Are you missing out on info???

Written by AHQ

10 May 2023

Hey team, 

I thought I would jump in here and check in with you all. 
Short Notice Ships Tours
If you read the blog you will see that we have been invited to tour a couple of ships in recent months.  First there was HMAS Canberra in Brisbane and
then there was HMAS Sydney in Melbourne. When these tours were arranged we did not have a lot of time to contact all those who might like to attend and get the tours organised. For this reason I want to arrange some mailing lists to make it easier next time.

So, if you would like to be considered for future tours and other opportunities in any of the following locations please send me an email to ja*******@au**************.au and let me know which locations you would travel to if a tour became possible.

Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Brisbane, Townsville, Newcastle, Tasmania and Cairns.

Please note, our regular contributors will receive preference for these tours and that means that in order to be considered to any of these tours you have to have sewn for us in the last couple of years.  

I have no idea when the next opportunity will arise so best to be prepared. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Make sure you email me if you want to be added to a mailing list.  Please do not assume that I know where you live and that I will remember to add your name when the time comes. You need to send me that email. 

The Annual Thank You Dinner 
As you hopefully know, the date for this year’s Annual Thank You Weekend has been set. We will be convening in Canberra 20-22 October and it is going to be a great weekend. Tickets for the dinner are already on sale and people are already starting to book into the Rex, taking advantage of the special accommodation deal. Send me an email to let me know if you need the code to book into the hotel or if you need the code to pay the volunteer’s price for the tickets for the dinner. 
We are working on the plans for the Friday afternoon, our Friday Night Gathering and our Saturday Bus Tour. Information will be released and tickets will go on sale as soon as we lock in some more details. 
We are investigating the option of including a simple meal that you can eat on Friday night whilst listening to the speakers.  On the Saturday we are planning to include a light lunch of wraps, sandwiches and some sushi so you don’t have to go elsewhere to look for food. Hopefully that will make the day a little more relaxing for those on the bus. 
Are You Missing Out On Info???
Now the heading of this post is “Are you missing out on info???”  I really don’t want any of you to miss out on the latest details for the Annual Weekend or for any tours or visits that might be coming up.  That said though there is only so much I can do to circulate the information. 
Did you know that there are over 800 people on our mailing list who receive the request list every week. Rest assured that we do NOT have 800 people sewing for us but all those extra names makes it hard to make sure I have included people if I don’t send the info to everyone on my list.  I have to rely on everyone reading the info I put out there, on the blog, or as part of the request list. I know there are a bunch of you who have not read the preamble to the request list this week and therefore have not put your names down to be included if there is another offer of a ships tour or a visit in the future. 
I won’t always have time to duplicate the information I am trying to disseminate in a separate post so even if you are not taking on a request please could you take a moment, at some point during the week, to check out the beginning of the request list so you don’t miss out on opportunities or information.
I would suggest that you also scan the blog and see what posts have been put up. Monday is the Request List.  Tuesday is the Grati-Tuesday Post.  Friday is the Weekly Dispatches.  If there is a post that goes up on Wednesday, Thursday or on the weekend you can bet it will either contain info you need to know (something about the Annual Weekend or maybe about a visit etc) or info that I think you will appreciate knowing (a story about a presentation etc).
Please don’t be the one who misses out.
Till next time keep spreading the word, happy stitching and please keep an eye on the blog and the request list. 
Jan-Maree xx



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