Grati Tuesday 24th May 2022

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24 May 2022


Happy Tuesday Friends!

Hope you are having a great week so far! 
I love this time of the week. The gratitude letters show us all how what we do makes so much difference. 
Grab a cuppa, sit back, relax and enjoy the gratitude letters below. 

Dear Wendy.

I was absolutely astounded with your creativity when I opened your parcel & I truly could not have asked for anything better. The detail and thoughtfulness behind your handwork blew me away. The time effort and generosity is well noted and your efforts will be truly cherished – I simple love it!

I also really appreciated your letter which provided a glimpse into who you are, and it reinforced the fact that the laundry bag is hand crafted.

Thank you so much.



Good Morning Barbara.D,

I have received my quilt and dobey bag this morning and I wanted to tell you how amazed I am with them.

Your work is incredible and it was very interesting reading about the process.

My mother in law has made a few quilts for families’ milestone birthdays so I understand how much time and hard work goes into it.

I cannot wait to show her and my partner as they will be just as blown away as I was.

The lollies and puzzle book was such a lovely surprise and I thank you for that. The pineapple sweets are my new favourite.

Kind regards.


Hi Barbara.D,


I am the very lucky recipient of your lovely quilt. I can’t accurately put into words how touched I am with the quilt and all of the personal details that you managed to fit into the quilt. Unfortunately, my family wasn’t able to join me over in The Hague but they managed to watch a fair few events and I know they were cheering me on. 


I had a wonderful time away at the games and was lucky enough to win a bronze medal in the wheelchair rugby along with a great group of guys. In the cycling I had a small crash but no injuries and no damage to my bike (thank goodness). 


Thank you again.

Hello Janis.K,
I just received my quilt and it is amazing! I love it! Thank you so much for taking the time to make something so wonderful for me – and for including some others treats also 🙂
The Invictus games went very well and experienced some really amazing moments. Sport does and has played a large role in my recovery and will continue to do so. 
Living on a 2 acre block sounds lovely. And I’m sure the noise of all the grandkids together is fun! Especially at those ages. 
Thank you so much again for taking the time to make the quilt it really is awesome! Thanks for supporting the Defence and Veteran community; it’s greatly appreciated. 

Kind regards.

G’day Wendy.B,


Hope this message reaches you in good health. Just wanted to say thankyou so much for the fantastic laundry bag you made me! I especially love the little Australia you sewed on the back of the bag, as well as the choice of material, the koalas look great! A little about myself, I’ve been in the navy about two and a half years now and at 21 yrs old I can say for certain it was a good career move. I grew up on the central coast and so working in Sydney is extremely beneficial as I can duck down to see my family every few weekends. For hobbies I enjoy mountain bike riding and taking my car for little weekend adventures. 


Thanks again for the bag and the snakes (which I didn’t share haha) and I hope you continue to make bags for the good people in the defence.


Kind regards.





Firstly thank you so much for the Star Wars themed Aussie Hero Quilt! It really is amazing.

I love it! You have put so much work into it and I love the silhouettes you did from the internet!

I am very grateful for such a great quilt, it must have taken you a long time to create this for me.

It really is awesome! I really feel that you value my service that’s for sure!


I am sorry it has taken me a little while to get back to you. I have since left my sea-going posting and returned to Canberra. I am a Information Warfare Officer and I am 

responsible for keeping the computer networks and internet connectivity going, amongst other tasks. I had a very busy job ensuring the crew had internet to be able to talk home and also conduct administrative tasks on the networks.  


I actually started in the Navy in

1996 as a Seaman Signalman. Back then my job was predominately working

On the Bridge and Flag deck of the ship managing the Flag deck, ensuring we

hoisted the appropriate signals in order to convey messages between ships. I also had to

read Flashing Light via Morse and pass tactical manoeuvres via voice over radio to other ships.

Communications has changed a lot in the Navy since the introduction of computers so

we still conduct flag and light signalling but are now more focused on managing networks

and connectivity via satellites terminals based on the ship. It is a very busy job.


 Love the quilt and will treasure it!




Hello Ruth.S,
My humblest apologies for taking so long to say thankyou for the lovely laundry bag that you made for me, I was taken aback totally at the amount of effort that had obviously gone into making it. This year has flown by as my ship, HMAS Anzac, has been in an intensive maintenance period and, as a maintenance manager onboard, I have been flat out. I also wanted to wait until I posted off Anzac to handover the bag to my son, a Leading Seaman aboard HMAS Perth. I hope you don’t mind but I felt that, seeing as my seagoing days are finally over (I have got 2 &1/2 years to retirement but who’s counting) the laundry bag should stay where it was intended, at sea, being used every day by a very appreciative Sailor.
We are all going to see Queensland play in the State of Origin match when it here in Perth next month so I will put the festooning, that you also gave me, outside my house.
Once again thank you so much for your efforts, very much appreciated I can assure you
Kindest regards.

Dear Amy,

I have just received your gift today and I absolutely love it. I look forward to using it later on in the year when we go on our deployment. I also look forward to being able to find mine straight away, especially with the bright orange on it. It’s a wonderful improvement on the plain old boring ones we are issued. Once again thank you so much for your gift
Best Regards.





First let me say what an outstanding effort you’ve done in producing such a quality quilt – something which I will treasure and will travel with me for the rest of my time at sea in the Navy. The unfortunate thing about being more senior in this job is that it means my sea-going days are pretty well numbered; but it’s time to move on for the younger folks to hold the torch!


While we do our thing out here, the work you and the Aussie Hero Team do is a great reminder of the support that our friends and extended Navy family (of which you are all a part) provide for us to enable us to do our work. I have a fantastic team of young Australians onboard and can only hope that we do you all proud in our mission. The quilt’s arrival onboard was timely as we have just departed this morning for a deployment. It is quite exciting for us all as COVID unfortunately put a stop to overseas port visits the past few years, and we’ll be one of the first ships to have a normalised program.


To answer your questions, I have been in the Navy for 26 years, having joined from Geelong at age 18 and have been fortunate to be able to travel all over the world, principally Asia, the Middle East and North America, but most importantly all around Australia. While there have been many satisfying personal milestones along the way, by far the best thing about this job is serving alongside so many great people; there is something very unique about the strong bond between people who have served at sea together. 


Warm regards.




Thats it for another week. 
Hope you have a good week
🌟 🌟 🌟

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