Grati-Tuesday – 24th October 2023

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24 October 2023

Happy Tuesday Friends!

For those of you who were lucky enough to be at the AHQ Thank You Weekend, we hope you had fun and got home safely. 

I think it is safe to say that a good time was had by all!!!!

Now it is time to enjoy the gratitude blog!!

Grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy some well deserved gratitude!


Hi Toni D,

Thank you for your lovely letter and the best laundry bag ever. It arrived the day before I left, so perfect timing! I have been home a week now and settling back in. 


Your laundry bag was the perfect way to finish off what has been the best and most challenging six months. It was so perfect, down to every last detail. My husband says it reminds him perfectly of out time in Tindal. We were up there the last five years before moving. You captured all of our favourite parts. I am very keen to get out camping again now I’m home. Was also very excited to have a beer haha. 


I loved hearing all about Marley. She sounds beautiful and very lovable. Coming home to my Dachshund Teddy was the best feeling in the world, and there was definitely some tears. 


You really made my trip perfect. Your sewing skills are exemplary and your kindness will never be forgotten. I will keep using it everyday. It is a great reminder of the last 6 months and the last 5 years. 


Take care and my best to your family. Please give Marley a scratch from me.

Good afternoon Cheryl F,

I am a very grateful recipient of a beautiful laundry bag that was made by Cheryl F.

Thank you Cheryl for making this bag for me; I love the Australian flora and fauna you chose.


Good Morning Heather B and Lesley B! 
I recently received my quilt from you and absolutely love it! Especially since it received so much care from both of you, despite Lesley’s obstacle. 
Great to hear about your background and all of your defence force connections, they’re amazing. I hope 2024 brings you plenty of time to swim and sew and that you get to go on those trips you planned 🙂 
I’m excited to bring the quilt with me on our next trip, it will definitely brighten up my room. 
Thank you so much! 

Hello Chris E, 

I recently received one of your laundry bags prior to my deployment. 
I’d like to thank you for your kind effort to make us all laundry bags as they have all proved them selfs to be very useful, I can safely say that everyone that received a bag is now using it. Every time I do my laundry the washing machines and dryers all have bags that you made on top.
We very much appreciate your thoughtfulness towards us and I would like to congratulate you on all your efforts you have made to your community and our country through the lions club and covid. 
Its people like you that make Australia the best country.

Thanks again.

Good Morning Melissa P,


Firstly, thank you for the lovely laundry bag you made for me. It was wonderful, I obviously like the orange and Perth scorchers theme, but the hint of thunder colours was perfect as I secretly go for them too after they had a few bad seasons earlier on in the BBL. I am still working on getting my young kids to watch the BBL, but its work in progress. I’ll be watching every men and women’s games this year as I do, hoping for a back-to-back-to-back win for the men’s Perth Scorchers. Sorry Sixers & Thunder fans.  


I was just sick for the week, and returned to work today to find your parcel on my desk was a pleasant and welcomed surprise.


You and your team are great at what you do. Keep it up…


Kindest Regards

Hello Bev L,


Firstly, I want to thank you for the beautiful laundry bag and wonderful detailed letter. It was lovely to receive before heading over to Germany, thank you.  


Now you are probably wanting to hear all about Germany. As you are probably aware the journey leading up to the games is a huge journey. You laugh, cry, get frustrated and want to at some points give up… but at the same time having the opportunity to be on the big stage putting on the green and gold and wearing the Australian flag on your chest is incredibly special. What is the most specialist part of the whole experience is, is making it to the games, getting through all the training and tough times and realising you have done it. You have done it for most importantly you, but also your family and friends.  It was an incredible experience, and I will be forever grateful for it. I have learnt a lot about myself and what I am capable of and realised the amount of love and support that is around me. I know I can do anything that I put my mind to no matter what. 


The Games- Well all can say is it was full on, it was electric and it was an experience I have never dreamt of before. I got to meet some incredible individuals and learn from them and have made some lifelong friends. I connected with the Danish cyclist the most, they were lovely people and showed support to everyone. Another stand out individual was the French cyclist. He did well by winning the race and made the effort to come and see me at the end to make sure I was okay. The travelling there was a long haul, but it was comfortable. Once getting to Germany the climate did shock me a bit as I didn’t realise how humid it was going to be which did make sleeping a bit difficult, I also only mostly packed winter attire. 


 The build-up to my cycling race was good and I got to acclimatise myself a bit as my events weren’t until the end of the week.Watching all the Australian team was incredible. In one of my events, I got to be in the seated volleyball team, it was such a great experience and we made the furthest an Australian team has made it at the games. I was very proud of my efforts in the swimming and overall, the Australians did really well in the pool, taking out most of the gold medals.  


Once again Thank you, Bev, honestly receiving that laundry bag and the beautiful letter. The Laundry bag came in handy in Germany too. Receiving these has been one of the highlights of this whole experience, it’s one of the most selfless acts that I have received. I will be forever grateful. 


Kindest regards,

Hello Sue N,

Thank you so much for my amazing quilt. I was quite emotional when my boys and I opened the parcel. I absolutely love it. 
Thank you for all the thought, kindness and time you put into it. I especially love the mother and child, and the resilience mantra. It is so special to me.
My boys and I are happy to be home, but our trip to Germany was a magical experience, and we made lifelong memories. 
The atmosphere at the games was electric, and I was surrounded by so many amazing and supportive people. 

Thanks again for your beautiful gift. Words can’t really describe how grateful I am, and I know my team-mates feel the same way.
Good morning Jacqui D,

Thank you for your beautiful quilt I love it and I had a tear in my eye with joy. Yes we did well as a team competing in various sports , athletics , swimming , cycling , archery , wheelchair sports , sitting volleyball , powerlifting , table tennis were our very own Verity Sanchez won silver.

I would like to thank you for your time in making the quilt! Yesterday when arrived we had a cool front move in from south so very cool conditions for October. Sydney is having heat waves. 

I am starting to prepare for my next venture , going to apply for cycling event in may 2024 for ford London to Essex 60 mile or 100 mile event. I will nominate for 60 mile on my hand cycle.
Hope you have a great day today. I will be off now to take my dog Charlee for her walk 

Anne H,


Thank you so much for the wonderful quilt (it finally arrived, I noted the date it was sent and the time it takes to get to us lol). It again has made my day. Unfortunate for the Broncos and Lions (both QLD teams) who both had a loss on week-end.


The days are starting to get shorter here as we move into autumn and the temperature starting to cool in the evenings and mornings, today’s temperature is 40 degrees with a feel like temperature of 43 degrees, with an overnight low of 27 degrees. The temperature still sounds fairly high but it is noticeably cooler when its below 45 degrees lol.


We have just had a new cadre of personnel arrive last week (about a third of the team changed over), we are now classed as the Old Hands around the camp. How time is flying! I am as today at my three months deployed mark which has flown by, we are already planning Ugly Sweaters for the Xmas picture, as well as a secret Santa and outdoor lunch with the other countries here with us.


I hope you and your family are all well, and again thank you for the Laundry  Bag and Quilt which will be a reminder of the care we have from back home in Australia.



Good morning Jenni S,


Thank you for your kind letter and bag of goodies.


I really appreciate the kind thoughts and my colleagues are loving the lollies I’m sharing around.


I’m loving the blanket and everyone in my mess is getting pretty jealous.


Hope you’re doing well and loving every moment in life as much as I am!


Kind regards,

Until next week keep your letters, emails and photos coming in.  

Tuesday’s would be so totally boring without them!







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