Grati-Tuesday 20 February

Written by AHQ

20 February 2018

G’day all, 
Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting HMAS Sirius to deliver enough laundry bags for the whole crew.  I will tell you more about this in coming days when I get time to wrote up a post.  As usual though, I was greeted with lots of smiles and everyone who had received either a quilt or a laundry bag or both was delighted to tell me they had one and how much they love it.   I never get tired seeing smiles on faces of happy recipients.  

Here are a few more thank you messages to enjoy!

Hi Bec!

I am 20 years old.
I received the Darth Vader quilt from you.
I want to thank you so very much. 
I love it, you have done a fantastic job.

When I was younger, my whole family made a quilt for my cousin who was battling a brain tumour. We each made a square then had them stitched together into one big quilt. Quilts have such strong meaning behind them. 

Thank you so very much. I am so appreciative. I will cherish this Quilt and my Laundry bag for the rest of my life.

Dear Kaye,

I’d like to say thank you so much for the laundry bag and wonderful gifts that you sent to me!  It’s greatly appreciated, especially being able to work in the details that I requested, and the book you sent over is right up my alley being set around the legal/investigative world.  I can’t wait to pick it up and start reading it once I’ve finished the book I’m on at the moment.

Thank you also for your well wishes over the Christmas and New Year period.  It was a bit quieter here compared to how it would’ve been spent back home, but still an experience nonetheless.  We had the forces entertainment here on Christmas Day which was quite good.  Australia Day was an enjoyable day with cricket and a BBQ.

I’m yet to experience snow here but it’s predicted that we’ll get some shortly.  The snowcapped mountains nearby are always a magnificent view to take in on my walk to the office in the morning.  Those views will be compensation if I don’t get to be amongst the snow.

There should however be some warmer days still when I get back home to Adelaide, so I’ll be able to get over the freezing cold we’re enduring here, and hopefully make it to the beach. 

I’m coming to the end of my deployment to the Middle East and looking forward to being back home with my partner and our kelpie.  We’ll be enjoying a relaxing month off together when I get back before we post to QLD.

Once again, thank you so much for my laundry bag; it will come with me wherever I travel for work.  


Noeleen W, 

Thankyou from the bottom of my heart for the amazing laundry bag (and goodies). I won’t lie, it was a little emotional opening up the box and seeing this incredible craftsmanship personalised for me.

You are very talented and your effort is much appreciated.

I also enjoyed reading your family story. My own family (wife and 9 month old son) are over in Perth. They are well and I get plenty of opportunities to video chat and see my son growing.

Again, know that your thoughts and effort means alot to us overseas.


Hi Jean,

I am absolute in love with my laundry bag and cant wait to put it to good use, you have done and amazing job and I would like to thank you so much for lifting my spirits whilst overseas.

This is something that I will eventually pass down to my son Mason when he is old enough to use it.

Thank you so much again it means a lot to me. 



My quilt has just arrived, thank you so much, it reminds me of Australia and is wonderful. I really appreciate you and all of the other sewers taking the time to do these for all of Australia’s deployed personnel. I am from Brisbane and have got a few more months left until I go home, things have been good so far but I am looking forward to getting back home to my family. I am married and have got a one year old son. Congratulations on your retirement, I hope you get a chance to give your caravan a workout with your husband and kelpie. 

Thanks again, 

G’day Philomena,

I would like to say a huge thank you for my amazing Aussie hero quilt! I have placed it in on my bed so I can stay nice and warm on these cold nights on deployment.

I completely understand your love for sewing as I used to make custom interiors for cars and boats, and the final outcome and customers faces used to always brighten up my day.
Thank you for chosing such great patterns for my quilt. I love superheros, and so does my 2yo son. I know when I head back home my son is going to want to use it whilst we read his books together. 

I am honestly so amazed at the group of people involved with Aussie Hero Quilts, including yourself and Jan-Maree. Your generosity and dedication to the ADF is truly heartwarming.



