Grati-Tuesday 28 July

Written by AHQ

28 July 2020

Happy Tuesday Friends. Another beautiful week of happy messages full of gratitude and humbling kindness. I hope you are safe and well wherever you are reading from. Enjoy the read. Alex 🙂

Good Afternoon Sue,
I would like to say thank you for taking the time to make such nice laundry bags for us to use while we are away from home. I really appreciate the time you have taken to make these for us. I will definitely be using it for years to come.
Currently, I am assisting the NT Police with border control over the next few weeks and am enjoying time to be doing something different to my regular day job, as well as seeing the beautiful parts of central Australia,
I am glad to hear you are enjoying making quilts and laundry bags as much as we like receiving them, this is the first time I have heard of AHQ and really appreciate what you and others are doing for ADF.
Stay safe and well
Good Afternoon Ruth, 
I received a laundry bag you made for me not too long ago. I’m happy to say I’ve received it and am quite grateful for the time you’ve put into making it! It’s fantastic and I am very thankful for it. 
Dear Anne, 
It is wonderful to receive the beautiful laundry bag that you and Inge sewed for me. Rest assured that I will look after it for the rest of the deployment and when I eventually get back home. Please accept my sincere appreciation for the laundry bag and your craftsmanship but also the thoughtful letter sharing your family story with me, and please pass my appreciation onto Inge as well.
I am a Commander in the Middle East Region. My team and I are about half way through our deployment, so still have many months to go but everyone is proud to be here representing the Australian Defence Force and our nation.
I joined the Australian Regular Army as an Aviation Electronics Engineer 15 years ago and served at various Army Aviation helicopter units throughout my Army Career. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenges that came with wearing the green uniform, and still cherish the mateships I developed while I was serving with the helicopter regiment.
Through a series of unlikely opportunities, I service transitioned to Royal Australian Air Force just over two years ago and loving every minute of it! I love it, so much my wife, is in the process of joining the Air Force as an Officer too!
The footy season has finally kicked off and through the magic of high speed internet, we are able to watch some games live whenever we get some down time between operations. My Squadron members are drawn from many parts of Australia, and thus meant they all support different teams or sports discipline (NRL, AFL, etc.), which makes the half time debate lively.
It sounds like a wonderful craft group you belong to and judging by the high quality quilts, a very high performing team like my squadron here. And it is true, that us Aussies do like our morno and afternoon tea wherever we are, besides our busy operations and staying fit at the gym, my squadron members have been getting their fare share of the beautiful dessert they serve here in the Mess.
My wife has been the unsung hero in our marriage, supporting the family through multiple Operational Deployments and Exercises, often at short notice and months long. She has been the reason why I am able to continue to serve without reservation. She works full time, and as previously mentioned, in the process of joining the great institution that is the Australian Defence Force.
My wife and I have two cheeky little boys. One who just turned 8 and another who is six and a half. They are both still in primary school and were very excited to return to school in June after weeks of homeschooling. My eldest enjoys playing the drums, reading books, and going on playdates with his friends. The youngest is definitely more emotionally/physically attached to his mum and enjoys running around, teasing his older brother and eating seafood. The two boys have been the centre of our lives for the past decade. I am sure for many years to come, and we are truly blessed to have them as part of our life. I missed them terribly am definitely looking forward to spending time with my family when I get home.
I wish you a wonderful and safe winter. And once, again thank you for the beautiful quilt and wonderful letter.
Kind Regards,
Dear Wendy,
Thank you so much for my awesome quilt. I was so excited to receive it in our mail delivery before we commenced our return to Australia transit. I was blown away how good it is, you and your lovely team of dedicated ladies really did a fantastic job and I am grateful. I really love the quilting pattern with the stars and basketballs, it looks amazing. You must have a pretty impressive quilting machine.
A few facts about me. I grew up in Victoria and joined the Navy in 1998 when I was 19 years old. I originally joined the Navy as an Electronics Technician and completed several years in NSW as a communications maintainer. After a few years as a Sailor, I commissioned to Weapons Electrical Engineer Officer (WEEO), completing my Electronics Engineering Degree. As the WEEO onboard I manage my teams of technicians who collectively look after and maintain the communications, radar, combat systems and weapons system on the ship. In my spare time, I love spending time with my kids, and a range of outdoor activities.
I hope everything has been going well for you and your family. I note NSW has been going well with the COVID19 numbers remaining low. Being away is difficult enough at the best of times, but it has been extra difficult during this COVID19 Pandemic. Not only worrying about keeping ourselves focused and on a mission, we are now having the additional worry about our family and friends back home. So in all honesty, receiving this quilt really did raise my spirits and made me feel appreciated and respected. 
It is heartening to know that there are genuine people like yourselves doing this work, it really is appreciated by all onboard. I wish you all the very best for the year ahead, it is proving to be a very difficult time but hopefully you all stay fit and healthy and life can get back to normal soon. 
With sincere regards and appreciation.



