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Written by AHQ

15 September 2015

We don’t do what we do for the thank you messages but they are pretty special when they come. Sometimes I think the smiles are the best reward. Enjoy!

Hi Jan-Maree 

How are you? I received my amazing quilt and laundry bag made by April today they are absolutely amazing. My quilt is made up of different kinds of flames and has a panthers logo and my laundry bag is the colours of the western wanderers with their logo. Absolutely love both. I’ve attached photos. Thanks so much for the time you have put in and for organizing this amazing gift. 



Just wanted to share this pic. My Son turned 6 months today. His Daddy deployed when he was 6 weeks old and he returned 2 weeks ago. As you can see my son Henry now proudly displays his Daddy’s hero quilt in his room.


This message was for Patsy who made the quilt top and laundry bag and Lisa who embellished them and finished them off.

Ladies, Thank you.

I can’t express my gratitude enough for what you have sent over for me. My husband arranged this quilt for me as he received a Collingwood themed in is May this year – and he did an amazing job. He got some brownie points for that! I’ve been following Aussie Hero Quilts for quite a while and honoured that I’m finally able to be part of it.

This is my 7th year in the RAAF and this is my first deployment, and receiving this in the first few weeks made it (and my room) all the more homely. I’m working over here arranging everyone’s medals and making sure that everyone gets their entitlements. I’ll be away until early next year and I can tell you, my quilt and laundry bag will get a good working out until then.

As soon as I opened the box and saw the pink and purple, I knew it had to be good then as I saw the pictures of my dog I had to contain my self so that I didn’t cry. It was hard i’ll tell you!! 

You’ve both done an amazing job, and I hope that you know how much these quilts and laundry bags raise the morale over here!  My postie made me open it with her as she wanted to see what it looked like.

I don’t want to put my dirty laundry in the bag, it’s too good to actually use.

Thank you again ladies, you’ve done an amazing job. 

BTW – Double coated tim tams are my favourite – GOOD PICK.

Kind Regards, 


Dear Pennie,
I received your beautiful laundry bag today and I was so excited. I don’t think I have ever been this eager to do my washing. The cats on the inside of the bag are amazing.
I can’t wait for the quilt – I can only think of how fantastic it will be and it will be lovely to put on my bed to make it feel more like home.


G’day Jan Maree

This email is to thank you and your team for the lovely Quilt that you have personally made and sent to me. I was quite surprised to receive the package however even more surprised to see the contents. People like yourself and your team make serving Australia a privilege and an honour and I will proudly display the Quilt throughout my tour over here.

I was originally in the British Air force and came over to Australia on an exchange posting, I obviously liked what I saw and decided to try and see if the Australia Air Force would take me on, that was nearly 10 years ago and the rest is history.

I can honestly say that everyone that has received these gifts from you have been delighted that someone back home has the forethought and kindness in them to give up their own time to do this work. I for one am most grateful.

Kind regards and many thanks


Hi Jan-Maree,

I just wanted to extend my heartfelt thank you to the ladies at the Country Women’s Association in Queanbeyan for the absolutely stunning quilt they made for me! It was so perfect it brought a tear to my eye! I can see that they have put much time, effort and love in creating the most wonderful quilt for me. It has taken pride of place on my bed, giving my room over here that amazing boost of colour it needs.
Thank you so much to the ladies and everyone else out there who make these quilts and laundry bags for those of us deployed. It really does make such a difference to know that people care. It is so hard being away from our friends and loved ones for so long but what you all do brings the biggest smiles to our faces.
I would especially like to thank the ladies for placing a special message on my quilt from a loved one back home – it is the perfect touch to the most perfect quilt! 


Dear Caroline and Sue,

I am writing to say ‘Thank you so much’ for the lovely laundry bag you made for me. I was so happy and excited to receive such a lovely gift when the mail arrived from Australia last week.
I love the colours and patterns you chose for me, they are perfect. I also love that you put my initials on the bag.

It is very hot, dusty and dirty where we are, and so beautiful colored laundry bags really help to brighten up our days.

Thank you so much for your time, effort and kindness, it really does mean so much.

Kind Regards,

Dear Pamela,
Just a quick email to let you know your box of laundry bags have arrived and I am going to forward them on to some of our personnel at a remote location that are often forgotten about. I note that each one of your bags has a note enclosed so I hope the grateful recipients will drop you a line.
The bags are true blue beautiful! A lovely little reminder of home in each one of them. On behalf of all the women and men out here serving in the Air Task Group, thank you so much for your support it really is appreciated.
To help you understand what we are doing, Operation OKRA is the ADF’s contribution to the international effort to combat the Daesh terrorist threat in Iraq and Syria, the Air Task Group is the Royal Australian Air Forces contribution to the Operation.
Once again many thanks

Hello Fran,

The lovely quilt arrived today. We have just entered into the operational
area, so what a lovely treat. It is perfect. Well done on getting the
Chaplain’s Crest into the whole. The kellick anchor is about my dad. He
served in the RN before me.

