Grati-Tuesday – 13th Feb 2024

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13 February 2024

Happy Tuesday Friends!

Although not as many letters this week, the ones we have received are so very special and we are grateful to have received them….

Grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy some well deserved gratitude!

Dear Heather B,


Thank you for your beautiful letter, and your even more beautiful bespoke Family Laundry Bag.


When I opened the parcel and saw the bag for the first time…well I’ll be honest, it reduced me to tears. You had put so much thought into it, and managed to totally capture us as a family, I was quite overwhelmed.


Unfortunately I am the only one living at the family home in Canberra at the moment as my husband is posted to HMAS Creswell at Jervis Bay, some of the children are living together in Sydney for work, and another child, while still in Canberra, lives out of home and closer to her work which helps her to manage her shiftwork. So it has taken me a while to be able to show them your beautiful creation and get their feedback, which I was keen to do so you knew how truly touched and honoured we are to be the recipients of your thoughtful efforts. So in summary, the following are some direct quotes from the family as they saw it for the first time.



Oh wow! That is pretty special! 


Child 1

Oh my God!! That is so awesome…..I love that! 


Child 2

Oh my God!! How beautiful……it’s our whole story! 


Child 3

Oh my God!! This makes me so happy, my teeth are hurting from smiling! 


The kids particularly liked that you covered off on all the postings, and the heart buttons you used to represent where they were born. Personally, I really liked the crossword you did on the back…and the quality of your work – your quilts must be amazing!


As a family we love to travel, and as the kids are getting older they are travelling more independently. So we have agreed we will all share the bag (the kids are calling it the Family Heirloom), taking turns depending on who is travelling at any one time.


Thanks for sharing your personal story and connection to military service. Your Uncles’ story is incredible….and I of course have a soft spot for sailors. My husband is a bit of an enigma in his family in that he did not come from a service family. Although his father (and mine) did National Service, neither of them considered that to be the ADF type service that my husband undertook. So it was a bit of a surprise to his parents when he announced at the ripe old age of about 10 that he was going to join the Navy. I guess his 42 plus (and counting) years of service means he has done the heavy lifting for our families by way of patriotic representation. That said…


…while incredibly supportive of their father’s service and accommodating of the challenges that meant for them growing up, none of our kids aspired to military service. That is until our daughter spent a few days visiting her Dad at Creswell where she got to observe up close his work in teaching leadership to new entry officers. She promptly came home and registered her interest in joining the Navy Reserves. Ironically, if she is accepted her father will be her leadership instructor, and when she graduates, he will have to salute her as she will be an officer (he is a Warrant Officer)….that causes some amusement in the family!


My husband and I will visit Vietnam and Cambodia in April of this year with our best friends. They are very keen to visit the tunnels and explore the history of the Vietnam War while we are there. And of course, we will have with us, our very special, bespoke Family Laundry Bag (a.k.a. the Family Heirloom) 


Thank you again so very much Heather. All five of us feel very blessed and humbled by your efforts to recognise us as a dedicated and committed military family.


Thank you also for everything you do for Aussie Heroes… is an incredible initiative that really makes a difference to how current and ex serving personnel feel about the community gratitude that exists. When I retire, I will try to learn how to quilt and join you all. Mind you….given my relative lack of creative talent, its probably best that I just volunteer in an administrative role! 

Good Morning Sir and Ma’am,
 I received my amazing bag from Shirley D and I’m writing to you saying a big thank you and you have an amazing story. I’d like to thank you so much for taking the time and effort in creating this bag and it put a great smile on my face and has made my day. I’d like to also thank your father for his service. Men like him gave me the inspiration and courage to serve our beautiful country so I thank you for that and I hope they are never forgotten and their stories stay strong and shared throughout our country .
 I’d like to also share a bit of my story. I grew up In small fishing town on the far south coast of NSW and then moved to Vic in 2014. I moved to pursue my golf. I recently got back into golf last year I started off 7 and got it down to 0 as of the weekend.
 My father is a fisherman and my mother a bartender. I wanted to become a professional golfer however I heard my call back to serve my country so I had to put my hopes and dreams aside. My very first trip on a boat was the boat my dad worked on the Mark M. I was the age of three and he strapped a line around me as well as a lifejacket and off we went. I grew up on the water but I have a strong passion for sport especially golf. I also support the Sydney roosters in the NRL and will watch any sport.
 I have a beautiful partner, and I try my very best to be the best man I can be. We hope to purchase a house in the upcoming years however its hard with the cost of living but we will try.
She has been the best thing has come into my life, she is an amazing and beautiful person and she makes me a better person each and every day. 
May you all have a safe, healthy and happy year.
Thankyou again Shirley I really appreciate the bag it’s amazing.
 Kind Regards,

Good Morning Bridget R, 

I am writing to you as a way of thanks for the beautiful quilt and laundry bag you spent your time making for me.

I appreciate the time and work you did for me in the making of each item and love the design and every aspect of each detail you placed within it.


I still remember my time in Afghanistan when laundry bags were sent to us and it was a huge morale booster for our time over there and once again receiving your quilt and bag today.


I will definitely recommend my colleagues to send their requests in future as I think they are a fabulous for service people to receive and acknowledge the community does appreciate our service.


Once again thankyou very much and I will be taking these with me on OP RESOLUTE in the very near future.



Hello Heather B,
Thank you so much for the quilt and the lovely letter. I am a mad horse racing fan and Makybe Diva was one of my favourites.
All of the volunteers do a wonderful job for Aussie Heroes and very appreciated by myself and all defence members.
I have been in the RAAF for 30 years now and still enjoying what I do, however I am also planning my retirement.
We have just brought our first caravan and just returned from a month away in Victoria. We now have the bug so a lot more travelling is on the horizon.
Once again thanks so much and please see the attached photo with me holding the quilt.


Until next week keep your letters, emails and photos coming in.  

Tuesday’s would be so totally boring without them!




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