Hi everyone.
These quilts are all made by the Coffs Harbour Sewing Team using
the BLOCKS OF THE MONTH contributed by
The BOM Squad…a generous group of women, (yes, there are no men on my 
Spreadsheet), who respond to the Tutorial on the Blog each month.

to every contributor.

At our last Sewing Day, we made a quilt for an Aussie Hero who asked for a 
helicopter with a person repelling from it.  Well, I knew that about 2 years ago, one of our
contributors sent 4 blocks made with a red spotted fabric and a beige coloured 
background with HELICOPTERS printed all over it.  
I put them aside in a zip lock bag, labelled, as I do in a plastic tub with many of 
these labelled bags full of specific subject prints…do I 
hear you laughing?  Mmmm…some of our Team members do that too!  I don’t know why!

So when I saw that Request and started hunting around for embroideries, fabrics and
BOM’s, there it was!  And they look fantastic in the quilt.  It’s currently with
the Quilter and I don’t have a picture to show but it will appear in Weekly Dispatches in 
the next couple of weeks.

BOM Squad, here are the quilts made over the last few weeks using
your blocks.   Thank you for helping to make these quilts.
 I hope you can find some that you contributed.
Some lovely thank you letters have come back in response to
these quilts…so heartwarming.  I love that we can show
Aussie Heroes that we honour them, respect them and
thank them for their Service.

Until next time,