laundry bag.


Appreciate your effort making it and I feel so special today!


Dear Barbara.D,
Thank you so much for the quilt, I absolutely love it! Some nights on the ship it gets so cold even with my flannel pj’s & wooly socks, so it will be getting lots of use.
I absolutely love crocodiles because one, STEVE IRWIN (heart drawn here) I just think everything about him is amazing. And two, they are basically dinosaurs. Just beautiful and misunderstood.
Thank you so much once again, I really appreciate all your time & effort.
Love and respect
Dear Amy.K,
My beautiful laundry bag has found me well, thank you so much…I absolutely adore it!! It’s so me. 
 I have read your letter and it bought a smile to my face reading about your sewing journey & 0 waste aspirations this year…I made a similar pact in that I have purchased no new clothes this year unless I was replacing something critical that had worn out, it’s amazing what we can go without.
On Friday we found out that my boat was being ‘crash sailed’ (leaving earlier than expected) so I lost my weekend…always hard when that happens but then I was given your package & I guess it reminded me of what it’s all about, so many awesome families such as yours around Australia are cheering us on. I’ve served on HMAS Ararat & HMAS Larrakia so far this year out of Darwin (while my family are in Adelaide/Sydney).
Anyway, thank you again & I wish you and your family (including all the fur babies) a lovely rest of 2022…hopefully the wifi at sea can send the photo I attached! 



Thats it for another week. 
Hope you have a good week

🌟 🌟 🌟

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