Thanks for the remarkable quilt and informative letter received today. I am from Northern Territory. I have been in the Defence Force with Army then Air Force over the last 35 years. 5 years till I CRA (compulsory retirement age) from the Defence Force at close to 39 years of service and I can retire with my family.
I have been a keen aircraft enthusiast from a very early age and have been flying model aircraft for forty years, yep you guessed it I am getting on, 55 this year.
I am married and have 7 children, yes, they are all ours, no mixed marriage. One is till at Primary, three in high school, other three have left school. I have one in Canada at the moment, on an extended working Visa and another working and living with us. The eldest is now married and living in Tasmania, and has given us our two grandchildren. 
I have been following the Vickers Vimmy’s escapades (aircraft type requested) for many years and have two different books on the subject, it’s a very interesting trip they made that’s for sure, I couldn’t imagine being over water and praying the motors keep going.
I plan to build a model on this aircraft at some stage, but I am having problems getting a set of plans to build off, I may have to draw some up myself (retirement job perhaps).
My father was Air Force and my mother was Army so I suppose you can say I followed in their foot steps, none of my children have shown an interest in joining up. 
Again I thank you for the quilt, it is fantastic, better than I could have expected, thanks for making it so bright, you nailed it.
I will get my wife to sew a rod pocket when I get home, and I will adorn a wall when I eventually retire and buy my own house, this will help make it a HOME.
Kindest regards,
Good Morning Jan-Maree,
Just wanted to thank you very much for all the time and effort you and your team put into making the quilts and bags. I am currently in isolation in New South Wales, after 7 months in the Middle East. It’s nice to be back in Australia and be able to switch off. Once again, I would like to thank you for the quilt and laundry bah. I know all the boys that were with me overseas were very grateful to receive them. Its such a great service that you are providing and it’s remarkable how many you make in such a little time. I wish you and all your team the very best for the future.
Kind regards
G’day Philomena,
I’m glad I could give you a challenge, the turnaround time was amazingly quick. As you can probably tell I love Batman. Thank you so much for the Quilt and Laundry Bag, I love them so much. You have brought a brightness and warmth to my dreary room. Word has gotten out around the Camp and many of my neighbours have come just to see the beautiful work you have done.
I have served in the RAAF for 9 and a half years now and I love everyday. This is my first time being deployed and it is a great privilege and everyday there something new to do. I’m a Heavy Vehicle Mechanic by trade so my main job is to take care of the Panther Fire Truck and make sure that it can provide fire support to the Airbase.
It was so nice to read about your story, so I will give you a little about my life. I’m from Queensland. The eldest of 7 children, both my mum and dad served in the RAAF, dad as a cook and mum as an admin clerk. They meet through my Uncle, who went through training with my dad. My mum and dad left the RAAF in 1999, so being a RAAF brat myself eventually I made the transition from civilian life to services of Defence.
My grandmother has always been the crafty type and has made many quilts. Religiously she goes to Quilt ‘Mecca’ in Melbourne every year. So I understand the need to create wonderful tapestries of colour like you do.
Thank you so much again.
Good Morning Jenni,
I have just received my quilt that you have made and wanted to write to say Thank you. You have done an amazing job on this quilt and I am extremely happy with what you have achieved.
Your skill and time making it for me has been greatly appreciated and I am 100 percent sure that it will be used and loved for many years to come.
Keep up the great work and once again – Thank you.
Hello Helen,
I am in the Royal Australian Navy, and have just received your fabulous pink and white polka dot laundry bag.
It’s just what I needed as a newly minted Officer to the RAN! I had moved into new accommodation block with bigger wardrobes and realised I had to do more laundry but didn’t have a way to carry all my new uniforms. Your laundry bag has become an essential part of my dhobying* (Clothes washing) experience.
Your pink bag has become quite the envy among my fellow junior officers. Due to it’s conspicuous colour it’s easy to tell whose washing is whose. Midshipman even tried to trade this bag away from me, but I had to decline her offers as pink is my favourite colour.
Your letter was very nice too. I hope you and all your friends at AHQ are happy with all the amazing work you have done and your family is in good health during this time. Learning about AHQ was just fantastic through your letter.
I am about to be deployed along the East Coast for a month for Operation Covid-19 Assist. It’s going to be cold, but nothing is going to stop me from helping out.
Yours Kindly.
Good Afternoon Ma’am,
I would like to personally thank you for my gorgeous quilt and laundry bag. It came today in the mail and made my day.
I’m so grateful for all the effort and love, you have put into my quilt and bag.
All my love and appreciation.
 Hi Jean,
I wanted to email to say I received the beautiful bag! I wasn’t expecting any mail this week, so it was such a lovely surprise. I absolutely love the laundry bag. My mum also does quilting, and spends a lot of hours quilting also. I admire the time put into this laundry bag. Thank you!
It was great reading your letter too! It’s such a small world, I actually grew up on a farm in New South Wales, and my parents and extended family still live there.
I hope you are having a great week and thank you again for the laundry bag – I love it!
Kind regards,
 Hi Ruth,
Hope this email finds you well. 
I was the lucky recipient to receive 1 of your awesome laundry bags (I am the Bombers supporter). I joined the military in 1987 and have currently served just over 33 years and still serving. I do love and appreciate the gesture from my mother in law to have nominated me for 1 of these laundry bags and for the time and effort you have put into it. It’s beautiful people like you and the things you do that in a larger way than you may think brightens our day with these laundry bags and quilts that you all make and I think I can speak for a lot of defence members in saying a big thank you for YOUR time and effort for what you do for us.
Keep doing what you do.
 Hi Margaret,
Thank you very much for the quilt and laundry bag that I received in the mail recently. It was a very welcome surprise.
I hope that the easing of COVID restrictions are returning to a semblance of normal for you and your family. Fortunately, I am based out of Northern Territory and we seemed to get on top of things pretty early in the piece and things are mostly back to normal (or so my wife tells me).
Once again, thank you for the wonderful present. I appreciate the time and effort that you must have put into it to get such a quality result.
All the best to you and your family.
 Hi Pennie,
I have been absolutely honoured to receive your Canberra Raiders quilt. It was simply sensational and I cannot express my gratitude enough! Thank you so much! The quilt has added much needed colour to my living space haha!
It sounds like you guys have been having a very eventful few months in Australia as a result of COVID. I try to follow the news back home as much as I can. I am glad to see things are slowly starting to return to normal there. 
Thank you again so much for the quilt, I love it to bits.
Good Evening Clarissa,
Today I received my lovely laundry bag. Firstly, let me pass on my sincere thanks to you, and the many others that provide such a wonderful and valued service to the Service men and women here.
I’m in my early 20’s, and have spent quite a bit of time in New South Wales. As an Army brat, and a former solider myself, only making the transition to Air Force last year, I know how important family can be. 
I hope that you all stay healthy and avoid the carnage that Covid-19 is wreaking on the world at the moment. Alas, even here we cannot escape it. What I would like to escape is that heat. Having left ACT winter to arrive in UAE in summer is not nice.
Please pass on my best to Jan-Maree as well. We all pray her treatment is having the desired effect and wish her a speedy recovery.
Once again, just a short note to thank you for your hard work. It is truly appreciated. 
Kind regards,


