Hey folks

Don’t forget that the Aussie Hero Quilts Annual Thank You Dinner is fast approaching.  Ticket sales are already open.  You can purchase them here and what a great deal they are.   Where else would you get a three course meal, with coffee, in a beautiful historic building for the princely sum of $70??


And that includes, not only the great meal, but also great entertainment in the form of the Lancer Band, great speakers AND the much anticipated AUCTION items.

No photos of the items being auctioned as yet but just you wait til you see them, 

There is a gorgeous Aussie themed quilt, a stunning ANZAC themed quilt and there will be TWO, yes, TWO very special signature quilts.  One will carry multiple signatures from Aussie Sportsmen and women and the other will hold the signatures of incredible Australians, people like our 4 living VC recipients just to start with.

There are also going to be two great laundry bags to bid on.. continuing on with the tradition, we will have an Aussie themed one and an ANZAC Themed one.  Wouldn’t you like to add those to your kit.

And finally, the only time you can commission an Aussie Hero Quilt or an Aussie Hero Laundry Bag is when you bid on the right to do so at our Annual Dinner. 

So how about it folks….

Volunteers, get in and buy your tickets and take the opportunity to meet recipients and other serving members.

And to all our recipients, serving members and anyone who supports Aussie Heroes.   Please come along, we would LOVE to have you there.