Aussie Hero’s Annual Thank You Dinner Update

Written by AHQ

5 August 2017

About 11 Weeks til our dinner……….

Time for another update so here is the latest…

I have renamed the Dinner to the 

Aussie Hero’s Annual THANK YOU Dinner 

The Annual Dinner is all about thanking those who sew for us and those who support us.  We hear back from perhaps 50% of what we send off so this dinner will hopefully give you a good idea of how much what we do is appreciated. 

Tickets are about to go on sale……

Watch out for a post coming up….


If you want to know all about the events that are planned for the entire weekend all the details are covered here

As far as I know, there are at least a couple of spaces left for the ADFA Tour, definitely spaces left for the RMC Duntroon tour.   If you are quick you might be able to grab a spot for the Friday night (remember this is for those who sew for us please – husbands and partners get the night off).

We still have room for people to come along on the Saturday night but the list is filling up so do not wait too long to put your name down. 


Don’t forget Floriade’s last day is Sunday the 15th.  I know many of you are planning to check it out but also,  bear in mind that that will affect the availability of accommodation so do not leave it to the last minute to book.

Name Badges

So many people have been ordering their badges through Clarissa.  I expect many people will be wearing them on the night. If you want to have yours to wear do not leave it to the last minute to get your order in. 

Laundry Bags

Don’t forget, if you are attending the ADFA Tour of the RMC Duntroon Tour that you need to take along a laundry bag.  If you are taking your husband along for example, please make one in his name as well, so that is two bags per couple. 


We are still planning the Auction items. So far we have six items on offer, some of which are Quilts… 

There are a couple other special treats planned for the night but can’t say too much at this time…..

Quilts and Laundry Bags for Display

Last year we borrowed quilt hangers (thank you Maitland Patchwork and Quilters) and displayed quilts in the venue. This year, if all goes according to plan, we will be able to display many more quilts and bags.  We will be able to just about festoon the Officers Mess with the quilts.   What a sight that will be.  I am yet to work out exactly how many quilts will fit in the venue but to keep things as organised as possible I will need to know in advance who is bringing quilts and laundry bags for display.  No need to let me know now if you want to bring a quilt but just think about it.  The idea would be that you bring a quilt that is due to be posted just after the dinner, display it, then take it home and post it.   Quilts and laundry bags that will be displayed will need to have temporary ties pinned or tacked to them for the night.  I will advise how long the ties have to be beforehand.

Christmas Care Package Contributions.

Last year at the dinner we collected lots of goodies which were then packed into care packages and sent off to the chaplains to hand out at Christmas time.  This year, with everyone’s support, we would like to do the same.  

This year, however, we will be giving the goodies collected to the Aberdeen Care Package Cadets so that they can pack up Christmas boxes to send off.  If you don’t know who the Care Packages Cadets are you can check them out here  They have been sending personalised Care Packages off to the troops for several years now and this year I am delighted to say that Carole and Bob are coming to the dinner so I would love to send them home with a bootload of goodies to send off for Christmas. 

It certainly seems silly for us to reinvent the wheel when Carole, Bob and the Care Package Cadets are doing it so well already.

The following is a list of things that Carole and Bob would love you to choose from if you are able to bring some goodies along with you.  Perhaps not all the Christmas things will be available but it is worth listing them as some shops get things in very early. 

Mini Christmas puddings –  individual serve size
Mini Christmas cake –  individual serve size
Small long life custard
Small long life cream
Aussie lollies as listed – we mix these up and make little lolly bags:
Red Skins
Choo Choo Bars
Fruit Bon Bons
Fruit Chews
Single serve packets of Coloured Popcorn and Pretzels
Mixed Rice nibbles
Beer Nuts
Honey Cashews(for the girls)
Light unbreakable Christmas decorations to hang
Not Baubles  (we make our own baubles and put the recipients name on them I have them already to paint)
If these are not available at the time then these might be an option as well as any personal hygiene goods.
Nice hand cream for the girls
Face Balm for the men
Pretty Shower caps $3 at Reject shop
Shave Gel for the men

Mini board games,draughts,checkers,chess.These are the travel ones,they love them, they are light and they are easily stored and posted.

Whatever you can bring will be appreciated. 

Parcels for Jan-Maree

If you are planning to bring something to the dinner to pass on to me, random laundry bags, quilt tops, blocks, you know that sort of thing… please let me know… I need to make sure there is room in my car or someone’s car to transport items back to Sydney, or at least to our Canberra House. 

Don’t forget if you want to register for one of the events…..

Please email Joy at

and you need to give her the following information.

1.   Please advise which events you wish to attend. 

2.   Please advise how many tickets you would like, name of each guest

3.   Please advise if you will be staying at the Diplomat Hotel. 
The special deal for accommodation can be found here

4.   Please advise if you will have your own transport and if so, will you have room in your car to give someone a lift from the Diplomat Hotel to any of the functions (please advise which functions and how many)

5.   Please advise if you are an Aussie Hero Friend (ie, you sew for us) or a Recipient.

6.   If you are an Aussie Hero Friend please advise your favourite colour.

Till next time….. keep spreading the word and register for the dinner……

Jan-Maree xx

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