Hi Alison,
Thank you very much for the quilt. It is much appreciated. The length on it is perfect covering my feet well (I’m 6’2). The design and handiwork is very impressive. I’ve done a bit of sewing in the past (only repairing things) and know the amount of effort that went into this. You have done extremely well. Till it’s arrival we have been sleeping in winter weight sleeping bags. As it’s now summer they are too warm. The quilt fits the bill perfectly. 
My mother is a teacher in South Australia at a primary school. Dad used to drive trucks when younger but changed paths to a fitter and turner before retiring last year. They own small acreage. I’m hoping after deployment to move back there having down 3 years in Northern Territory.
I hope yourself and family are doing well during the covid pandemic. We see it on the news regularly here. Hopefully its just the media exaggerating but keep safe.
Once again, thank you very much. Regards,
Hi Heather,
I am from Queensland! Thank you so much for your beautiful quilt, it is so gorgeous! I wouldn’t call myself a huge gun ho military rager so I thought a pretty quilt with a touch of the mission (flags) would be perfect! It is gorgeous, I love it.

I’m hoping you’re keeping well and safe during this weird covid time! Can’t believe it’s July and it’s still 100% craziness. 

I live in New South Wales at the moment, and I do love the beaches, and swim every weekend if I can. Great way to keep fit and make friends. Being here, I wish I could do some swimming, closing my eyes in the tiny shower doesn’t really cut it.  Can’t wait to to dive head first into the beach and just bob around. It really is one of my favourite things to do.

