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20 March 2018

G’day all, 

A busy sewing day here in Cherrybrook and then one more day til I head to Adelaide. If you haven’t booked in to join us for dinner in Adelaide on Thursday night let me know. You would be most welcome…. and this goes for recipients as well as quilters.

Please don’t forget to forward any thank you messages you receive so that I can mark the quilts and bag off as received and also so that I can share the messages on this post (after removing any personal or operational information.)

Sit back and grab a cuppa and enjoy these messages. 
Firstly a message for the ladies from Penrith …..

Thanks for my quilt and laundry bag, they are awesome !!!

I appreciate the support and all the efforts from Aussie hero quilt members.

and Jean who made the LB.

Hi Pennie,

Just a quick email to convey my thanks.  The laundry bags you created put smiles on the faces of those receiving them, myself included!  How you get time with your work in casualty is a mystery to me, but it’s very much appreciated.

All the best, and thanks again.

Dear Clarissa,

My sincere and heartfelt thanks for the beautiful personalised laundry bag you sewed for me earlier this year. During our recent visit to Sydney, we had Jan-Maree onboard for lunch and I was delighted to hear all about Aussie Hero Quilts (and Laundry Bags). I’d seen a little about the wonderful team of volunteers on social media but now I know more about the background and volunteers, I’m even more in awe of the wonderful work you and the other volunteers do. Knowing they are normally for serving members deployed overseas, I was shocked and somewhat overwhelmed to receive a laundry bag but wow, what a wonderful feeling. While I’ve never been deployed to the middle east, I did deploy to Timor Leste in 2006 (as CO HMAS Labuan) and have also spent a number of years deployed on Border Protection duties (CO ACPB Crew Attack Five). Border Protection has always felt like the poor cousin of deployments so the gesture of a deployment laundry bag is very special to me.

I suspect you may have also sewn some of the 70 laundry bags that Jan-Maree brought along for my crew of Sirius – Thank you. Each crew member’s name was drawn out of a hat then they got to lucky dip a laundry bag out of a big carry bag. A few traded afterwards and it was so great to see so many different patterns and colours. Our laundry onboard is certainly a much brighter place.

Sirius is heading back to the west at the moment where we will undergo a maintenance period before putting to sea again for national and international exercises, so it’s going to be a busy year.  Each time I do my washing, I’ll think of you and the wonderful team of volunteers that have generously given their time to make our day brighter.
Thank you again and kind regards,

Hi Lynn,

Let me say how wonderfully surprised I was to receive your piece of artwork. The quality of your work and the design were of the highest order. I loved the colours and the way you brought them together as the back drop to the Afghan/Middle East connection to the Christmas story/quilt. The workmanship is absolutely fantastic and it is my delight to have this and to be constantly reminded of my time and the people of Afghanistan.

Thanks again for thinking of and supporting the men and women of Australia (and in particular me) through your work with Aussie Hero Quilts. It is obvious that you love doing what you. Keep up the great work. And God bless you dearly.

Warmest regards  

Hello Bridget,

I have just moments ago received my quilt that you put together for me and I must say I love it!!
All the things I love displayed beautifully on a blanket I will cherish forever, so thankyou so so much.

It was lovely to hear about your family, its not something we often get to hear about so it was quite refreshing reading your letter.

I have recently returned from my short deployment as I was only over there for a short but very full on and demanding tasking, however I’d happily take that task again over the long 6 months others have to endure if the task ever arises again.

Anywho, I hope retirement is as amazing as I dream it will be haha and I hope you are enjoying every moment of it.

Thankyou again.

Good Afternoon Bridget,

Firstly let me thank you for the wonderful quilt I received from you the other week and my apologies for not being able to respond sooner.

It was lovely to receive your letter as well and here all about yourself.
We head home soon after a near 7 month deployment so we are all looking forward to that.  This is my third deployment, whilst doing different jobs while I have been away it has still been a rewarding experience.

Again thank you for the quilt and the time and effort that you all put into the quilts and laundry bags.  we all love receiving them and looking what each person gets.

Many thanks


Dear Jan-Maree

I am writing to say thank you to the ladies who made the quilt sent to me.  All the support from home is very much appreciated.  I am about to start my 33rd year in the army, I am on my 4th deployment.  I have seen a change in the attitude for the better from society and organisations like yours which support veterans. 

Thank you for the support and please thank the ladies. 



I would like to start by thanking you for the beautiful laundry bag that you made.

I’m currently posted to RMAF Butterworth, which is in Malaysia. I have been posted here for 15 months with my wife and two children. We love living in Malaysia and it has been a great experience for the whole family.

I have served 14 years in the Air Force and have loved every moment of it. I was last deployed in 2011 to the Middle East area on a 7 month deployment.

Till next time… keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree xx

To Margaret B
I recieved your laundry bag recently while on exercise in Malaysia. It was a nice gesture and you have my respect/thanks. In your letter you mentioned your son-in-law is a Padrè posted to 1RAR. I have probably met him before as I’m a digger in 1RAR.

Anyway, I just wanted to reach out to you to show you my respect for what you did. And let you know that it does mean alot. 

Till next time….. keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree xx

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