Thank you again for the lovely quilt. An heirloom. If you need help with
anything I remain your servant,


G’day Jan-Maree,

I have received my quilt and laundry bag (from Gwenda) and have to say I am blown away.

The work you guys do is amazing. Definitely brought a smile to my face.

Thank you all for the work you do.



I’m writing you today whilst sitting on my new amazing quilt.

Firstly, thank you so much for the time and effort it must take to create something like what you made for me! The incorporation of the rising sun just made that even little bit more personal, so my sincerest gratitude.

A little about me; I have been in the army for ten years as an armoured corps soldier,and this is my fourth deployment, third to the Middle East. This rotation is somewhat slower than previous ones. With my team, we are the ones doing the hands on training with the Iraqis. This trip will probably be around about seven – eight months long in duration. This rotation is somewhat slower than previous ones although meaningful, its still along time away from home from my wife and 7 month old son!!! I will say that the wives I think have a far tougher job than us boys over here!!! I’m just extremely thankful that friends and family are so supportive of her!

I’ve seen my soldiers previously get the quilts and thought about how amazing a job you folks do in taking the time to make these, and that given the opportunity I would get one this time.

I will cherish this gift.


I am emailing you to thank you for the laundry bag that you sent through Aussie Hero Quilts!

I appreciate the thoughts and random act of kindness from a stranger!  Rest assured its been put to good use on board!  Its a really uplifting thing to receive a gift that you didn’t expect from someone you have never met so thank you for all of your efforts it really does brighten your day when you are at sea and away from your loved ones!

I hope my email finds you and your family well and my very best wishes to you!

Yours aye,



I had the most wonderful parcel arrive this week, it was the laundry bag you made!

Wow; it is beautifully made and the Australian animal material is fantastic. I loved the blue tongue lizard aboriginal print. Thank you ever so much, you really made my day.

I also really enjoyed reading your letter.

I have seen many laundry bags since I have been here and marvel at their originality. It really does mean so much to the service men and women to receive such a personal gift. Thank you for the many hours you must spend sewing, it is really appreciated.

Best wishes


Dear Joan & Robin

I just want to say many thanks for the laundry bag that you made and sent to me, it was fantastic to receive it and the design was great. It will be put to good use. I will endeavour to take a picture for you and email it to you when I get a chance.


Thank you so much for the fantastic superhero quilt that you have made for me. You have put far more effort and time into it than I could imagine. I assure you that the personal touch you put into it really does make a difference for morale here. A highlight of receiving mail is when one of the team receives a quilt!

I requested a super hero quilt due to having two young sons at home, one five and one three, both of whom are great fans of the different super heroes. Having your quilt is a great reminder of my boys and in some small way lets me connect with them. When i get home I hope that it becomes something we can all sit under whilst watching any of the kids’ movies that they like. i am sure they will love it as much as I do!

I have been here now for over six months living in a tent in the desert. We have had over four months above 45 degrees so I will not be using the quilt for warmth! I have about a month now then will be heading for home again. It is a long trip but it is good to hear that there are people like yourself supporting us there – I know we don’t get much news coverage on what we are doing and many people would have forgotten we are here…

Thanks once again for your effort and support and I will be sure to treasure the quilt until it falls apart!


Hi Leah,
I am writing you from Iraq and thanking you for the quilt you made me. All the boys were jealous when I pulled out the massive Wallabies quilt. It has already been used, I am quite a peasant and only brought a sleeping bag, so I would say it has raised me back to Australian standards. So THANKYOU!
I will also use it when I am back in Australia, I plan to inculcate my son with the love of rugby through sublime measures so thankyou for helping me with this.
It is rather a joke, my wife is from XXXXXX, my entire extended family don’t know English or watch anything other than soccer, so to have another rugby player in the family is important.
I have been married for 5 years and have a six month old son. I appreciate you and your husband’s thoughts. I am sure you both understand the cost of serving and appreciate your thoughts and effort in giving us such a nice gift. My son was five days old when I was told I was going to Iraq and my planned month off turned into busy preparations. Missing my son’s first year has been the hardest for my family. My wife is lucky enough to travel home though so we have lots of support.
The Tim-Tams were delicious, unfortunately I could not savour them and spread them out. The boys say thankyou. The beverages are also great.
I must admit you should not stress about any issues with your craftsmanship, we poor souls are not much of a critic when it comes to sewed items. It keeps me warm, has a great big wallabies logo in a world cup year. Men are too easily kept satisfied. 😉


Hello Lisa,

I am blown away by my quilt and laundry bag I am so excited by what you have done for me words fail me at this time. The fact that you all take time out of your daily lives to make these quilts is amazing my OC (Officer Commanding) especially likes the one that was made for her as she is on loan from the UK Army, I will treasure mine forever.