I grew up with a cock spaniel, dogs are such beautiful animals aren’t they. I have a brother, 26, and we are a close family and best of friends. I love spending time as a family, they take their hobbies very seriously now that they have been empty nesters for a while. Since I am deployed one of mums favourite hobbies is to send me care packages, love her!

Love, love, love your quilt, well, my quilt I guess!

Dear Jan-Maree,
Sorry it’s taken me a few days to put pen to paper, so to speak, but received the beautiful quilt last week. It is amazing and will be treasured forever.
I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the gift you have given us. So thank you, Lynn, Kerri and Keryn and all the other volunteers involved for efforts and exquisite craftsmanship and keep up the good work you are doing for all our wonderful servicemen and women.
Thank you again so much.

Good Morning Jan-Maree,
I have received the quilt. To say it is phenomenal is an understatement!
Lisa and Rose have done such a fabulous job. Truly amazing. I will be writing to them today.
Thank you for all the work you do for the Men and Women of the ADF. It puts a smile on everyone’s face when the quilts turn up, we show them off to our coalition friends and they are truly envious.
Hello Ann,
I hope you don’t mind me sending my reply through email.
Thank you so much for the quilt and I love it and I appreciate the time and effort that you have put into it. I love to sew but nothing like what the Aussie Quilters can sew.
I joined the Army reserves in 1992 and transferred to the regular Army in 1993. I have been lucky enough to have been posted all over most of Australia and have deployed three times.
I come from a family of military people, my grandfather served in WWII and my stepfather served in Vietnam, neither really talked about their time during either war.
I have three sons, they are my world. And I hope that the world becomes a better place especially with the way things are currently. I am thankful that I am currently posted in South Australia.
Once again, thank you for the quilt and the time you put into making it.
Take care and stay safe.

G’day there Jo,
Apologies for the delay in replying and sending you a message back! Been pretty busy since I received the laundry bag you crafted for me! But alas I now have the time to write back!
I received the laundry bag early last week you crafted for me, based on my request of the greatest ever NRL team to ever play the great game of rugby league ‘The Sydney Roosters’, and can I say you blew it out of the park, the mastery is amazing!
Thanks for all the hard work and effort you do to firstly make them, and then ship them over here not only for myself but for all personnel you have sent off items off too!
Little about myself, I’m 23 from NSW. I’m the youngest out of 2. My brother being 2 years older than me and also serves, also in RAAF.
I am an LAC in the RAAF and work as an aircraft technician based in NSW. I’ve been in the RAAF for 4.5 years now and hopefully planning on staying in as long as I can. This is also my first deployment, so it’s definitely been an eye opener flying in and out of different places bringing troops so they can go home to see their families etc… amid all the covid crisis.
Once again thank you! 

