Grati-Tuesday 24 July 18 …… only a little one tonight

Written by AHQ

24 July 2018

For the first time ever we only have three three thank you messages tonight. I have no idea why.  If you have received a thank you and have not shared it with me for me to edit for the blog please forward it to me so we can all enjoy them.  

Happy reading!
Dear Jean,
I received my laundry bag from you the other day and would like to thank you for it.  You incorporated the ideas I suggested so well and the laundry bag looks amazing.  Deployed personnel over here really enjoy receiving their laundry bag/quilt and seeing the masterpiece you guys have created.

Once again thank you so much for my laundry bag its fantastic! You are doing a brilliant job.

Kind Regards,


Good morning Sandy,
I am emailing to say a massive thank you to yourself and Lynne Vincent, for the quilt you made for me earlier this year!

You made me a Canterbury Bulldogs NRL quilt and I absolutely love it! Sorry it has taken so long to reply, but I wanted to make sure I did not forget to thank you, as it means a lot!

Ps. Thanks for the tim-tams

Dear Melissa,

Thank you so much for the amazing quilt and washing bag that you made for me. They arrived in the mail on Friday. I can’t believe how good they are, especially the quilt! The quality and details are amazing, you’re obviously very talented. With three  kids, I don’t know how you find the time to make such amazing creations, but thank you for your time, effort and support.

By amazing coincidence, the Road Runner was my late Father’s favourite cartoon show, so it brings back fond childhood memories of watching cartoons with him on weekend mornings and being astonished at how much he would laugh at the Road Runner and Coyote’s  antics. He would laugh so hard he’d be crying and gasping for breath, and then I’d be laughing at him!! As soon as I saw the quilt those happy memories came flooding back, so thank you for that.

Again thank you so much for the lovely quilt and washing bag, they have figuratively and literally brightened my day. Also thank you for the gesture of your support for Aussie Soldiers, Sailors and Air Men and Women in general, we truly appreciate the  dedication of yourself and the other contributors to Aussie Hero Quilts.

With kindest regards and upmost respect,

No new photos to share so time to enjoy an old favourite.   These quilts are in use at the Role 2 hospital HKIA, brightening the rooms for the patients and reminding them that we care. 

Till next time…. keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree xx

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