Grati-Tuesday 9th May 2023

Written by AHQ

9 May 2023

Happy Tuesday Friends!

Hope you have had a wonderful week!!!
I am never left untouched by how much emotion these letters convey and how they really let us know that what we do is valued and necessary!!!
Grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy some well deserved gratitude!
Hi AHQ and the Chocolyn Laugh a Lot Ladies,

Thank you so very much for the quilt. I gasped when I opened it as it was even better than I could have imagined. All the details with the cats eyes and the furry cut outs of panthers and tigers. I also love the Africa theme and the pattern on the back as part of Egypt (where I’m deployed) is in Africa. I love all the big cats and domestic cats and just animals in general. As I’m single with no family near where I am posted back home I can’t have a pet as much as I’d love one. The cats in my quilt will be the next best thing.

It’s lovely to hear what a great support network your quilting group is. Deployed here in Egypt we have a few similar support groups to help us wind down. I’m in a board games group and it’s a lot of fun. The quilt now has pride of place on my bed here in the Sinai and I will cherish it forever. Here is a photo of me with the quilt.

Thank you so much for all the effort you put into my quilt.

Good afternoon Ruth S, 


Recently the beautiful laundry bag you made me arrived here in South Sudan. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for what must have taken such a lot of work. 


I am very proud to be representing the Australian Army here while working for the United Nations. However, it has also been a very long and difficult deployment. I have about 2 months left of my 9 months here.


It is an austere environment, and I miss my partner, family and friends. Additionally, whilst here I have had a bout of malaria, and unfortunately my beautiful, 10 year old border collie unexpectedly passed away while I was gone.


I don’t say all this to upset you in any way, I wanted to try and communicate just how much receiving your laundry bag meant to me during what has been a difficult time. I am actually tearing up a little as I write this. 


So many of us join and choose to wear this uniform for a career of service, we make some sacrifices so that we can protect and empower people. We don’t do this so that we can receive recognition, so when it does occasionally come, I think we are often unprepared for just how touching it can be, and how it helps to make everything worth it. 


My partner also serves in the Army, and we are often apart for lengthy periods. I can’t wait to bring this quilt back to our home, where it can sit on display in recognition of this deployment. It will make us both very proud to look at, and also grateful for the time we are not apart. 


I don’t think ‘thank you’ can quite cut it, but thank you so much. 



Good afternoon Pennie T,


I just wanted to send you an email to thank you for the amazing Aussie Hero Quilt I have recently received.


It arrived after a particularly busy (And trying) couple of weeks and when I opened it I was overwhelmed with gratitude that there are people such as yourself who take the time and effort to provide deployed members with such an amazing gift.


You nailed it! I am so happy with the result, I know I provided very little info as to what I wanted, I am a pretty simple guy and am ecstatic with the result. The inclusion of my kids names makes being apart from them just a little bit easier.


It is something that I will always treasure, and my daughter has already called “dibs” on for when I return.


I am also very grateful for the treats you sent with the quilt, I shared them with some friends while watching a movie.


I hope your son’s time in the USA goes well, and that he is enjoying his service in the Air Force.


Again, thank you, for all that you are doing for our deployed personnel.


Warmest regards and appreciation,


On a cold, grey and rainy day, some warmth and colour was delivered to a happy recipient, via an Aussie Hero Quilt.

The quilt recognises this recipient’s service spanning 26 years.  It also represents her strong career within the Royal Australian Army Medical Corps, her time spent as a Commanding Officer and the many countries she has deployed and travelled to. Her most fabulous daughter, is both named on the quilt, and shown in the photo.

Having served under this recipient, and also having spent many hours sewing for Aussie Hero’s alongside Heather B, it was my great pleasure to present this quilt and spend a delightful hour with both the recipient and her beautiful baby daughter today.

Dear Jan-Maree B,

I’m so touched by the work you do.

I was presented this beautiful quilt on 22/04/2023 after the WVNA Anzac Day Service.

So I just want to say a big thank-you to you for organising the sewing of this quilt by Joan B, your volunteers, the Illawarra Quilters and the Garage Girls.

This Quilt will always  reminds me of the most rewarding charitable works of Aussie Hero Quilts which you have founded!

Kind Regards,



Jan-Maree B, Kerry B, Alison C, Joan B, and all the volunteers at Aussie Hero Quilts
It has been over fifty years since I returned from Viet Nam after serving as an infanteer with 9RAR.   Last night I was completely surprised, and I must admit a bit stunned, with your gift of a beautiful quilt to acknowledge my service.
It is the most most appreciated thank-you I have received since my return to Australia.
Your gift will be treasured by my whole family.
Thank you for what you do.

Good morning Philomena,


I received your fantastic quilt yesterday and it’s brilliant, you’re very talented. I’d like to give you a little of my background and try not to bore you (I’ll keep it short).


Grew up in country NSW.  Son of a farmer. I went home with my adult son last week for ANZAC Day and it was the first time I’ve ever gone home in uniform representing the Air Force in 29 years of service. We had a great time catching up with family and friends.

I’m married to a nurse, and we have two adult children.  A daughter who is a high school teacher in WA and a son who’s a Captain in the Army.


Thanks again for all the effort you put into my fantastic quilt. It will be treasured.


Kindest regards

Until next week keep your letters, emails and photos coming in.  

Tuesday’s would be so totally boring without them!






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