Dinner and Badges

Written by AHQ

14 June 2017

Hi All

Just a quick update…. a bit busy these days… there is a lot to be done at the moment.
Let’s just say that this little duck is paddling furiously under the surface.

Planning continues for the dinner. 
I am endeavoring to make it a weekend you won’t forget in a hurry so there is lots to be done. Fortunately I have some help but there is still lots to do.

Plans so far include a tour of ADFA on the Friday afternoon.

I have a Quilter’s Event  planned for the Friday night.  I am not releasing any details until I have everything tied up but it will include a guest speaker (or two).   I want to confirm the venue before I announce the details but the cost will be minimal, maybe $10

You will have a free day on Saturday, but given that Floriade is still on til the Sunday and there are soooo many other cool things to do, you should not be bored for too long.

Obviously the dinner will be on the Saturday night and on Sunday morning we will have another awesome brunch at Poppy’s.  

If you are staying at the Diplomat you will be well placed for all the events, especially as I am hoping that our Friday night function is able to be held there. 

There are still rooms available there with our special deal. Please let me know if you have booked in there, even if you have told me once, can you please let me know again… I accidentally lost the data… doh!

Those of you who do not have transport, and who are staying at the Diplomat, should not have too much trouble catching a lift to the dinner and to breakfast… if that includes you please let me know so I can pair you up with someone.

Tickets are not available yet but next week, time permitting,  I intend to call for expressions of interest. Can’t sell tickets til I know how much the dinner will be.  As well as getting the costs from ADFA, I am also looking at ways to reduce the cost if possible.  So you will be asked to register for a ticket and I will call for payment later. The dinner looks like being very popular so get in, once asked, and book your place and you can pay later.  
What a great deal.

I am also working on a new badge and a new name tag.   The badges will look like the picture below and will make it easy to spot an Aussie Hero Friend from a distance.  Name tags will be great for get togethers, so you know who you are talking to. 

More details to come but info should be available soon.

Finally to catch you up, in Wednesday I was invited to have lunch at the beautiful Officers Mess at  Victoria Barracks in Paddington to chat to several army chaplains from around the country and explain to them what Aussie Heroes is all about and what we do. 

Meetings like this are an important opportunity to grow the network of those who understand what we do and how we can support our serving members. 

Till next time…… keep spreading the word and happy stitching.

Jan-Maree xx

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