Thank you with all my heart for the amazing quilt that you lovingly made for me.  It is the most special piece of art I have ever received. It was a little emotional to open the box and see all of the incredible details and skill that went into it.  Know that my morale has lifted significantly this week!!  The quilt will certainly get a lot of use because even though it is very hot here, we try and keep our rooms cold to stop the mosquitoes.  Up until now I have been using a couple of sheets only!  This quilt is so great and will take pride of place both over here and back home (maybe in my son’s room).Thanks again for the effort and heart that went into this. Its perfect!!

Warmest regards,


I apologise for how long it has taken for me to send you this email!
Thank you so much for the quilt, I adore it and it is currently hanging up on my tent wall so that I see it all the time when I am in my room.

I’m 23yo and am a dog trainer in the RAAF.
Whilst overseas we’re currently living in tents with 7 other people, we all work on the same shift together and our spaces are separated by curtains.

I really appreciate the time you put into making the quilt, it is incredible! Cannot wait to take it home with  me in the next few months.

I look forward to hearing from you again.

Hi Brenda

I am currently serving in the Middle East and received a laundry bag made by you. Thank-you very much! it is greatly appreciated. You can’t imagine how much these items mean to us when separated from family and friends. Adding the fact it has some Australiana on it makes it even more special and almost homesick. I am in the Air Force and have been here in the Middle East for three months now, and I will likely return home June 2018. Being away from home and family is very difficult especially when missing significant events like Xmas and birthdays. I like you am married, have two boys, both married and my new and only grandson (so far). The beauty of technology this day and age allows us to communicate reasonably frequently. 

I am from South Australia and grew up in Morphett Vale on the south side. We lived in Salisbury East when posted to Edinburgh for a couple of years. My folks still live in SA. Great wineries up your way as well I must say. 

Anyway, we all feel we are doing a good job for the country and that keeps us going, however when we receive these gifts and nice letters of support, it makes us feel even more proud to be Aussies and know people like you are behind us. Your own efforts are amazing with quilting for the various groups that without doubt would be extremely grateful for. You seem like an remarkable person with your volunteering so thank you very much for your service to the community as well. 

Kindest Regards and thanks again.


Dear Clarrisa

I hope this email finds you well.  I am writing to you to thank you for the beautiful Laundry Bag I received some time ago when I was the Ships Warrant Officer at HMAS Harman.  I apologise for not contacting you sooner but I had an ulterior motive.  I wanted to you to see a photo of the laundry bag in use, at sea, on an Australian Warship…so here it is.  Since Jan this year, I have taken over the Command Warrant Officer position in HMAS Sirius.  HMAS Sirius is 45,000 ton, 191metre long Tanker and is the largest vessel in the Australian Fleet but has one of the smallest crews.  We have enough fuel onboard to replenish every ship in the fleet for 12 months.  I have attached a photo on my new laundry bag in my cabin on my other pride and joy…my Richmond Football Club doona cover.

I thank you once again for the wonderful work you and your fellow Aussie Hero Quilters do for us.  It is really really very well appreciated.  Thank you.

Yours Aye,


Dear Crisis Point Community Ladies,
Thank you for the very generous and thoughtful Christmas package you sent to the deployed members of the Australian Defence Force.  Your package made its way to Afghanistan and I was lucky enough to receive it.  I am working with a team of Australian Mentors from all three services, as well as coalition partners, helping the Afghan Air Force build capabilities through a Train, Advise and Assist mission known as TACC-AIR.  The mission is professionally rewarding and something every ADF member cherishes throughout their career.
The more difficult part of the deployment is the time away from family and friends.  On average, most members spend between six to nine months away from home.  As you can imagine it is the dedication of families at home that are the true heroes in our hearts.  All members greatly appreciate the time and effort spent collating and sending care packages to us overseas, particularly during this time of year when work and family commitments are at their busiest.
Stay safe and all the best for the New Year and your caring thoughts for deployed members at this time.
I hope you and your family had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Hello to the ladies of Phatt Quarters,

Thank you for making the Poppy quilt for me and sending the other little gifts that were in the care package. I was very humbled to receive the quilt.

The support that you and the other ladies from Aussie Hero Quilts provide the members of the ADF in making the quilts and laundry bags is truly amazing.