Hello Lisa,
I received my beautiful quilt this week, and it is already being put to use. There is such joy when a quilt is received, everyone stops what they are doing to watch a parcel being opened. I will send Rosemary a card to thank her for my quilt and letter.
Thank you
Good Afternoon Pennie,
I am writing to thank you for my Paws themed Laundry bag, it’s great!
Keep up the great work you’re doing, myself and my colleagues greatly appreciate what you’re doing.
Many thanks.
Dear Rosalin,
It was great to receive the laundry bag that you made. It can be a bit lonely when I go on deployments. This is my second Australian emergency response, I did the bush fires in South Australian and now I’m on the COVID 19 Response. I feel glad to help the Australian’s affected by these disasters. I am the first of my family to be born in Australia and I am glad to give to those who have given me a home.
I have a wife and puppy in NSW. I have to look forward to when I get home. Your laundry bag reminds me that the wider Australian public do appreciate what we do because it feels like people are out to discredit what we do.
Thank you
Dear Helen,
I just wanted to send you my gratitude for receiving one of your laundry bags, prior to this Operation Covid Assist. Although young at 19 years old, this is my second deployment in service of the community and something that is proving to find very self rewarding. 
Nothing puts a smile on my face more than to see other people happy and to see the improvements in society as a result of our work. I hope that self isolation is going well for you and that you and your daughters are finding enough ways to keep ourselves occupied and at least finding some sense of normalcy amongst the uncertainty that we find ourselves in these days. I pray your family and that this whole situation can be resolved quickly so that we can all try and resume life as close to what it was.
With gratitude and best wishes.
Good Evening Lyn
This email is overdue, and I do wish I wrote to you sooner on my partner behalf. Last year you did the honour of making my fiance a blanket and care package. Since your care package arrived, he has spent many months away. At Christmas we managed to take a trip to NZ to visit his family which was lovely.
Although this thank you letter is well overdue, we wanted to send our appreciation for the hard work you put in making this blanket. Since making the blanket, he got promoted to the rank of Senior Sailor! Big achievement in his Naval career. He is currently away. Since then we have also moved house twice, and finally found a home we would like to start our family in. We brought a house in Queensland a few months ago, we love it!
The detail in the quilt is amazing! Thank you, You’re doing an amazing job supporting the ADF and it’s members. Care packages definitely put a smile on people’s face, and truly show that the community does care. We appreciate your ongoing support. He was delighted to receive such a heartfelt letter and gift and uses the blanket on all his deployments. Last year, was tough year with him being away for ten months, and unfortunately 2020 hasn’t worked out the way everyone envisioned. Are you and your family safe and sound?
My partner and I also enjoy travelling, however 2020 has made it an unusual and difficult year.
Thank you so much for your support and dedication to making Aussie Hero Quilts.
Warm wishes.
Thank you for the most amazingly spectacular quilt. It’s absolutely mind blowing! Brings my room to life.
It’s especially special because my amazing Nana worked on it. Even the back makes my heart melt. And thank you to Philomena who did the quilting. 
I can’t thank Aussie Hero Quilts enough for always managing to brighten our day with a little piece of home!
Good Morning Angela,
Thank you so much for the amazing laundry bag you made me. I was amazed by the quality of the laundry bag when I received it. I’m so glad that you were able to get a hold of the squadron logos. I knew they were hard to get a hold of. Thank you so much for what you made. It definitely made me smile and lifted my spirits. I also feel privileged to be the first person you made a laundry bag for.
The laundry bag couldn’t have come at a better time as well. I received and opened it on my birthday. So it definitely was something special to receive.
Thank you so much for your letter as well. It really was refreshing and nice to hear about your family. I grew up in Victoria,  a very small town. My older brother and I helped my dad renovate the house my parents brought out there. We all put in a lot of work to make it the home it is now.
I really hope you can go back to doing the things you enjoy after Covid-19 restrictions pass. It definitely feels like being in a bubble here. The covid restrictions have not really affected us too much here. Mainly because we don’t have the freedom to do much in the first place. So it hasn’t really changed out day to day work as much as it wouldn’t be affecting everyone back home. So i do feel for everyone back home and not being able to do the things they normally love and enjoy.
Thank you so much again for the amazing laundry bag and the letter you sent me. It really did lift my spirits and made me very happy. I do appreciate what you do and all the volunteers are doing for the Defence community. I hope you all can continue to lift our spirits with the work you do.
Thank you again.
Hello Clarissa,
Thank you for taking the time to make my laundry bag. You have done a fantastic job. It looks great.
Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself. It’s nice to know something about the lovely people who give up their free time for us serving overseas.
A little about me. I’ve been posted to Sydney for the last eleven years and I live with my wife, and son. He turns one next month.
Again, thank you for your work and generosity. I hope you stay safe and well in these Covid-19 times.
Kindest regards,
Good Morning Toni,
First of all thank you so much for the beautiful laundry bag – I could definitely feel the love and effort you put into it. The stitching is fantastic, I used to do sewing myself (before I enlisted) and I can see that your technical mastery is high!
I completely forgot that I had ordered one, so it made my whole week when I was told I had an unexpected parcel to collect.
I really enjoyed reading your letter, I read it out to everyone at work, and we were all impressed!
A little about myself: I joined the Air Force and left home when I had just turned 17, and have been lucky enough to be posted to NSW, NT and QLD. I had a job role change two years ago which has provided me with plenty of opportunities, and I am thoroughly enjoying my time. I am only three and a bit years away from long service leave now, and I am hoping to do a big trip (fingers crossed Corona is over by then). 
Thank you again so much for your gifts, it sounds like you are one busy woman, we appreciate you sending your spare time making deployed personnel laundry bags and quilts. We all like to show off to each other and it’s like Christmas in July, Haha!
I hope you continue to stay safe amongst Covid pandemic. I will always remember you and this special gift.
Kind regards.
Hello Ruth,
I was going to write you a hand written letter and send this photo, but I didn’t want to risk it getting lost and you not knowing how much this made my day!
I wanted to make sure you knew how much I love this, and appreciate every small detail! It’s absolutely beautiful, to be honest I think that’s an understatement! I get the biggest smile every time I look at it!
My Nana is also apart of Aussie Hero Quilts, and gets great joy out of it, and I also tell her how much these things brighten our day and make us feel so loved and special!
Thank you for taking the time to make my laundry bag, it is perfect!
Kind Regards,
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