Good morning! 

It is six days since I left the house.  The last outing I had was last Saturday when I drove some groceries into my two sons who live together in an apartment with a mate. The hardest thing I did was drive away from my boys without giving them a hug.  I couldn’t risk it. This weekend I will make them some pasta bake and brownies and my husband will deliver to them.   Hugs with calories 🙂 

I am self-isolating because I have compromised immunity and I am determined that I will not contract COVID-19.   I miss hugs, I miss being able to offer hospitality, I miss being able to help my friends but I need to isolate myself to ensure that I will be able to do that in the future. Thankfully though, I have Aussie Heroes so I can still be productive and reach out in other ways.

Every day I am focusing on what I CAN do and not what I can’t. 

SO, to enable us to continue to function the quilting machine and all the ladies need to quilt their quilts has been moved into my garage so that they can come and go on their own and without interacting with me.  Bridget and her daughter, who lives with her, are in their today.   
The layering table is in there so they can layer and trim quilts, cut batting and so on.  Bridget cleared the PO box for me today Ashleigh has taken my mail to post. 

They will wipe everything down when they leave so it is ready for the next person and there is nothing out there that I need to use anyway. 

 The quilting machine and the layering table. The table is on casters so it can be moved to the centre of the floor when the ladies need to use it and pushed back out the way so that I can move my car back in. 

 All our backings are out there now.

 We have large Aussie flag panels for the ladies to take home to make a quilt around We have drawers of threads, and spray baste.

The bobbin winder is ready to go and there will be a stack of batting sitting waiting for use once Bridget and Ashleigh have cut a new roll today. 

As I said, focus on what you CAN DO and not what you can’t.

Our ADF members are working behind the scenes. You might not see them on the streets but it is business COVID-19 style for all of them

The very least we can do is to support them in this.

Till next time.. stay safe, wash hands, observe social distancing and happy stitching!

Much love, Jan-Maree xx