Continuing The Tale of Atticus!

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25 November 2013

Greetings all!
5 sleeps till the dinner – just saying!  

In my post last Thursday night I told you that I went to Victoria Barracks for morning tea and whilst there, as well as meeting the recipient who had invited me, I met a fellow who had received a quilt whilst he was part of the 7RAR Task Group.  Let’s call him Atticus.  

When his  room mate received a quilt and laundry bag, coincidentally from yours truly, Atticus was motivated to submit a request for himself. 
This is what he wrote in his request email

“Recently, one of my room mates and colleagues showed me a laundry bag and quilt that you made up for him – the laundry bag had our Task Group emblem (the red kangaroo sitting over a boomerang) and the quilt, the southern cross. He was quite excited, particularly as his laundry bag now stood out among all the others in the laundry room – not a big thing back home, but when your laundry bag is sitting among 100 others, it can make or break your day!

I’d be very grateful if I could have a laundry bag too please – I very much like what you have done with initials and the Task Group emblem in the past. As for a quilt, if you can think up of anything ‘lawyer’ themed, that would be fantastic.

Thanks so much for what you do – more than a few of my colleagues are sporting a happy disposition because of your kindness.Thanks and regards,

I had a “distributor” within the Task Group who just happened to occupy the adjacent desk to Atticus.  I decided to contact my Distributor and ask him if he had any suggestions that might further personalise the quilt for Atticus.  

This is the information that he passed on to me.

“Where do I start? Hopefully you know that he is the Task Group Lawyer, so anything law related would be appropriate. We call him Atticus, after the character in “To Kill a Mockingbird”.  I don’t know what a mockingbird looks like but any bird that looks vaguely like one would be good. He eats ‘Black Cats’ (filthy aniseed flavoured lollies) by the kg, so black cats on his quilt would be good. He wears quite thick glasses. He always complaining about the cold.  He loves fishing, Italy and cricket.  He’s half-Egyptian.”

Hee Hee!  With friends like this who needs an enemy! LOL

 I had some fun with the laundry bag – adding his nickname and, of course,

and a black cat.

Dear Jan-Maree,
Just a quick note to sat thank you for the laundry bag!  I see that your intelligence network is in excellent shape for i do indeed enjoy black cat lollies.  I’m very much looking forward to my quilt and will cherish it as a memory of my time here.

Please pass my appreciation to your band of many quilters- each laundry bag and quilt is a reminder of home that I, and I believe my colleagues, are very grateful for.  

Rita Mee took on the challenge of the quilt.  The front of his quilt featured Lady Justice, and a quote that says “Remember, it is a sin to Kill a Mockingbird”

The back featured cats dressed Egyptians!  I had had that fabric in my stash for FOREVER and just knew that one day it would come in handy. Someone who eats Black Cats and is half Egyptian……perfect.  I sent the fabric to Rita.

Here is Atticus’ response to his quilt.

Dear Rita,
thank you very much for your hard work and kind letter.  The quilt turned out fantastic!  It also arrived just in time as the weather here has been getting warmer and the woolen doona that kept me warm over the winter is now a little excessive.

I read with interest your story behind the quilt.  It sems my nickname precedes me!  The “To Kill A Mockingbird” theme matches the laundry bag that Jan-Maree produced some time ago.  I can only hope that I live up to Atticus Finch’s high standards in my own work, albeit my practice does not see me do much defence work.  

Anyway, thanks again for the quilt and all that you, and the other AHQ ladies do.  There are more than a few quilts and laundry bags around the lines and smiles to match!

I can’t believe I am off to the airport tomorrow morning – WOO HOO. 
Till next time…………………..Keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx


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    He is right you know, those black cat lollies are indeed "filthy".


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