Brisbane Dinner Laundry Bag Challenge

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2 December 2013

G’day all,
Before I forget I have to say a big thanks to Joan who managed all involved with the raffle ticket sales.  She was awesome and so organised!  Thanks so much Joan!  
You are a star!!!

The Raffle Quilt Update.
I emailed Melissa last night to tell her that she had won the quilt and here is her response.  
Hi Jan Maree,

From what I have seen and read online it looks as though a good time was had by all at the dinner last night.

Thanks for letting me know that I won the quilt.

I am a little torn on whether to actually keep the quilt for myself, it is usually me making quilts for others as gifts! I appreciate and understand all the effort that many people have made in sewing the blocks, piecing together and quilting the masterpiece. Whilst I would be honoured to receive and keep the quilt for myself, I have decided that it should be donated back to Aussie Hero Quilts. I am sure you will have no trouble finding a worthy recipient deployed overseas. From an early photo you showed on the blog of the quilt top, I am sure one of our proud Aussie Heros would love to receive the Aussie themed quilt.

I hope I will not offend anyone by not accepting the quilt for myself but rather donating it back to the cause. Thanks again.

Melissa T

You have got to love the Aussie Hero Spirit!  Thank you Melissa, I will do just that.  

Now on to the Laundry Bag Challenge. 
There was too much to include in the blog posts last night and the laundry bags that were sent in were just tooooooo awesome to cram in as well. They deserve a post all on their own.

Firstly lets look at the winners.

These first two are the two that rated a special mention.  The first one was made by Katherine.  She found the flour sack in her cupboards and thought it would make a good laundry bag – and it does!

Next we have Marg’s classic Aussie Hero Teatowel laundry bag

The judges loved the fact that it had the Grinch as lining so there you go ladies, go wild inside!

Now we come to our Third, Second and First Prize winners.  I keep saying but I can’t say it enough!  I am soooooo glad I did not have to judge as it would have been impossible!

Third Prize

This one has a story!  This was made by Katrina who is the wife of our Wounded Warrior 

and this laundry bag was based on a photo her very own Hero when he was in Afghanistan before he was seriously wounded in 2010.  

I will be picking a very special soldier to send this one to.  It is just too awesome.

Second Prize

This was made by Michele and the “My Country” poem is really her Aussie Hero Trademark.

First Prize

This was made by Bev.  This is another quintessential Aussie Hero Tea Towel Laundry Bag and Bev does these ones beautifully.  Please note though that she appliqued those words on – they are not printed.  Classic!

When Bev received me email telling her she had one First Prize this was her response.

I have read your email three times and I will not allow myself to believe the Bev mentioned might be me.  If it is me WOW!!!  I will be very grateful but also very sad every one could not be a winner.

And now a look at why I was so glad I did not have to choose a winner – here are all the other entries.  

Caroline aka Deputy Nut


Check this one out by Janine.  She is our resident artist.  First she painted the roo and the emu and then glued them to the backing!  BUT then…

she wanted to see if she could draw with the machine!  I would say a resoundind YES SHE CAN!!!  

The Emu is my favourite!  Don’t you love the flies buzzing around his head?

Little zigzag flies!

This is just too awesome.

I have asked Janine to make me an emu at her leisure that I can incorporate in a quilt!  

As a Navy Mum this one has to be Joan’s

Here we have daughter and mother – Angela M and Kim M – and their bags!

And awesome double sided bag from Kaylee

A super cute double sided one from Liz J

Stephanie T was inspired by the piece of brown hilly fabric that made me think of the mountains of Afghanistan – incl sheep!!!  If you look closely she also has the washing hanging on the line plus an AHQ Laundry Bag.  Such a special one!

And it is reversible and is lined with “the Great Barrier Reef”.

In a final gorgeous gesture on the night the lovely Money Honey announced that he and the other serving members who were present on the night plus our lovely deployed quilter had banded together and bought a selection of lapis lazuli pendants – one for every quilter or laundry bag maker who did not receive a prize on the night – “the things AHQ makes come from the heart” he said and “so do these pendants.”
Aren’t we lucky to have such wonderful recipients!!!

Throughout the night we gave away various door prizes – thanks to all the people who contributed. This photo shows the beautiful pendants donated by our lovely Money Honey.  Back left is the second prize in the raffle won by Kim M, back right is the first prize for the laundry bag challenge won by Bev.  The two heart shaped pendants in the middle are for second and third prize for the laundry bags and will be going to Katrina – Michele already has hers.  And of the four pendants in the front, two are being sent to Marg and Katherine for their Special Mention laundry bags and two were door prizes.  

This is also a selection of door prizes – note the Rubber Ducky tape measures!  Cute!

This beautiful selection of Avon products was donated by Wendy, an Aussie Hero Friend, and it went to our one female veteran who was present on the night, Karen!

And finally these speakers were donated by Officeworks.

We must make a special mention of the lovely ladies at East Coast Fabrics who donated two fat quarter bundles each containing 10 pieces of fabric. Unfortunately we picked them up on the day of the function and didn’t get to take any photo’s. The quilters who won the bundles were delighted and didn’t want to share.

The lucky last door prize went to our gorgeous SuperDad!  Personally I think he was quite chuffed!   This has to be one of my favourite photos!

Now I am off to pack  the last things into my bag so that I can head to the airport around 930ish this morning.  I get back to Sydney around dinner time and have tonight and tomorrow to unpack and get the washing done and then I have to pack again as I have an 8 hour drive to collect my son from boarding school on Wednesday night.  I collect him Thursday lunch time and then head home, stopping part way this time on Thursday night and then finally arriving home Friday lunch time with all his junk, a whole car load!!!! and I have a big car (Mazda MPV) which has two seats taken out to accommodate all his STUFF!   My stuff goes on the front seat.  He sits in the back with his legs stretched out and all his gear around him.  You have no idea.

Things don’t settle down till after the Sydney Pot Luck Dinner at my home on the 9th so bear with me if emails are a but disrupted.  I have a busy AHQ weekend coming up too but no time to fill you in on that at the moment.  I must go pack.

Thanks Murwillumbah and Brisbane – it has been great!  Big thanks to Sue and Vince for hosting me in Murwillumbah and Angela and Simon for hosting me in Brisbane.  
I have been very spoilt!  

Till next time………………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx 

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