The detail and effort that you put into your work is phenomenal and greatly appreciated by all who receive them.

I am the OIC of the ANZAC Hospital ward and we have a good supply of Aussie Hero Quilts that take pride and place on our ward beds. When we have VIP visits I make a point of showing them the quilts.

Our guests are amazed at the quality and craftsmanship of these beautiful quilts and they appreciate your hard work and effort that goes into making such beautiful gifts.

Once again thank you very much. Stay Safe and best wishes to all.

Kind regards, 

Dear Georgina,

I received the quilt you made from me this week. OMG, it is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much, you’ve done an amazing job with so little information to work off. I’m so very lucky and very proud to serve.

Best wishes,

Afternoon Anne H, 

I am just responding to your lovely letter and would like to thank you for the fantastic NQLD Cowboys Laundry Bag that you made me. I would just like to say that your efforts are very much appreciated and that your work through AHQLBs does make a big difference to our deployed personnel. A little bit about me – I am 25 and have been in the Army eight years this year, this is my first operational deployment and I am very blessed to have to opportunity to serve overseas. I am in the Royal Australian Corps of Transport, which is responsible for the movement of army cargo and vehicles on land, air and sea.

I would like to once again thank you for your fantastic laundry bag, please see attached a photo to prove that your work made it to me. Hahaha. 

Best Wishes, 

Hi Jan-Maree,

I’m back from leave and my quilt was here waiting for me – it arrived sometime in the last couple of weeks. 

The quilt is perfect! Maddy has done a wonderful job. As well as including my hobbies in a lovely way she included some very appropriate quotes that I really appreciate. This was especially appropriate because I regularly quote phrases, verses and sayings to my family and to have these quotes on my quilt makes it even more special.

Thanks to you and your team. 

Dear Sally,  
I just want to thank you so much for the laundry bag you sent me. Its absolutely perfect,  I love the additional detail of the books and my initials.  I have a deep love of reading which I got from my mum much to her satisfaction,  for a while I think she thought none of her girls were going to share the passion haha. 
It sounds like you live in an amazing place,  I myself have not yet made it down to Victoria but in a few months I’ll be posted to the RAAF base at Edinburgh in SA so I’ll have a chance to look around the southern parts of Australia. 
This is my first deployment and so far I have had a great time,  it’s been a good experience for me. Thank you again so much,  I have sent photos of the bag to my family and they all said how amazing it was. I am currently the star of the base with my new laundry bag,  everyone’s jealous. Thank you also for the treats you sent,  you can never have too many Tim Tams. I hope you and your husband are doing well and enjoying the serenity of what sounds like your paradise called home. 

Thanks again!  

Dear Jean,  today I was incredibly fortunate to receive the beautiful laundry bag that you made for me!  It was very unexpected (I think that my friend may have requested it for me), so it was a really lovely surprise.
We haven’t had mail for a couple of weeks here, so that made it even more special.
I’ve been here since before Christmas, slowly acclimatizing to the very cold Winter in Kabul. I have been in Townsville for the past year, so coming from that heat to sub-zero temperatures and snow was a bit of a shock.  The worst thing is the air pollution here.  Its really bad in the morning because the population is so poor that they burn anything they can to stay warm.  I am grateful that we have hot water and warm clothes and beds to stay warm in.
Thank you so much for your generosity in giving your time and skill to sew beautiful creations for us.  I am really humbled that you and many others do this for us.  The laundry bag is perfect for me, with people running and very cute dachshunds!  I also noticed that the girl is definitely running faster than the boys!!!
I have written a card to send to you, but our outwards mail seems to take
forever to get home, and I wanted to say thank you straight away.   I hope
you have a really lovely week, and I send your dog a scratch behind the ears too.  The only animals I see here are the search dogs and a few cats that are kept to catch vermin.  Oddly enough there aren’t even any ants here (a big change from Townsville!) and I have only seen one fly.  There are no birds at all, but perhaps that is because there are so many noisy helicopters!  What I miss most, though, is the sun, blue sky and green trees of home. 

Very best wishes and many many thanks,
Till next time….. keep spreading the word and happy stitching!
Jan-Maree  xx

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