Grati-Tuesday 19th Sept. 2023

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19 September 2023

Happy Tuesday Friends!

We are receiving so many Gratitude emails and letters these days!!! It is amazing to sort through them all to hear about the story and lives behind the requests. 

Some will bring a tear to your eye this week!!!!

Grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy some well deserved gratitude!


I visited XXX and XXX earlier today at their home and presented him with his Aussie Hero Quilt. He was absolutely delighted to receive the quilt and I took him for lunch at the nearby surf club.


I think he appreciated the opportunity to talk to someone about his experiences (in Vietnam) and he was genuinely touched by the presentation of the quilt – Like so many of his contemporaries, he still feels that lack of public support for their service, but I got the sense that the quilt is a measure of recognition. I’ve attached a photo of the quilt on the bed.”


Bobbie S with Mystery BOMers, quilted by Philomena H. Embroidery by Keryn M

Hi Chris E,


Currently posted on HMAS Adelaide and wanted to thank you immensely for the laundry bag. 
It’s amazing that there are still people giving up their time in today’s society.


Hi Belinda C,

I can’t thank you enough for the laundry bag,  it really

one of a kind and I can’t wait to use it on our upcoming trip later this year. Music has always had a special place in my heart and prior to joining the Navy I was actually part of a band. I always bring a guitar with me even when I am on the ship, so the bag has really hit the nail on the head. 


Surfing is a massive passion of mine along with 4wd trips when the weather is good. Over the New Year period my girlfriend and I spent 14 days road tripping up to Exmouth, camping along the way. It was an unreal trip and I would highly recommend visiting the west coast if you haven’t already. 


We are currently living in NSW but, due to my work I’ve had to move over to WA. I’ll be moving back at the end of this year and really looking forward to more time with my girlfriend. We don’t have a dog yet but once I’m back, I think it will be a good time start looking. A golden retriever or German Shepard are my top picks.


I appreciate the letter and the laundry bag,


Kind Regards,


Gday Lynn K, 

I just wanted to write to you to thank you for the amazing laundry bag! It far exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to use it whilst I’m at sea. 
Since you told me a bit about yourself I will do the same. I have been in the Navy for 5 years now. I am currently based in Western Australia and I absolutely love it. My family are close by and I spend as much time as I can with them when I am home. In my spare time I enjoy camping and four wheel driving and I ride dirt bikes when I can. 
Thank you so much again for the laundry bag, it means so much and will make life just that bit easier whilst at sea 


Hi Laura C,

I really appreciate you taking the time to make my beautiful laundry bag and write the letter. I can’t wait to show it off on the Instagram. Once again thank you so very much.



Hi Jan-Maree,

I just want to again thank you & your crew for the Quilt for Dad.

 He turned 102 on the 3rd September & he appreciates the Quilt. 

Thanks again,


Bobbie S with Mystery BOMers, quilted by Philomena H. Embroidery by Keryn M



Hi Bobbie S,

Thank You so much for your quilt. My wife is so impressed by the detail and effort you and your team went to. 
The quilt was presented to me 2 days ago by a friend of Jan-Maree. 
The depiction of aircraft is so special as I was in air cadets at school and I flew gliders for 30 years. It is so much more brightening for me than the war in Vietnam. Fortunately for me I went to Vietnam to help people and whilst I experienced a lot of ‘Mans’ inhumanity to Man’ I met some lovely people there. 
Politicians make wars not the people….2 years after I came back from Vietnam I went on a coach camping trip through Russia (pre Glasnost) and I met so many ordinary Russians at camp sites who were nice people and I am reminded of the Sting song “The Russians” where there is a line “remember The Russians love their children too!”..
Fortunately it is people like you and your BOMers who bring cheer to servicemen and women.

So thank you to your BOMers, to Alison C, Keryn M and Jan-Maree for saying “Thank You for your service”…It means a lot to me.




Dear Margaret B,


What a wonderful surprise it was to receive the personalized laundry bag and also to meet you personally.  I count it an enormous privilege to serve our troops as a chaplain.

Thank you once again for a gift that will always have a special meaning to me.

God Bless,


Dear Amy K,


The quilt I received is stitch work far beyond anything I’ve seen before. The detail is incredible.

As you can see in the photo, my dogs are equally impressed. It now has pride of place in my bunk onboard HMAS Rankin.

I’m so glad your kids were able to get involved, my twin eight year old girls adore the end result too.

Receiving this gift means so much to me and the time and effort that I’m sure was involved is truly appreciated.

Yours Aye


Hi Colleen,

I would just like to say thank you for the laundry bag.
I couldn’t of asked for a better one and I appreciate the thought you put into it.
I have to admit I was a little nervous about what I was going to get after telling the crew member who organised the bags to surprise me, but I’m very happy with it.

All the best.
Thanks again.


Dear Jan-Maree,
I would like to let you know that I was so surprised to receive a quilt from Aussie Hero Quilts. A big thank-you to Lynne F, Dorothy C, Philomena H and Keryn M for such a wonderful job they did on the quilt. My husband would have been so proud of it. He was a Vietnam veteran and very proud of his service as we were of him.
He passed away last year and the quilt was given to me on his 1st anniversary of his passing. There were lots of tears!
I really appreciate all the time and thought that is put into each quilt and am so grateful for the quilt I received. I will proudly  hang it on my wall.
Thank-you Jan-Maree for such a wonderful job that you do for service men and women.
Kind regards and love,


Dear Lynn F,


On behalf of my husband and I, thank you so much for the quilts. They are lovely and will be dearly cherished.


I’m not sure how much you know about my husband and I. We met in 2002, on course and after a rocky start have been together since, getting married in 2007.  During our time in the service, we moved multiple times and welcomed the arrival of our two wonderful daughters. Both of us have also been on multiple deployments both before and after having kids.


Defence kids are extremely resilient but with posting options becoming more limited as we progressed in rank providing less stability and work becoming more demanding, we made the decision it was time to start putting family first. My husband is now able to do school drop offs and pickups and all the running around for the after school activities such as netball, golf, music lessons etc… While I would love him to do a bit more housework, I’m so grateful he is there for our girls and he’s a lot happy now having the time to play golf and take everything at a slower pace.


I chose to voluntary discharge around the same time my husband was discharged. While I initially planned to leave Defence completely, by chance I fell into a Defence-contracting role, which I love. I get to do all the things I loved doing when in uniform without the constant moving, deployments, long field exercises, fitness test etc… and it provides the work life balance we need.


Our family is now thriving!


Serving in Defence has been an honour for us; it is a lifestyle not job where you are surrounded by a community that become family. We learnt and experienced so much during our service that nothing else in life can compare to and we are truly honoured to be recognised by Aussie Hero Quilts. Please pass our thanks on to Philomena H and Jan-Maree B and also Jeff who hand delivered them.


Kind Regards,


Until next week keep your letters, emails and photos coming in.  

Tuesday’s would be so totally boring without them!





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