I have served in the Army for just short of 20 years and I still love every bit of it. I can’t complain about the lifestyle if I didn’t join I would probably be doing the same job I was doing before I joined. I have served all over the country from Townsville, Sydney, Wagga Wagga, Darwin, Mt Isa now Brisbane.
Thank you again this is the best present I have received so far it made my day.

Hi Kay!!,

Thank you so much for taking time to make me this amazing blanket!.

The colour is great. I actually wanted it dark cause I have a baby due when I’m back and was planning to use it with him so dark colours would be better 🙂

It will keep me warm while I’m over here for sure the temperature is hot but its slowly cooling down so I might need to use it 🙂

We only have a few months left now so I’m counting down the days 🙂

Thanks again!


Thank you, your daughter and Lisa N for the Aussie Hero Quilt you made for me. Where I am based it is a monotonous sand coloured place including the buildings. Your quilt brings a bit of colour into my life here.

I requested a Northern Australia themed quilt and you nailed it. I grew up in Far north QLD near Cairns, as the country singer 8 Ball Aitken says, they call Far North QLD because North Queensland wasn’t good enough or far enough. The blue and green colours, with the frogs and lizards remind me of the rainforests there. As the tourist ads say “It is where the rainforest meets the reef”.

It is good to see in this world of consumerism that sewing skills are still being used and passed on. Your children may not always appreciate it now or in their early twenties but one day they will require sewing something and will be happy you taught them.

Thank you to your daughter for giving up some time on her school holidays as well. I spent most of my school holidays hanging with my mates riding bikes to various swimming holes and occasionally working with my father on weekends and wouldn’t have thought of doing something for a stranger.

Thanks again, you are the champions working unselfishly.

Dear Jan Maree,

I wanted to personally thank you SO much for the work you and your team do.

I received one of your quilts (that my brother Michael requested be sent to me) and I just had to jump on here and thank you so much. I absolutely love it and it brought tears to my eyes. I think what you and all your team do is an incredible thing. Thank you so much for YOUR time and sacrifice for making something so special that will remain in our family for the rest of our lives. I would absolutely jump on the quilt knitting bandwagon if I had any idea how to use a sewing machine but unfortunately I don’t so for now all I can say is thank you!

All the best, keep up the amazing work!

Another thank you message for one of our fabulous children from Boyanup Public School who made laundry bags.

Good afternoon Finn, how are you? Sorry it has taken me so long to contact you.

Thank you so much for the beautiful laundry bag. It brightens up my very dull room.

I chose your laundry bag because I am a Navy Officer and there is no ocean in Afghanistan, so the fish and whales on your laundry bag reminded me of being at sea again.

I arrived in Afghanistan about three months ago and I will hopefully be home for Christmas. I spend my days here riding around in Blackhawk helicopters, private planes and meeting people from all over the world. I get to travel a lot which is great because I get to see the whole country. It is certainly a big change from the little country town I grew up in.

It does get a bit scary here at times, but I know that I am very safe and well looked after. I’m lucky to be here with so many great people who are like me and want to serve their country.

When I finish my time in Afghanistan, I will be going back to sea as an Executive Officer of one of the Australian ships. I will take your laundry bag with me as a reminder of the kindness of the people back home who support our troops serving overseas.

Thank you so much once again. If you have any questions about me, what I do or what Afghanistan is like, please let me know.


Dear Joan and Robin,

I received my laundry bag yesterday and can’t express enough how thrilled and grateful I am J
I have been quite busy the last few weeks and wasn’t expecting any mail so when it turned up it was a fantastic surprise.
The colours, the pattern, the design – everything about it is perfect Thank you so much!
It will certainly brighten up my quarters and has already been put to good use. I will endeavour to get a photo in the next couple of days for the blog.

Again – Thank you, thank you. It really made my day yesterday J

Best regards


This morning we finally got around to hanging a beautiful Australia theme quilt in our brew room in Afghanistan. Thank you to those ladies who contributed and many thanks for your kind words and continuous support xx


Good Morning,
I am the recipient of a lovely quilt you made and sent to the  Kabul, Afghanistan.  I am writing to thank you for your kindness and generosity, it is very much appreciated.  The quilts and laundry bags from Aussie Hero Quilts are a great morale boost for all of us here serving away from our families.
Thank you again for your kindness,

Till next time………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching.
Jan-Maree xx

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  1. Sue Niven

    Lovely messages indeed.

  2. Jacqui D

    I love reading these messages, if anyone needs reminding why we do what we do, read these thankyou's! Wonderful!!


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